Civil Pixels

Civil Pixels

by Rvere

Tracking pixels for Twitter, AdWords, Snapchat and more!

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4 reviews

Fontana Coffee Roasters

I ended up uninstalling the app, but only because it turned out I didn't need the extra functionality. Alex helped me through the process, and even helped me after I had uninstalled the app.

ATHLTX Apparel

So, i installed the app. On my next sale, my pixel did not record the purchase conversion. Even though it recorded it fine before installing the app. I installed this app because I wanted to use multiple pixels. I uninstalled the app now since it didn't record my purchase for the facebook pixel. Now that I uninstalled it, my pixel doesn't work properly on my site anymore.

This app apparently removes shopify's ability to use the default pixel function in the preferences menu. Now I can't use my pixel.

I've contacted shopify support, hopefully they can fix this before my pixel starts to get dumber because of this event...

Developer reply

March 4, 2019

Sorry to hear you’ve had this experience! We’ve looked into it and did find a bug with our Facebook tracking that occasionally dropped purchase conversions. This bug has been fixed and everything is now working smoothly.

We’ve also investigated whether Civil Pixels affects Shopify’s default tracking while the app is installed and after the app is uninstalled. After a thorough review, we were unable to find any interference with Shopify’s default Facebook pixel. If you have any other information on what the bug you experienced was, we’d love to investigate further.

Again, we’re sorry we dropped the ball with your Facebook pixel. We’d love to make this right. We’ve sent over an email, if you reply to that one or shoot an email to, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of!

Optimum Technology

Excellent app and excellent customer service. They helped me in no time. To be honest, I recommend them!

Oncor Recycled Trees

This app is amazing! I needed tracking for Facebook, Snapchat and a bunch of other media. The app made installation very easy, wish I found it earlier.