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Darwin Pricing Geo

Darwin Pricing Geo

Developed by Darwin Pricing LLC

14 reviews
Price: From $50.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Compete with local retailers & win: Make 50% more profit automatically with geo-targeted sales campaigns, powered by the world's leading geo-targeting optimization engine!
  • Recover lost sales with exit offers: Give a personalized discount to visitors who were about to leave & get more orders instantly!
  • Grow your mailing list: Get social followers and newsletter sign ups with a customizable coupon box, optimized for smartphones & tablets!

★ The most popular Geo-Pricing app on Shopify! ★

Don't miss out on our exclusive offer for Shopify store owners: Only $50/mo including two hours of setup support which saves you 150$!
Save on your implementation and get the most out of GEO Pricing:

Get the app now and boost your profits with a risk-free 14-day trial!

Please check out our pricing page for the regular pricing plans!

Your free trial includes top-notch services provided at a consulting rate of $75 per hour by our amazing customer support:

  • Professional customization of your coupon box to match your storefront design

  • Implementation of all your geo-targeting needs beyond on-site promotions

  • Free Skype session to get you started with geo-targeted sales campaigns

Installing the app is a matter of minutes and requires no technical skills at all:
Just enter a coupon code and you will get your geo-targeted coupon box on your store instantly.
We take care automatically of targeting the locations where you compete with local retailers who are selling at a lower price than you!
And of course, you can also target your promotions manually at any country, region or city you like!

So don't wait any longer...

Get Darwin Pricing now!
This fully-automated app is the most popular to boost your profits with Dynamic Geo-Pricing and Exit Intent popups!

Easy installation, 100% risk-free and live on your store in minutes!

Trying the Darwin Pricing app is risk-free.
For more information about our app and our technology:
Just keep reading, download our product brochure or schedule a live demo!

Geo-Targeted Coupon Box - Smart Promotions for Profit

Coupon boxes are a great way of improving your conversion rate.
But obviously, giving away a discount to every customer has a cost.
How can you boost your sales without leaving too much money on the table?

The Little Secret to Optimize your Sales

We've been running high-performance coupon boxes on hundreds of stores, measured the impact on conversions,
analyzed tons of data and came to this simple conclusion:
Knowing the physical location of your customers is the key to running the optimal sales campaigns.

And there are good reasons for that:

  • The degree of competition vary a lot from one city to another. Think about local retailers.

  • The standard of living vary as well, even within a single country.
    Think income inequality.

  • Online shoppers hate shipping costs! They won't buy outside of their region without a good reason.

The secret is to run geo-targeted sales campaigns,
with a dynamic coupon box that only shows up on your store for customers living in specific physical locations.

Geo-targeted sales campaigns usually bring you twice as much revenue than the traditional one-size-fits-all promotions.
It is a fantastic sales booster, it's fun, and it even
makes the world a better place!

Optimize your Geo-Targeted Sales Campaigns

With Darwin Pricing, you can run geo-targeted sales campaigns on your store for free. Forever.
But mastering the art of geo-targeting is a real challenge.
To boost your profits from day one,
we offer you the services of a dedicated pricing manager,
who will monitor your competition and optimize the geo-targeting of your sales campaigns in real-time.

With the right discount offer in every city, you can easily increase your revenue by +50%, +100% or even +150%!
Hundreds of stores are already using this technique and boosted their profits after only a few weeks of optimization.

Managed Geo-Targeting

With our expert knowledge and an extremely powerful tool box,
we will ensure your success even in the most competitive markets.
We leverage the power of geo-targeted sales campaigns by using real-time competition monitoring,
dynamic split testing and artificial intelligence,
and will make sure that you'll always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • As a starting point, we are using both pricing intelligence data about your competition and economical data to adjust your discounts.
    We are using for instance consumer price indexes to adjust your discounts within the US,
    and GDP per capita at purchasing power parity to adjust your discounts internationally.
    This initial sales optimization step will already boost your profits from day one – and this is only the first step.

  • We will also start running coupon split tests from day one to observe the price sensitivity of your customers.
    While most of your customers will see the optimal discount according to their geographical location,
    we will show slightly higher or lower discounts to about 20% of your customers and measure the impact on your sales performance.

  • As soon as we'll have gathered some price sensitivity data,
    we are going to use statistical analysis and AI algorithms to find out the optimal discount in every location – in every country, in every state and in every city.
    We are also analyzing geographical patterns in the price sensitivity data in order to infer the optimal discount in locations with little traffic.

  • As soon as we have measured the optimal discount in a specific location, we are switching to a monitoring mode.
    We are serving the optimal discount to all customers in this location, and only try out variations on a small sample of visitors.
    This allows us to observe and follow the evolutions of your market very closely.

When our machine learning engine has reached its cruising speed, we will share insights from the analysis of your sales data and provide you hints towards business development opportunities.
For instance, if you are able to reach a few cents of profit per visitor in India with the optimal sales geo-targeting pattern, you have a great opportunity to buy cheap AdWords traffic and generate profitable business.
More generally, you will be able to optimize the budget allocation of your CPC campaigns and target geographical areas that are driving the highest profit per visitor.

Hundreds of customers are relying on our services already
and have seen their sales take off with an increase of +50%, +100% or even
+150% in revenue with our proven methods.
Don't leave anything to chance:
Take the path of success, the science way.


Do you still have questions? We've got answers!
Write us at support@darwinpricing.com to get in touch with our first-class customer support.
We're always here to help!

Darwin Pricing Geo reviews

14 reviews
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We needed to customize our store based upon geographic location. We sell direct in some countries. but we have distributors in other countries. We needed some unique customizations which we handled quickly by the Darwin developers for a very reasonable fee. Customizations included redirecting the buy button to our distributors in certain international markets. In these markets we hide the prices, number of items in stock, quantity selector, add-to-cart button, currency selector, cart icon, and all sale banners.

We replaced another application that was only a partial solution. Darwin Pricing gave us the total geo-pricing solution that we needed!


This product has really helped me set up my pricing across multiple countries. It's easy to use but Sebastien has also put a lot of time into addressing my questions and making sure everything is working the way I wanted. Highly recommended. Matt


Wow! Darwin's coupon box looks just great in full screen, waaays better than the other apps I've tried out! Highly recommend, you're gonna love it!!!


i was trying to hide prices and some special buttons in our eCommerce for specific countries, the support provided by Darwin Pricing was amazing, in a few hours we have our website up to date as our needs, I recommend it ;)


I'm very excited about this app & the great support from the team! I've just made a live setup session and everything is running smoothly now. We're selling fine wine from Switzerland, and it was very important for us to be able to sell on discount in the neighbor countries – otherwise our prices would just be ways too high for foreign customers. This app is very easy to use and it is really a must-have for anyone who is selling abroad!


Excellent and fast service and support, customization, perfectly looking lightboxes. Super awesome app & company!


Works as advertized, and we could even fully customize the coupon box design and the discount offers with a little help of their support team. Now we have different teams running their own sales campaigns in parallel in the US and the UK on the same store, and it's all working like a charm! It feels like we've been waiting for a very long time for an app like this... Both thumbs up! :)


I wanted to offer a special discount to my Canadian customers, but not in the US... So I tried out this app, and it turned out to be a real great choice! It is so easy to install, and on the next day I already got new orders from Canada with the coupon redeemed. Afterwards I've also given a try to the campaign optimizer. At first I didn't completely understand what it does, but now I'm a real fan because it is so simple to use and so effective: The app decides in which cities the discount will be offered or not, and it must do it very well because when I look at the bottom line at the end of the month, I really cannot complain :) All in all an awesome app, warmly recommended!


Very easy to install, I had my coupon box on my store in 1 minute. Looks awesome on my iPhone, too :) I'm getting much more Facebook traffic than before without spending anything more on ads. Great app and super easy to use!


Darwin Pricing has probably been the best app I could of ever installed on my Shopify store. It makes my life so much easier, and the convenience factor can't be beat. I wasn't sure how to offer discounts, but this app makes it extremely easy to do so. I can also sell abroad, with the implemented geo-targeted discounts feature.

I have to say that since using this program, my sales have gone up considerably. I have had a lot of positive things from customers regarding my high customer service level, so that's a definite plus.

The app is extremely quick and easy to install; no headaches involved. Also, the pricing plans are extremely affordable, and can fit into anyone's budget depending on what type of service you want. I started with the free 30 day trial first, and was so impressed I signed on for the subscription package.

Highly recommend!

From $50.00 / month

This powerful APP is available for all Shopify store owners! Please check out our pricing page for the regular pricing plans!

7 days

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