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DragDropr | Drag & Drop Contentbuilder

DragDropr | Drag & Drop Contentbuilder

Developed by atipso GmbH

Price: From $9.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create, edit and design your web shop content exactly how you want to, no limits! Do it with a click of a mouse, and the DragDropr will do all the coding.
  • Reach your shoppers on mobile, desktop and tablet. DragDropr automatically generates content adjusted to the shopper screen size.
  • The way you create and see the content on your screen will be the finalized look of your page. What you see is what you Really get. Guaranteed!

The DragDropr was built based on 3 basic principles, to be efficient, affordable, and easy to use visual web editor. We have honored these principles by implementing following features and values.

Be flexible, create and change your content & themes instantly

Instead of simply creating short-codes, DragDropr converts the whole content you created into a genuine HTML code. This feature enables you to create, change, and edit your content or import a completely new theme with one click! Everything is stored as HTML code!

What you see is what you Really get

Unlike most WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, the DragDropr is guaranteed to give the results you can see right in front of you, on the screen. DragDropr is a first WYSIWYRG(what you see is what you Really get) editor! It shows you the changes you make in real time. What you create and see on your screen will be the final look of your web page.


With the help of the DragDropr and our Support team, you will no longer have any need for expensive digital agencies, designers or programmers. You will be able to create your content quickly without any prior knowledge.

Seamlessly Integrates with your Shopify shop

DragDropr is built to work on Top of Shopify's natively used WYSIWYG editor on ANY page, category, and products! It's a simple SaaS (software as a service) application and can be installed as a Browser plugin.

Whenever you see a WYSIWYG you can click the button and through the overlay of our visual editor, you can build an amazing content as you planned and improve your sales!

DragDropr will enable you to design the content exactly how you want to!

Imagine the perfect page layout, add your content and photos, sort it any way you want with our application. You can use one of the 500 provided content blocks or you can create your content manually and store the individual content blocks. Stand out by designing a completely unique web shop content!

Create a real responsive mobile content - No coding required

DragDropr generates responsive content automatically adapted for Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet users. It provides a preview in real time, so you don’t have to worry about the broken web content, broken lines or missing text anymore.

Cross System Usability

  • DragDropr can be used as an enhancement to create the content on any system that uses WYSIWYG editor, like Wordpress blog, or any other Tool.
  • With our general browser plugin, you can browse through your website and shops, click the DragDropr button and make the changes you want instantly.
  • If for any reason you can't make the changes of your content directly, there is an HTML embed option, so you can embed the content created with DragDropro on your site with one click.
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    This App is just what I was looking for on Page Builder.
    Do not dirty the Theme like other famous Page Builder Apps because it is external to Shopify.
    It has thousands of elements templates ready, so you don't have to start from scratch when you start to build a new page.
    It is flexible, has a thousand settings for each element and if you can also customize CSS.

    I recommend it !!
    Since I installed it, I noticed that they added new features

    Support guy are very professionals and answer quickly.


    This is a great Landing Page Editor.
    With the reusable content snippet feature we are FINALLY able to generate repeating landing pages for our campaigns with much less effort.
    And on top we can use the snippets on all our sites, not just on one store, which is a great time saver as well.
    Thanks @Norbert for the amazing support we have received the last weeks!

    From $9.00 / month

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    14 days

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