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Bulk Account Invite Sender

Bulk Account Invite Sender

Developed by Matt Loszak

42 reviews
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  • Mail all of your uninvited customers with a few clicks
  • Target customer segments by tag
  • Format as plain text or rich HTML

Please read our FAQ if you have any questions.

This is a simple, two-click tool to send bulk email-invites to your customers. Generally, these are customers with disabled accounts, who you've imported into Shopify, and who have yet to be invited to create an account on your Shopify store.

You'll be able to customize the subject line and body of the email, or you can go with our simple template. We also support HTML emails!

The email includes a link for the customer to click to easily set up their account on your store with Shopify.

You can choose to send a small batch of invites, target by the Shopify 'Tags' field, or just invite all outstanding customers at once.

Good luck with your business!


- Currently Shopify does not allow apps to change customer state from 'disabled' to 'invited'. But once your customer accepts the email invitation, they will change to 'enabled'.

Bulk Account Invite Sender reviews

42 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Awesome App! Works the way it should!


App did the great work that Cart2Cart failed to do - Matt was very helpful from start to finish. Would use this app over and over again due to the support the team received!! Thanks again Matt


I have used this app numerous time now since switching our store over to Shopify. I have also had a tremendous amount of questions and emailed Matt repeatedly. Each time, he graciously responded in a VERY short amount of time compared to most apps. THEY ARE AWESOME!


Awesome app! Does just what it says and the developer has amazing and quick customer service!


Didn't work at all, not one invite sent to customers


Great app, does exactly what it says, and customer service is FAB!!!


This app does exactly what it says it's going to do. It's easy to use and customize. After sending out to a tagged list, I had missed some names and wasn't exactly sure what to do about it. Matt's response was quick, friendly and completely explained what I needed to know. And since it's not an ongoing charge, this app is also very affordable. Highly recommend this app.


Super useful and easy to follow! The app itself was a great help, but I have to commend Matt Loszak on the service he provided throughout the process. I emailed him a total of 3 times, and each time, I got a response within 20 minutes and it was concise and helpful. I was so impressed by his service that I just had to write my first Shopify appstore review. If you're wavering, trust me, this app is the way to go!


Very useful app, especially if you're migrating with a long order history / email list since it plugs a gap in Shopify functionality. Matt was very responsive and gave personal attention to us throughout the whole process!


Activation links of first invite don't work after sending second invite. This is a limitation of Shopify system it turns out, so if you do send a second set of invites wait a while. Only 3% activation success though I do have a list stretching back.


The price per email ranges from a few pennies to less than $0.01, depending on how many emails you'd like to send.

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