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June 9, 2023

You advertised that we can add 10 delivery profiles but I only created 4 delivery profiles and only can apply them to 10 products?
This is not a good advertising. You should say that on the free plan you only can have 10 products applied to the delivery profiles.
It's very said because I enjoyed the app but I will not pay for this.
Thank you

Looping Home
2 days using the app
By Simpli Apps (Fontio & Delivery Estimation) replied June 9, 2023

A one star review with no attempt to reach out to support because of an international language issue?

That seems completely reasonable. Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support at any time whilst you are using our app for free if you would like to clear this up at all.

Good luck in the future. We hope you find the greatest success!

October 26, 2022

The app was working at first but then it stopped. I decided to email them about the issue I was having and got no response. I uninstalled the app and when I went back to reinstall the app is not available anymore. No heads up from this company that the app was no longer going to available. Very disappointed

Beyond Tumblers
United States
About 2 months using the app
By Simpli Apps (Fontio & Delivery Estimation) replied October 26, 2022

Unfortunately I find this review highly misleading to all the stores that may find it and so I must add some facts here.

To the reader, please bear in mind this is a $5 a month app and we try to give the best customer service possible - most of the time at a complete loss.

You originally reached out on Sunday October 9th at 9:10pm
I responded Monday morning at 6:16am
You responded at 6:22am
I asked a specific question in my follow up at 6:42am offering to set it up for you
You did not respond so after 8 days I followed up on October 18th
You responded +24hours later on the 19th
A day later I took a look at your set up, and it appeared that you had set up the app incorrectly/misread the docs/misunderstood the set up video - no biggy that is on me to make clearer.
I then proceeded to fix your set up, and explained the issue so that it wouldn't happen again.
I also asked for a review.
You did not respond.

4 days later on the 25th of October you encountered a bug which meant you couldn't click buttons and emailed me at 9:44pm.
Before the team got to it, you then proceeded to uninstall the app and immediately try to reinstall it which caused another bug which made our app unavailable to you (one we were not aware of so thank you for flagging)

We then went to pick up the issue at 6am but whilst investigating it, discovered that you had left a 1 star review on the app listing, here.

The fact that we spent $100s on support does not bother us at all, but that we put in the time and effort, and set it up for you, and explained the issue and still received a 1 star review is heart breaking for a small business like ours.

After the review we continued to offer support to you in 2 subsequent emails that day including explaining again the logic in the app which you were originally stuck on.

3 days later (October 29th) at 8:06am we followed up in good faith again to see if you would like support in solving the issues.

To all prospective customers - we have an international dev team that handles support 24/7. We might not get to you immediately but we always get to you within a reasonable time frame and will spend hours and hours trying to solve your issues.

To Beyond Tumblers - No hard feelings at all. Good luck with the future and please do let us know if you have any issues.

Simpli Apps Owner