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InXpress - DHL at Checkout

InXpress - DHL at Checkout

Developed by InXpress

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  • Display DHL as shipping option at checkout
  • Add your products dimensions for packages that have dimensional weight issues
  • Hybrid DHL solution from DHL's 5th largest customer and only authorized global reseller.

  • Receive DHL discounts based on the groups volume of shipping. Now the 5th largest DHL customer. Request Quote

  • Reduce your Fraud Risk with Door-to-Door tracking to over 225+ Countries.

  • Duties and Taxes: DHL will not deliver and they will return your product/s for FREE if the receiver refuses the duties and tax charges. No other carrier offers this benefit!

  • Fully Integrated Partner of ShipStation and OrderCup.

DHL Carrier Rating for US-based merchants Only.

As the 5th largest customer and only authorized global reseller, we are offering dramatically reduced international shipping costs by consolidating the shipping volume from thousands of businesses under one umbrella. Take advantage of these rates and offer DHL as an additional shipping option. No minimum requirements to qualify. No Fees and Free DHL pickups. We're helping thousands of start-ups, small to mid-sized companies save thousands on their shipping costs and helping them grow their overseas market. This is a "No-Brainer"!

Download the app, we will request your DHL account, the account will belong to you; you will receive our discounted rates. You will gain access to discounts you would never achieve on your own. DHL picks up and delivers your packages. It’s that easy.

***Please note this is not for existing DHL Customers who have shipped on their account within the last 6 months.

3 Simple Steps!

1. Download the App. You will immediately receive an email with our DHL Account Application via EchoSign (adobe).

2. Complete the DHL Account Application and submit electronically (Credit card required to secure DHL Account). *Within 3 business days you will receive your DHL Account and the App will automatically activate.

3. Not Required but you can customize your product’s “Dimensions” with the dimensional weight tool under products, otherwise the app will use existing product weight for rating. *Powerful feature!.


  • Importing Samples or other items? If so, let us know and we will get you a DHL Import Account with our deep discounts.

  • Print DHL Express Shipping Labels and Packing Slips

    • ShipStation: InXpress is a fully integrated partner of ShipStation. You can mix & match creating labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL,OnTrac, & others in batches of hundreds of labels at a time.(Packing slips, too!)

    • WebShip: WebShip is our unique shipping portal for all your international shipping needs. You will be given a unique login and password, allowing you immediate access to ship via the internet, no additional hard or software is required. Your rates are preloaded to suit your individual requirements. Receive real-time DHL quotes in seconds, create DHL shipping labels and forms, order supplies, schedule pickups, track packages, etc… *WebShip is not integrated with Shopify.

    • DHL's Website: Once you receive your new DHL account number, you can register on DHL's website and generate shipping labels and documents there.

    Save yourself Time, Money and Hassle with InXpress and our Certified International Specialists personally assigned to help you grow and acquire your international market goals.

    Click Here FAQ for additional information.

InXpress - DHL at Checkout reviews (34)


After dealing with USPS losing packages we went to the better service. Want better rates use this app and get a DHL account with them. We use InXpress to ship all of our international orders. It just works!!


UPDATED REVIEW (Originally 1/5): Initial setup was a large hassle due in part to unreliable communication with customer service drawn out over the course of three weeks. However, once you get past the setup, the shipping interface is unbelievably simple and the real-time updates make it about as easy as humanly possible for your customers. So far, worth the trouble it takes to get it off the ground.


Excellent application for integrating DHL service at extremely competitive price points! Customer Service is OUTSTANDING, and I am not an easy to please customer. Absolutely recommend for anyone looking to expand their international shipping. 5 Stars!


The service, shipping, and integration options have been fantastic. If you ship internationally and want to automate the process at least try this app.


Great app and great service! Helped us expand our operations and start shipping overseas. Our sales have gone up SIGNIFICANTLY!

Thank you!


Best Application for International Shipping. It has saved us time and most importantly money on shipping. By having InXpress we have doubled the amount of international shipments we send a week. Their customer support is fantastic.


InXpress has been an absolute business enabler. Great communication, easy integration, and reliability that has been key to our growth of international business!


Lots of new problems I never had:
1) customers complain about paying customs duties. Apparently they weren't charged when I used USPS.

1.5) customers seem to be overcharged for the customs fees. I think this has to do with how the description of the item is being pulled from shipstation. In a few cases, the customer has had to pay as much in customs duties as they paid for the product. Perhaps there is something wrong with what I'm doing. I wish I could figure this out, and I'm trying to. I wish InXpress could make this easier for me.

2) I think InXpress doesn't work so well with shopify and shipstation, there have been some errors there and confusion

3) DHL pickup people don't understand that these packages use paperless customs forms, so they sometimes reject the packages when I try to drop them off.

4) The time it will take to arrive is displayed at checkout. The problem is, it's way too fast, it's not accurate, so it sets wrong expectations, and there's no way to change it.

5) InXpress people send me to DHL customer service, which knows nothing about InXpress, so it's hard to get questions answered.

6) The shipments are SO EXPENSIVE that if something goes wrong, now I've got a lot more money invested in this problem. International shipments tend to have issues anyway, but since they are now 2-3 times more expensive than USPS First Class International (which is lame and super slow, but cheap), the risk is a lot higher.

7) I get invoices from DHL and they say I need to pay them. But they should be getting paid through shipstation. I've called about this a couple times and they haven't gotten back to me.


However, it is nice that shipments get there lightning fast. Perhaps if I can figure out why my customers are being charged huge customs fees and find a way to mitigate that, this will be a great option.


Shipping by DHL has never been easier!


This has made shipping with DHL an absolute breeze! Great App!


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