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Persistent Cart

Persistent Cart

Developed by Customer First focus

87 reviews
Price: $3.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Automatically ties shopping carts with accounts to prevent customers from losing their shopping carts.
  • Works in the background and is intuitive for your customers.
  • Easy install and pays for itself in 1-2 days for most stores.

Persistent Cart (Top 10 Forbes App) increases the quantity of sales, average purchase size, and customer retention by making sure customers never lose their shopping carts.

What Shopping is like WITHOUT Persistent Cart:

Let’s say Jim is shopping at work on your store and has 5 items in his shopping cart. Then he gets on a bus to go home and loads your site on his phone. He logs in, only to find a sad and empty shopping cart. He tries to remember what he was going to buy and struggles to add some items to his cart. When he gets home, he hops on his home computer, logs into your store and finds his shopping cart empty again. He gives up, and you lose a sale.

What shopping is like WITH Persistent Cart:

When Jim is on the bus and logs into your site, his cart automatically loads with the 5 items he added while he was at work. Let’s say he adds 2 more items while he’s on the bus. When he gets home and logs in on his home computer, he’ll have all 7 items in his cart. He can then continue shopping and is much more likely to make a purchase, and his purchase will be bigger. He's also a much happier customer and more likely to shop again on your site.

See the difference immediately, a quick experiment.

Navigate to your store. Log into an account like a customer and add some items to your cart. Then go to a different device or browser and log in. Your original cart will be gone. Install the Persistent Cart free trial here or by pressing the green "Get" button above, and try the same thing. You won't lose your shopping cart.

Customers and Shop Owners Love Persistent Cart.

  • Better Shopping Experience: More than half e-commerce shoppers shop on multiple devices, and unfortunately, these customers lose their carts each time they switch devices on your site. Persistent cart prevents this and gives your store much more professional and convenient shopping experience.

  • Privacy: Customers expect their shopping carts to be empty when they log out because they value privacy. With Persistent Cart, your shopping cart will finally respect your customer's privacy.

  • Fast and Robust: Persistent cart makes sure that your customer's cart is synced to his or her account within a second of any shopping cart changes.

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Persistent Cart FAQ

How do I set up Persistent Cart for my store?

There’s no setup, and there are no installation steps. Persistent Cart works in the background linking your shopping cart to customer accounts, so your customers can log in and keep shopping as they switch devices.

What happens when there are already items in the shopping cart and then a customer logs in?

Persistent Cart is smart. Let’s say Jim adds a few items to his shopping cart and then decides to log in. If we find a cart associated with his account, we simply ask him if he would like to load the found cart, keep his current cart or combine both carts.

What happens when a customer logs out?

Persistent Cart clears the shopping cart as your customer would expect, but you can turn off this feature if you'd like using the settings.

What happens when my customer checks out and no longer has items in his or her cart?

When your customer checks out, we clear the cart tied to his or her account just as you would expect.

Persistent Cart reviews

87 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Awesome app that works perfectly. Absolutely love it!


This app was great but all of a sudden our customers are losing carts all the time when they thought they were saved.


Get app to get costumers to buy previous items


you guys are awesome. I'm starting to see a difference now when it comes to the carts. I'm happy i came across this application.


We're using this app for Wicked Good with great results. It's easy to install and very effective. For less than one latte a month (think about that for a second), you can have this up and running. It pays for itself and works like a charm. There's nothing more annoying then adding a bunch of items to your cart, only to log in later a find everything has disappeared. This app fixes that issue. I love how it's also able to sync across multiple devices-- from desktop to phone to ipad. Very cool and something every store needs.

Wicked Good creates handcrafted unique fragrances that embrace the centuries-old craft of bourbon perfumeries but with a bold, modern sensibility and a touch of whimsical magic. #SmellWickedGood


Its an app you should have. How many saved carts does it take for you to make back the $3.99? Pays for itself. No reason not to give it a whirl.

update: wish it kept track of how many saved carts moved on to checkout. other apps are starting to track this, which means i am looking at other apps.


This app is a must-have for any retail store. As a person who shops frequently online, I know that few thing are more frustrating than to spend time adding items to your only to have your selections disappear when you leave your computer for a while. This app solves that problem. Such a small feature, but it certainly save sales and make money for your store!


What more is there to say? I love this app. Does everything I need and does it perfectly with minimal effort on my part! I believe for the quality and functionality of their apps in general you can't go wrong with at least trying it out for a test run instead of an instant commitment. Not too mention - their customer service is top notch! I love working with Persistent - they help make me a better merchant!


This app is wonderful! It eliminates the need for a a person to market their product over and over to achieve results!


Super easy to install which is always great!

$3.99 / month
30 days

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