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By the numbers

By the numbers

Developed by Unsupervised Labs

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  • Clearly understand the performance of your business over time
  • Get clear insight into where your business can grow
  • Leverage machine leaning to get accurate predicitons and delight your customers

Easy access to hard data problems

By the Numbers is your central hub that helps you see, and react to, absolutely everything that’s happening in your shop. All your important numbers in one place. The app features are:

  1. Real-time sales

  2. User Retention

  3. Sales Forecasting

  4. Price elasticity

  5. Customizable notifications with rules-based alerts

Simple views of your KPIs

By the Numbers will keep you and your team closely connected to the performance of your business like how effectively you're retaining users.

  • Stay update with the pulse of your company with Real-time KPI’s

  • Instant access to executive large scale views of your sales data

Increase User Retention

The first step towards increasing user retention is measuring it! Monitor user retention numbers based on:

  • View user retention by cohort

  • Short-term and Long-term user retention rates are key to understanding user engagement

  • New user retention vs long term user retention

Forecasting and insights

With time, our machine learning platform automatically learns the unique features of your business and can provide:

  • Better forecasting of sales

  • Better customer insights (who/when/where)

  • Preditions for which produts will sell and to which customers

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