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Bulk Products Editor & Scheduler

Bulk Products Editor & Scheduler

Developed by SpurIT

43 reviews
Price: Free – $13.95 / month More info
  • View and bulk edit all your products and product variants on one page and speed up editing, adding and deletion by 80%.
  • Useful All-in-one Product Manager: bulk price change, product title and description, tags, vendor, SEO etc.
  • Plan and schedule products and product variants to appear at your store on a certain date.

Hundreds of users have chosen Bulk Products Editor & Scheduler as #1 Bulk Editor Shopify App!

Just read several users’ testimonials:

This app is excellent! We are a calendar based business and have lots of seasonal rate variants that need to go on and off at different dates on the same product so I can set up a whole year or two of rates at one go and then not have to worry when those dates come around, its all automatic. Also great for adding quick pop up specials that you might only want to show for a few days. Easy to use and very useful!

Aloha Golf:
Great support from Philip and his team at Spur-i-t and a great app!
As a golf tee times booking company, we set up all our products and variants with this app as we have lots of seasonal rates and maintenance rates that need to be showed on one product page at the same time. We can preset when they are to show or disappear, so we never have any out of date variants on our website anymore and can set up future rates to come on at the same time. Save many hours of work manually doing them when the dates come around. Great for pop up sales too right on your same product page!


Any owner of a store sometimes has to change various parameters of products in bulk. You can do this using standard functionality of Shopify, but it will take you a long time. You can use our Free Product Manager app for fast bulk editing. Bulk Product Editor allows you to change absolutely all product parameters and product variants on one page!


✔️ Bulk editing of ALL product parameters and product variants on One Page

Bulk price change, product title and description, tags, vendor, SEO etc

✔️ Fast addition of new products and product variants

✔️ Control product and product variants visibility (set up visibility start and end dates)

✔️ Pre-schedule, archive or restore your past products and product variants

Want to keep a record of products/variants you used to have, but don't have anymore? Archive them, and your customers won't see them. However you'll always have a possibility to "unarchive" them, and the products/variants will be back in stock again.

✔️ NO theme modification

The app doesn't require any manual modifications of your theme during the installation or app usage. One-click install!

✔️ 24/7 Absolutely Free and Fast Support

Our helpful technical support specialists will help you solve any problems 24/7.


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Q: Will old (archived) variants, or future ones be visible for me in the Shopify Admin panel?

A: By default they will only be visible in the app, and won’t be present in the Shopify panel but, this can be changed in the app Settings, so that they appear at the Admin panel in the invisible mode. Sometimes this functionality is required if old/future variants need to be accessed by other apps.




Pre-Order Manager : Let customers pre order out of stock products.

Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing : Setup an automatic tiered pricing sale.

Upsell For Products – Buy X Get Y : Offer additional products based on the cart content.

Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler : Select products in bulk and schedule a sale for them.

Upsell Bundled Products : Show customers relevant bundled products with a discount.

Free Shipping & Hello Bar : Display information in a bar based on cart content.

Social Proof : Show visitors № people looking at a product and № products in stock!

Abandoned Cart Reminder : Increase your revenue by adding urgency to your cart.

Wholesale Pricing Manager (FREE) : Set up multiple price levels for different customers.

Split - Partial Payments (FREE) : Add multiple payment options & sharing between recipients.

Email Notifications for Upselling (FREE) : After the purchase, email customers relevant items.

Discount Reminder (FREE) : Email customers when some product prices are reduced.

Dynamic Pricing (FREE) : Automatically setup up the most optimal product price.

Products A/B Test - Your Sales Booster (FREE) : A/B split test to generate more revenue.


Recurring Payments : Offer subscriptions & recurring invoices every week, month, etc.

Sales Countdown Timer : Place a flipping Timer showing the approaching sale end.

Crowdfunding Manager : allows you to raise Funding and Donations.

Back In Stock Alerts : Your customers will receive a back in stock email alert.

SEO Photo Optimizer (FREE) : Compress, resize and apply alt-tags to your product images.

One-Click Checkout (FREE) : Skip the Cart and send users to Checkout immediately.


Popup Upsell on Exit/Visit (FREE) : Show Deals to those leaving your store or 1st time visitors.


Tweet Auto Posting (FREE) : Automate your twitter activities and increase social presence.


Enjoy the app and email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Bulk Products Editor & Scheduler reviews

43 reviews
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I use the free version of this app alongside other bulk editing options and it's a useful and reliable tool!


was able to edit title quicker than before.





useful app! I love it. I think owner shop should have it to edit your products easily!


This is a great product! I have not had a problem with it yet!


This app works great! It saves a lot of time!


App works great! Very Happy. Thanks so much!


Really handy app! I recently had to edit the titles and descriptions of 200+ products I imported from Etsy. This app made that process so much faster and easier than going through the default Shopify product section. Now that all my products are edited, I still use the app to schedule my shop's weekly freebies (I sell digital downloads), which saves me from having to manually turn them on and off each week.


A good app to speed up the editing process.


This is an amazing app. I had multi seller marketplace ... So I wondered how it will work for digital products.. but it worked awesome.

Free – $13.95 / month

Free plan includes:
✔️ Editing of ALL product parameters and product variants on One Page
✔️ Fast addition of new product variants/products
✔️ Control product and product variants visibility
✔️ Pre-schedule, archive or restore your past variants/products
✔️ Compatibility with ANY theme
✔️ 24/7 Fast and Free support

Update to Advanced Plan just for $13,95/mo and get:
✔️ Bulk product/variants parameters edit such as price, compare at price, tags, collections, weight, type, etc.
✔️ Save your time and edit any product/variant parameter in just a few clicks.

Support & Sales

+1 888 409-2976 (US)
+1 888 663-6479 (CA)
+44 800 069-8693 (UK)
+33 805 088-783 (EU)
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