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  • Automatically Collect Customer Feedback
  • Manage & Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Display Better Reviews on Your Shopify Store

Increase Satisfaction & Sales for Your Shopify Store

Every ecommerce merchant knows that the key to growth is loyal, satisfied customers.

Whether you’re a one-man band or a sprawling online enterprise, you need to look after your customers!

CustomerSure was built to give growing businesses control over customer satisfaction. Set up your brand new satisfaction system within minutes, and start taking steps to grow your Shopify store.

  • Automatically gather feedback for every order you process

  • Act on responses to boost loyalty and growth

  • Save time with in-built survey templates by experts

  • Easily customise your setup for complete control

  • Publish more positive reviews on your Shopify store

Fully-Automate Satisfaction Surveys for Every Customer

Managing an online store is time-consuming, and even though customer satisfaction is key to your store’s success, it can be hard to find the time to ask your customers what they think.

CustomerSure automatically sends a survey to every customer you serve, so you can ensure satisfaction every time.

Manage & Respond to Feedback

When customers send their feedback, it is delivered directly to your customer service dashboard. From here, you can respond to customer comments to make sure everyone is satisfied, and identify the patterns and trends that will help you improve your online business.

And if you don’t already have your own customer support system in place, your customer service dashboard doubles up as a complete ticket management system for creating and resolving support tickets for even better customer satisfaction.

Use Guides & Templates Built by Satisfaction Experts

Want to get valuable customer insights, but not sure what to ask? Relax. We’ve built our survey expertise into a set of templates suitable for all online business, and they’re ready to send from the moment you start your free trial.

But if you prefer to build your own surveys and ask your own questions, then our software is fully-flexible and comes with an easy-to-use survey builder.

Just Sign-Up & Start Receiving Actionable Customer Feedback

There’s nothing technical to learn. CustomerSure is fully-integrated with Shopify already, meaning in minutes you can start gathering customer feedback, automatically, with every order you process.

Our clean, simple interface gives you easy control over customer satisfaction.

Attract & Publish Positive Reviews for Your Shopify Store

When you satisfy more customers, reviews are more positive. And when your feedback is consistently positive, you will want to show new customers why existing customers love buying from you.

With CustomerSure, you can set customer reviews to be published automatically on your Shopify store.

How CustomerSure is Different

There are many powerful customer satisfaction systems available. Some of these let you gather feedback. Some let you track metrics. Some let you respond to issues, and others let you manage your customer service department.

CustomerSure does it all in one easy package - gather feedback, track results, respond to customers, publish reviews and boost satisfaction.

And with a price that’s affordable for smaller businesses, why not start your free trial and take control of customer satisfaction today?

CustomerSure reviews (13)


Wow. I am really impressed with the simplicity of this app. This app makes it so easy to connect with your customers on a deeper level and find out how you can make their shopping experience optimal. I really like the fact that you can use a survey template, or create your own questions. This customization can do wonders for both you and your customers in meeting their needs!


Very nice looking app, I will use the free trial for my website. Thanks!


We were contacted by CustomerSure and while hesitant at first, we couldn't be happier that we started using their platform. Off the bat, they have some of the best customer service we have experienced. They are almost always available and when we wanted a few customized things to work into our site, they were happy to help in any way they could. Seriously good stuff! It has since streamlined our entire customer service department and the feedback surveys have been a huge help in answering concerns and complaints we would have otherwise not known about. I'd give it more starts if I could!


We've been using CustomerSure for over 2 years and we love it! Easy setup, great customer support, and a terrific way to make sure we keep delivering a top-notch customer experience!


Customers often rely on reading independent reviews when making their final purchase decisions. Customer Sure adds credibility to our offer.


I love this app. Its a great time saver for me. Has reduced my number of phone calls, looks professional and is really easy to understand and use both for myself and customers. The support team is outstanding.


This is just great! Love the way it's laid out. We've got lots of customer testimonials thanks to this app. Thank you for making it so user-friendly.


We've been using CustomerSure for a while now and think its a brilliant App. It's really helped us understand our customers and constantly improve our service. Fantastic guys, keep up the good work!


One of the BEST apps we have used in our store, very easy to use and it gives back a LOT of useful information and costumers insights. If you are serious about e commerce you should have this app.


I love CustomerSure, it helps create a perfect user friendly way of communicating for both the customer and store staff. The addition of a 'contact us' button on each page of the website is reassuring to customers, but not hassling and once clicked the little box allows you to choose what kind of contact you'd prefer, such as asking for help or feedback etc. Once the customer contacts the store, we are notified right away and the app has a very simple to use and well organised dashboard to ensure all queries are dealt with, the staff they've been assigned to and it allows full conversations with attachments etc. The app has definitely changed the feel of our site and it has definitely improved contact with our customers as we can respond quick and adequately which makes great customer service. Also, the auto feedback form is great and we've had a lot of customers respond as we can set our own relevant questions, time when to send it and customise it to feel non pushy! Overall great and the guys over at CustomerSure are awesome and always happy to help/ ask for ways to improve etc! 100% recommend this app.

$39.00-$149.00 / month
14 days

Support & Sales

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