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June 11, 2019

This app works brilliantly.
We use Draft orders as bicycle repair dockets to keep track of work done and reserve stock of any products we used during the repair work. We had no way to send that draft order to the POS app for payment when the customer would come to collect their bike until we found Draft Order for POS.
It works perfectly and the support is quick and helpful.

Almost 3 years using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied June 11, 2019

Thanks for your review! Glad that the app works for you, it's a great use case.

Edited July 9, 2019

Draft Orders is a great app for us. We service lots of small beauty businesses and this gives the chance for our local customers to review their order and add a few things they may have forgot before we make a delivery and take payment. We like that this shares the draft orders between devices in POS.

I also felt the price seemed high, especially when you are stacking many small apps. However, customer service is excellent and they were very good at adding features we requested when possible. I think this makes up for the price compared to hiring a developer to create custom apps for our store.

Thanks BentoSMB

Beauty Solution • Solution Beauté
Over 1 year using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied July 9, 2019

Thanks for the great review! We are glad you are enjoying the app and see the value in the updates and support. Our goal is to provide the very best support. Many more updates to come, so please let us know if you have any other ideas or questions, we are happy to help!

November 5, 2020

Works like a dream, well worth the extra money each month. We use this instore on POS for our customer orders which are prepared ahead of them coming in to pay. For example, we repair customer bikes - customer drops in bike - we add everything to a draft order that's been used to repair the bike. On collection we use Draft Orders For POS to instantly have the customers draft order ready for payment. We've experienced a couple of glitches with discounts but their support is brilliant and all problems are sorted. I'd highly recommend.

United Kingdom
8 months using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied January 25, 2021

Thank you for leaving your thoughts on our app, its incredibly helpful! If you encounter any other issues with the app, please of course let us know.

July 26, 2021

I used this app to bring Draft Orders to POS UI. It would be nice if the app would copy/merge draft order notes to the final order. Also, this app does not copy line items `properties` from draft order to final order line items. I've tried to reach out to their support team last week (2-3 working days ago) but still did not get a reply from them. The passing of data (notes, line items properties) from draft orders is crucial to our business model, therefore I need to know if they plan to fix the missing data. Except for bad/slow support and issues mentioned above, the app works properly.

MyRevea [stag]
5 months using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied November 12, 2022

Thank you for the review, we are sorry that our app did not meet your expectations. Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow certain thing to work in Shopify POS as you would expect, and it limits what we can build. Line items, notes, and discounts are some of the things Shopify has not built proper support for in their APIs and it makes it a challenge for us to build that into the product. We do have some work arounds when it comes to these issues though and I see some of them have already been implemented by our support team. Please don't hesitate to continue to reach out with issues.

December 30, 2019

App does not fully transfer Draft orders to a POS order, multiple orders have not been transferred over which is very frustrating since you have to go item by item to check everything is correct. $15 is very expensive for what the app is able to do .

Xtractor Depot
United States
About 1 month using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied January 25, 2021

Hi there, we have since updated our app to fully support discounts and large line items. We would love to hear your feedback on the new layout as well!

Edited December 5, 2019

The app works and provides a need to pull draft orders to the Shopify POS but $15.00 a month is very high. This should be a function provided internally by Shopify so their two systems interchange order information.

Michael Malta Studio
United States
2 months using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied October 5, 2019

Thanks for the review. We are very glad to hear that the app works as expected and you had no issues with the functionality of it.

In terms of the cost, we like to think that the app reduces a stores error rates when its most critical (in front of your customer) as well as saves time. The value of this depends on your need, how often you need access to draft orders, and who is accessing them. The value is based on all of these factors. We hope that as you grow and see a greater need for a solution like this that it meets the value expectations set at our price point.

September 11, 2019

Outstanding customer service! It’s a great feeling asking for help on the weekend and getting a super quick response! Max is a great guy and brainstormed with me on ways we could use the app to get the best out of it for our use case, If you’re on the fence about trying this app, do it, you’ll be glad you did.

United States
3 days using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied October 5, 2019

Thanks for the great review, we are happy that we were able to solve the problem and look forward to helping improve our app to further fit your needs!

June 26, 2019

This app is great, thanks for implementing missing features in Shopify.

But this does not worth 15$/month. At this price, this is about half the actual Shopify subscription. This does not makes sens.

A more fare price would be 1 or 2$ monthly. At this price, you will have certainly lot more customers.

Boutique Lollipop
1 day using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied June 26, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to review. We understand that the cost is not something you are happy with, but as the product itself works for your needs we would love to see this review factor that in more heavily. We work very hard to build the very best apps we can and a lot of time and effort goes into building, maintaining, and extending the application. We hope to see you continue to use the app as it sounds like it does solve your need.

May 10, 2021

Great idea. Does not work on any POS for Apple or android. this is a waste of time, don't buy. i have tried ipads, iphones and android; none work

Signature Solar
United States
5 days using the app
BentoSMB Inc. replied May 11, 2021

We are sorry to hear that our app is not working for you. We are more than happy to review the issues with you, however we have received no support requests from your company. We have many merchants using the app successfully in their stores, so happy to help where we can and resolve issues.