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Developed by Ryan Alyea

24 reviews
Price: $10.00 – $30.00 / month Free Trial: 60 days More info
  • Instantly view top products of the day/week/month/quarter/year.
  • Search by paid/unpaid, shipped/unshipped, title, vendor, SKU, and more to generate sales reports.
  • Setup reports to email on a regular basis. Setup reports to pay a partner a piece of your sales.

Now with a 60 day trial! Use DeepMine for free for two months. If you don't like it, simply uninstall and you will not be charged.

Please note that DeepMine requires you to approve the payment to activate the trial. If you uninstall before the trial is over, you will not be charged.

New for 2017 (and not in video)!

  • Custom Groups (BETA) - Group by discount code, POS Location, and shipping country and more soon!

  • Sales Channel and Shopify POS Location Support

  • Vendor Listing (BETA) - Allows quicker setup of vendor payouts or royalties for large stores.

  • Search and sort by product type. View top selling product types.

In addition, there is a work-in-progress test group available for better refund support and better support for discounts, however there may be some inaccuracies still in the system. Just email rofish@rofish.net after you have installed DeepMine to get in the work-in-progress testing groups.


DeepMine helps you by sifting, sorting, summing, searching all your orders to provide a clean table and graph of top products, variants, and options. Look at all products, your popular variants of a product, or the options of a product. With a few clicks, you can find out that the green shirt is popular among the smalls and the black shirt is popular among the 3Xs.

Additionally, DeepMine works great as a sales report generator. Use the search feature to instantly generate reports by vendor, SKU, or more.

Try it free for 60 days!

Sift, Sort, and Analyze Like A Boss:

  • Any Time to Any Day

  • Order Status (paid, authorized, pending, refunded, voided, abandoned)

  • Fulfillment Status (unshipped, partial, shipped)

  • Product Title

  • Product Price

  • Product SKU

  • Product Vendor

  • Product Type

  • Order Note

  • Order Country

  • Discount Code

Using DeepMine, you can get a high level look at the past quarter's orders or just what's popular today. You can also use it to answer the following questions:

  • What items will go out in today's unfulfilled orders?

  • How many unshipped international yo-yos are backordered?

  • Is the poster upsell option working?

  • What are the recent orders that contained a recalled product?

Additionally DeepMine's Accounting, Reporting and Partner features let you:

  • Set up the cost of product.

  • Set up automated email reports based on all products, or a certain subset.

  • Remit a percentage or direct amount of sales to your partners.

  • Keep track of a partner's balance.

Upon installation, DeepMine will download all your orders in the background, usually it takes just 2-3 minutes. (Larger stores please allow up to 30 minutes.)


  • Try it free for 60 days. Uninstall during this time and you will not get charged.

  • Please be aware that DeepMine's fee is based on storage. Pricing is based on your store size:

    • Less than 5,000 total orders: $10/month

    • Less than 25,000 total orders: $20/month

    • More than 25,000 total orders: $30/month

If you want to know how many orders your store has, please email or call.

DeepMine reviews

24 reviews
  1. 5 stars (17 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (3 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

3rd and Final Review (Neutral)
Ryan wrote to me to express his concern about my experience with Deepmine. He also generously refunded our costs for using Deepmine for 2016. I appreciate his willingness to make things right. Wishing him and this app the best.

2nd Review (Negative)
Do Not Buy. Deepmine hasn't updated their code or added anything of value in over a year. They released a "new" version in 2015, but it's worse than the old version. They don't deserve your money, because they aren't working for it. They responded to feature updates and requests with "we'll think about it" and other dismissive phrases.

1st Review (Semi-Negative)
Because we are over 5,000 orders, the app charges us $20 per month. That's $240 / year which I don't think this app is worth by any stretch of the imagination. I'd easily pay $120/year, or even $150 for the number of usages, but $20 is hilarious considering shopify costs us $30/month and does about 1000 other things for us. This software does a few things, and doesn't even do them well.


Seemed promising... But simple things like total sales of a specific product were not accurate when compared to manually filtered Shopify data in excel.


Works great. Gives us the detailed info we need to track sales and make marketing decisions. Can be a little hard to generate reports at times but probably is more due to my inconsistent use and lack of training.

Paul White, Ph.D.


keep having problem opening the app


Deepmine is a great reporting app and a must if you want to be able to keep track of, and report on, cost of goods and margins. I wish Shopify would add another price data field for cost. We've been using Deepmine on our shop selling gifts for men for a few years now and it's one of our must-have apps.


I absolutely love this App. For one, it allows us to enter our costing and get everything in report. We have our accounting software, but our accountants us it. I would much rather use this to get my reports and do my analysis. This App gives me so much flexibility in running multiple types of reports. There are just a couple of things I would add but overall Awesome App!


Loved it until!! I had to cancel customer orders, but unfortuantely Deepmine doesn't. In my case I like to see what the popular trending items are. If they aren't selling I need to evaluate why. DeepMine doesn't cancel orders so I have false data, false data doesn't do anyone any good... They won't even give you an option: all orders, canceled orders, sold orders.


A very good App providing better functionality and ease of reading with great exporting. Very fast and accurate.

One thing it needs to add is a filter based on location. I would like to see Web and POS broken out as a filter otherwise keep it up!


LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. It has saved us so much time calculating payments for our vendors.
As a consignment store I highly recommend this program!


Really great app! Especially the part with Cost of Goods, so calculating your profits (and not just turnover) is very simple. However it would be nice to also see total profits in the overview (in the order tab, next to total turnover, taxes, shippment costs and discounts).

What I also really like are the automated daily e-mail reports and the partner part. This makes our lives much easier as we also sell goods in our store that is on "commission", we pay our providers / partners 50% of the turnover.

And last but not least the turnover by Vendor is also nice.

$10.00 – $30.00 / month

Pricing based on storage.

60 days

Support & Sales

Ryan Alyea
707-676-3474 11am-5p PT
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