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Understand customer behavior. Make the most of every visitor.

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Get actionable insights

Understand who's visiting your website, where they're getting stuck, and how you can target key customers.

No developer needed

Make instant improvements to your Shopify website's layout, copy, and CTAs.

Maximize your revenue

Automatically direct your shop traffic to the elements that convert most effectively.

About Crazy Egg

Optimize your Shopify store and boost your sales with customizable web analytics reports, user recordings, and A/B testing tools.

Crazy Egg Highlights

  • From small businesses to large-scale operations, Crazy Egg empowers you to understand how real world visitors are interacting with your website so you can turn prospects into sales.
  • Our five visual web analytics reports make it a breeze for you to see exactly who your audience is, where your visitors are clicking, what they’re scrolling past, and how people are finding your Shopify store.
  • Track mission critical ecommerce metrics like your traffic sources to determine which channels are the most effective at capturing customers so you can maximize your ROI.
  • Target your key demographic with A/B tests that can be set up in minutes, no coding necessary.
  • Instantly take advantage of the insights gained from your website data by making sure every element is perfectly placed for optimal conversions with our website editor.

Snapshot Reports

Our five easy-to-read visual reports give you the insights you need to redesign your website with confidence.

  • Heatmap: Identify at-a-glance the highest areas of click activity.
  • Scrollmap: See how far people scroll down your store so you know where best to position your most important calls-to-action.
  • Confetti: Track valuable ecommerce metrics to segment out your most valuable customers.
  • Overlay: Surface click-through rates on every single one of your web page elements.
  • List: Turn your website clicks into a sortable table for easy analysis.

User Recordings

See in real time the challenges your customers are experiencing. Pinpoint precisely where on the customer journey that they’re getting stumped.

  • When a customer visits your store, you'll be able to see every movement of their cursor and every element that they click on.
  • Find out where visitors are struggling, and what’s causing them to abandon their cart.
  • Identify UI and UX issues that are preventing potential customers from completing a purchase.

A/B Testing

If you’re not getting the profit you’re aiming for from your traffic, the Crazy Egg A/B Testing tool can help.

  • Relax as our multi-armed bandit algorithm constantly adjusts traffic to minimize any losses.
  • Quickly see positive improvements in the performance of your page(s).
  • Identify ideal product names, images, and descriptions that will get you higher conversion rates and more sales, and apply your learnings across all your marketing projects.

How does Crazy Egg A/B Testing work?

We use a multi-armed bandit approach to A/B testing. Our algorithm constantly adjusts traffic to minimize any losses so you can quickly see positive improvements in the performance of your page(s).

Other Benefits to Using Crazy Egg

  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated support

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Basic Plan


  • 30,000 visits per month

  • 100 Recordings

  • 3 mo recordings storage

Standard Plan


  • 75,000 visits per month

  • 500 Recordings

  • 1 yr recordings storage



  • 150,000 visits per month

  • 1000 Recordings

  • 2 yrs recordings storage

Pro Plan


  • 500,000 visits per month

  • 5,000 Recordings

  • 2 yrs recordings storage

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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