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Group Ordering by Cartonomy

Group Ordering by Cartonomy

Developed by Cartonomy

Price: Free – $49.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Customers can quickly create private groups in your store where they can share a cart, chat, manage budgets and fulfill shopping lists.
  • Convert more sales with a built-in social referral network, and reduce abandoned carts!
  • Easily installs and customizes to match most Shopify themes. See pricing for more details.


Cartonomy is the fun and actually social way for your customers to shop together. No more messy collaboration over text, email, and outside social networks. We build the social network right into your store, so customers can privately:

  • Invite friends, family, or coworkers to share a group cart
  • Chat about and refer products from within your catalog
  • Manage a group budget or fulfill a group shopping list
  • Establish deadlines for group orders
  • Easily import their identity from existing social networks


Our features help you convert more sales and reduce abandoned carts, by removing the barriers to purchase that are often caused by group decision making. If your customer needs approval for a purchase, they can instantly share their cart with a parent, purchasing manager, or whoever pays the tab. If a manager or parent has a budget for a particular order, she can set the budget and then invite others to the cart to discuss and decide how to spend it. We give your customers an incentive to stay in your shop until all the group decisions can be ironed out -- and then we check out the cart through your usual store checkout.


The fun happens inside the Cartonomy widget discretely located on the bottom right of your store page. Customers activate it by clicking on it or pressing the "Add to New Group Order" button on any product in your catalog. They send private email invitations to the people they would like to shop with, who are then directed to the your site to join the shared cart and chat room. The widget stays closed as your customers browse your store, and notifies them when there is a new message, product, or shopper in their group that needs some attention.

Cartonomy has been optimized to work with most Shopify themes, so that the "Add to Group Order" button matches the look and feel of your store - as in our screenshots. Our app installs quickly and cleanly, so try it out. If you experience any issue with the appearance of the button, please contact us at support@cartonomy.com so we can work out a customization for your design.

Spreading the Word

We are offering a free month of social media campaigning to our first 25 paying customers! Sign up and we'll let our social media followers know that they can flock over to your store to see Cartonomy in action.

With Love

Cartonomy has been making social eCommerce apps with love in NYC since 2013.


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Free – $49.00 / month

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