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Price: $29.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create multiple forums
  • Moderate forums yourself or assign moderators
  • Served from your shop's existing URL (SEO friendly)

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Add a forum to your Shopify store

Having a forum is a great way to create an online community, support your customers, and built loyalty around your brand. Champ lets you easily add a forum to your Shopify store.

Champ is a good for:

  • Customer support forums

  • Product pre-sales Q&A

  • Community discussions

  • Providing news and updates

  • Private discussion groups

  • Site for your team discussions

Easy installation

The basic installation is done with a simple click. No template modifications are needed.

Good SEO practices

When you use Champ, your forum will be installed within your existing Shopify store's subdirectory (https://yourdomain.myshopify.com/community/champ) and not on a separate subdomain.

Because of this, any content that's publicly available and generated in your forum will be indexed by the search engines and can add to providing extra SEO for your site.

Built-in Moderation

You can moderate messages posted in your forums both within the app and on the user-facing pages.

You can also allow certain users (through tagging them) to moderate messages as well.

Built in controls include:

  • Hiding posts

  • Editing posts

  • Pinning topics to the top of the forum

User Access Controls

With Champ, you can easily:

  • Restrict access to all or certain sections of your forum

  • Restrict posting permissions

  • Create read-only forums


The basic installation of Champ doesn't require any template modifications. However, you can completely customize the header, footer, and sidebar of your forum pages*.

* The core parts of the app cannot be modified. For more information, please see our customization guide.

User image uploads

Allow your users to upload images into posts using your own Cloudinary account to host the images

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I just started to use their app at www.datgenroasters.com . Champ support team is perfect. Their app is easy to implement and saved me a lot time. Thanks!

$29.00 / month

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