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Discount Direct

Discount Direct

Developed by Hektor Commerce

9 reviews
Price: $4.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create a discount campaign with beautiful coupon added vanity url and automatically apply on click.
  • Increase conversion using discount url in your email and re-marketing campaigns with this automatic discount app
  • Create urgency with a beautiful floating countdown timer and message to increase conversion rate (optional feature)

★★★Featured Top New App by Shopify ♥ March 2017★★★

Majority of the online shoppers today, shop from their mobile devices. The traditional way to offer user a discount is to give them a coupon. The problem with this is, being on mobile screen, it is not very convenient to type the coupon itself. Users get annoyed and you loose a lot of potential sales.

Our discount direct app solves this issue for Shopify storeowners. With discount direct, you can directly advertise or email a discounted URL to your users and when someone clicks on it, it will land the user to your store and automatically apply the coupon and let them know that, a discount has been applied. Additionally you can add a beautiful floating countdown timer to your landing page to create urgency and increase your conversion rate.

What you can do with discount direct app

  • Send a special discount url to your abandon cart user and increase conversions.

  • Offer your existing customer a surprise discount by sending an email with discount and generate more returning customers.

  • Offer special pricing for your wholesale or bulk purchasers

  • Convert more mobile shoppers and reduce cart abandonment with automatic discounts

  • and much more….
  • How it works?

    To start with discount direct, you will need a coupon code. It is that simple. You can decide where you are going to send your customer on click. It can be your store’s homepage or a specific collection page or even a product page. Additionally you can add a floating countdown timer with a custom message to create urgency and increase conversion. Without simple and self-explanatory campaign dashboard, it will take less than a minute to setup your first campaign. To understand more about this app, here are some features of discount direct, we are proud of.

    Automatic discount application

    Absolutely no need to copy-paste the coupon code anymore. To keep your customers distraction-free and ensure higher conversion rate, we have applied techniques like automatic discount applying.

    Build urgency with a countdown

    Countdown timers are super effective when it comes to e-commerce conversion and engagement improvement. Discount direct has a beautiful timer displaying option with a custom message. So when a user has clicked on your URL and landed in your store, she/he will see a timer counting down with a message. It is proven to help boost conversion.

    Unlimited campaign support

    Create and use as many campaign/URLs you need. We believe resource shouldn’t be an obstacle to your growth. Our pricing is flat and there is absolutely no restriction of usage.

    ☞ Click here for a live demo

    We offer 100% free and full access trial for 14 days. Try it yourself and see the difference. Our paid version is super cheap comparing the result it generates.

    Our support

    We test and maintain our apps regularly. Still, if you find a glitch or bug, just send a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible. As a software-as-a-service team, we believe support should be the 80% of the total delivery. So it is our promise to you, we will respond back to your support request within 12 hours. Every issue and problem will be addressed with the highest priority.
    We also believe in co-creation and community spirit. So feel free to say hello and send us your feedback and suggestions.


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    Discount Direct reviews

    9 reviews
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    This is perfect to avoid having your customers enter discount codes.
    Very easy to use!


    The Good:
    It installed very easily. I was pleased with the overall concept of the app for use in my email marketing campaigns. Creating the codes was simple. Just use Shopify's discount codes and enter them into the app's field. Most of the work is done for you. There's no liquid coding or heavy installation requirement here. There's a link to test out the page, and the timer informs the customer that the countdown has begun.

    The Bad:
    After using 5 coupon codes, the app stopped creating any more codes. I thought it was because it was the trial version; however, the app stated clearly that there were no limitations with the trial.

    THE BETTER: After reaching out to the team a few times, I became concerned because the response time was a bit lagged. The team responded and was very apologetic and helpful as it appeared that my experience was do to a server change. They were very willing to make up for my experience.

    Things happen, but there's nothing like great customer service! Thanks guys!!


    Easy to use, and very simple setup. Very straightforward app but is great if you use a lot of discount codes for marketing. Support was quick to help out with a minor issue as well.

    Updated review: This app does not work in Safari and gives me the following error: "Your session has been expired, please reload page". It does work in Chrome, so I need to open another session in Chrome in order to create discounts.



    It's really easy to setup a coupon link within the app. All you got to do is input the discount code and amount, a landing page, and set the countdown timer in order to increase sales urgency when a customer clicks on the link. This is particularly useful for email marketing where potential customers can click on the links in emails to get onto your shopify store.


    Excellent app to promote discounts and simplify the process for customers. A must have for any shopify site owner.


    We have been looking for an app like this and just started using it. Already implemented in two of our campaigns.
    A simple to use & very effective app!
    We had a question and contacted the developer got reply in an hour (on a Sunday!).


    Nice and handy little app. Very simple to use and it does the job.


    handy and works

    better graphical animation would be great though.
    Like a colourful top bar that shows the discount timer running down
    or at least a more colorful or customisable discount popup window.

    Works fine but just simply more features and customisation and focus on design would be awesome.

    Keep up the good work


    I looked for DAYS for this app! It's PERFECT! I wanted to give a huge discount ONLY to the people who signed up for my newsletter, not the whole world. This app is super EASY to use. You need Shopify's Discount app which is free, make your discount coupon, pop the discount code into Discount Direct and it pops out an URL that you can put ANYWHERE! In this case I pasted the URL into my Mailchimp welcome email. When my new subscriber clicks the Url it takes them to my Shopify store and the discount is automatically applied to their cart. No cut & paste! 14 days free trial, $4.95 a month for UNLIMITED discounts, that you can put ANYWHERE for an UNLIMITED amount of clicks. This is definitely a KEEPER. Thank you for making this simple app...it's BEAUTIFUL! Forever customer. >>>>UPDATE: I had a problem that the URL generator wasn't showing up in my Shopify store so I contacted Hektor and he was ON IT! Helped me figure out that it was my browser (Firefox) and had me update my browser, which I should do more often, and it fixed the problem immediately. Fast support service and extreme knowledge of computer stuff. Still a forever customer.This APP should be on top of the page cause I can send my discounts anywhere!

    $4.95 / month

    We offer 14 days free trial to test and see the benefits for yourself. If you're not satisfied, simply uninstall before the 14 days trial is over and you won't be charged a single cent.

    14 days

    Support & Sales

    Hektor Commerce
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    (IST 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM)
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