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Customer Tagger

Customer Tagger

Developed by Leumas Digital

8 reviews
Price: Free – $5.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Auto tags customers in real time based on the rules you have setup
  • Tag customers based on spend, product bought, collection bought from and more!
  • Back date your tagging rules to apply to past orders as well as real time tagging updates

What does Customer Tagger do?

Customer tagger allows you to setup rules to automatically tag customers if they meet that rule. This then allows you to split out your customers into groups or segments.

Tag customer based on what product or product variant they buy

Whenever a customer buys a product or even just a specified product variant, you can tag that customer record with your rule.

Tag customer based on how much their basket value is

You can tag customers automatically if their basket value is less than, equal too or more than what you specify.

Tag customer based on how many times they have ordered

You can automatically tag a customer based on how many orders they have placed on your site. You can specify a number and then set if it's less than, more than or equal too.

Tag customer based on their lifetime spend

You can setup an automatic tag when a customer hits or goes over a particular milestone. For example if the customer has spent over £10,000 in your store since it's opened, you can tag them 'loyal' and then use that information to create an automated email to thank them.

Tag customer based on what collection they bought from

You can setup an automatic tag to tag a customer when they buy a product from a specified collection.

Tag customers when they abandoned a basket

This is a great way to keep track of those customers who have expressed an interest in a product. You can then use tags to create a group of warm leads that you want to promote. The tag applies when the customer hits the second page of the checkout.

Apply these rules to past orders

As well as tagging new orders coming in automatically. You can also apply your rules to older orders and customers. Therefore this app provides the ability to quickly organise your customers into groups using tags. For example you wanted to generate a list of all customers who have ordered a particular product. Simply set the rule, apply it to over all time and those customers will be tagged.

Custom Features

We are constantly adding new ways to tag customers and welcome new ideas. If you have something more specific in mind, get in touch sam@leumasdigital.co.uk and we will see how we can help.

Tagging Orders

If you are looking to tag your orders and not customers, use this app instead: https://apps.shopify.com/ordertagger

Customer Tagger reviews

8 reviews
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Great app! It let you add different tags so you can track different things and get more accurate reports in order to analyze data.

Also great support team, fast answering and solving issues!

I totally recommend it.


Great app for automatically tagging your customers based on the product they order. Good for organization !


Helping us with cross selling as we can track who has bought partner tops allowing us to promote the sibling options :)


Exactly what I was looking for! You can setup tagging rules and then it tags customers in real time as it happens. As new orders come in customers are tagged automatically when they meet the criteria of the rule setup. Nice one!

I'm using this to group my customers based on how many orders they place so I can give them a discount on the 10th order - all automated!


Not a bad app to apply a bunch of tags based off of rules. But its not automatic and there is no way to see the history of what it has done.


Allows us to split our customers into clothes sizes and cross sale based on what we know they have bought. Love it!


Great app! Simple but effective :)


Really impressed with the simplicity of this app, but also in how useful it is for segmenting our marketing efforts.
Specific marketing drives more sales for us, so being able to tag customers preferences is key.

Free – $5.00 / month

Monthly Fee

7 days


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