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Coopt - Customer Referrals Made Easy

Coopt - Customer Referrals Made Easy

Developed by Coopt

45 reviews
Price: From $9.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Boost sales by incentivizing customers to share your store on Facebook, without the hassle of affiliate programs.
  • Create high quality traffic for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
  • Easy to setup, install and zero maintenance required.

Give your customers a reason to share your store.

Here’s how it works…

Offer customers instant rewards, based on your settings, that they redeem by sharing your store on Facebook. The entire process can take less than 5 seconds, and is guaranteed to drive high quality traffic to your store.

Coopt allows customers to get cash back instantly by sharing your store on Facebook.

The value of endorsing a product directly to friends is exponentially greater than a paid advertisement. In fact, studies show that Facebook shares are currently worth between $5-20. This app builds tremendous value to both the shop and customer, while reaching more audiences in via high quality social media promotions.

Turn Customers into Advocates.

Word of mouth referrals are the number one driver of high quality business leads. As an ecommerce store owner you can spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or hundreds of hours building your Facebook fan page without reaching this key audience channel.

What if there was a way to incentivize your customers to share their purchases to their closest friends, without having to do.. well, much of anything?

Coopt allows your customers to show off the product they just bought in exchange for a small discount.

You get increased exposure, they get a little something for the shoutout.

Set up is easy…

To begin, simply download and install the app, set the amount you wish to offer your customers for sharing your store, and Coopt will automatically present your offer to customers at checkout or in an email after purchase. If customers select the offer and share your store on Facebook, Coopt will verify the post and apply a partial refund to the order. Now you can sit back while your customers facebook endorsements drive high quality, targeted visitors to your store.

How does the cash back processing work?

When a customer uses the Coopt share feature, our system authenticates and approves that the post went live on their Facebook status. Then, if/when they make a purchase, Coopt applies an automatic partial refund through the Shopify checkout system for the amount you set in your Coopt Dashboard. We do not use coupon codes because it creates another step in the checkout process, and we make sure the entire process takes as little time as possible to complete on the customers end.
Download Coopt for free today with a 14 day trial!

Pricing from $9/mo up to $99/mo for unlimited use.

$9/mo up to 25 orders,
$19/mo up to 150 orders,
$29/mo up to 500 orders,
$39/mo up to 1,000 orders,
$49/mo up to 1,500 orders,
$79/mo up to 2,500 orders,
$99/mo for unlimited use

*Orders are total order volume per store.

Cancel any time.

*A Share occurs when a customer uses Coopt to share your store on Facebook. When customers make a purchase AND share your store, Coopt will apply an automatic partial refund through the Shopify checkout system for the amount you set in your Coopt Dashboard.

Coopt - Customer Referrals Made Easy reviews

45 reviews
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Coopt is an amazing app! It's incredibly simple to set-up and use. We've received an incredible amount of exposure and orders using Coopt! Highly recommend.


Bryan offers outstanding support and has gone above and beyond to make sure app works perfectly for my needs. Very appreciative of his outstanding support!


It does what it says it does and charges you what they say they'll charge you. The real question is would the sales exist without the app? Maybe, maybe not. But at least some additional sales do come from this app. So, it gets 5 stars since the cost/benefit ratio is positive.


Amazingly simple and does it's job well. You will see more traffic as a result of this app. Also, I recommend using UTM tracking links instead of just sharing the home page - that way you can track the exact dollar amount of revenue generated from the app, since it often brings in sales after a few days or even weeks of sitting on people's Facebook page


Cool app. Their customer Service is really great. Direct number and prompt responses. Such a great idea! Wish they had live direct links to facebook posts.


This app is killer. Super easy to install, learn, and run. No complications and the results are quickly visible in your shop. The app came recommended to us from other very successful business owners, and we are happy to have listened to them. So, overall rating, would be six or more stars if we could give them. Thanks Coopt!


Easy to install and works great, got loads of referrals from just a small additional discount offered to customers!


we use Coopt on all our of stores and absolutely love it. It's not going to make or break your store but it's a super easy and effective way to get quality visitors to your strore who are referred from your existing customers


Super easy to install, Great customer support, Works great!


Great customer service, very easy set up, already getting visitors from the shares!

From $9.00 / month
14 days

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