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Merchants highly recommend this app for its wide variety of gourmet coffee and efficient order fulfillment. It's praised for its seamless Shopify integration and educational resources. Merchants appreciate the customizable labels, grind and size options, and the ability to set their own pricing. The app's customer service is frequently commended for its responsiveness, with weekly support calls available. Quick shipping and high-quality coffee are also frequently highlighted. This app provides a unique opportunity for merchants to start a coffee company from scratch.

March 9, 2023

I would not do business with them. They will secretly charge your card and send an email saying a customer just orderd. They did this to me even though i did not have single product in the store yet and the store also was not open for customers to browse or purchase. They did refund me but could not answer as to why this happend, i do not trust them very poor.

Jupiters Coffee Daze
About 2 months using the app
The Doughty Organization replied March 9, 2023

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. We only match directly to store SKUs.

We certainly would not want to ever maliciously charge a merchant. That would not work out well for us in the long run and would be immoral.

There must be some confusion here. I will look at this personally (owner of Dripshipper), see what happened, and get back to you.

Edited July 8, 2020


Customer service is not that great. I hate that you cannot speak to anyone on the phone. They need to make this available as well. An agent & I were going back and forth for more than 3 days. We could have got this resolved if the customer service responded spot on. There were 3 things I noticed in this past month. 1. Shipping time is too long 2. Labels are handwritten & messy looking 3. Sometimes your customers may receive another brands coffee.

1. Shipping started out great but, then it became longer than the 3-5 days. It took one of my customers at least two weeks just to receive their shipment. She ordered on 6/20 & she still has not received her order. It is now 7/7/2020. Also, my daughter ordered some coffee & I ordered the next day, we live at the same address but, my shipment came before hers. Her order was fulfilled after mine. Orders should be processed in order they were received.
2. My labels have been typically color labels but, one of my shipments I received a black & white label that was handwritten & looked like it was the last label out of the printer. That is not good business at all. I had no idea there were handwritten labels anywhere.
3. Production screwed up & one of my customers received another company’s shipment. I am glad it was not a total stranger that received this package. What if they would have posted this on their social media? I hope my customer receives the items they ordered in a more faster shipping time. He ordered on 6/16 & it was delivered on 6/26. I do not see a new order in my store at all.

So far everything runs smoothly. I like the quick shipping & the automated fulfillment. I wish you sold more than coffee.

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
September 6, 2022

The app is easy to use, but from a business standpoint it is not viable. 1. The profit margins are too tight. As other users have noted, the bags are roughly $13/each, meaning you have to charge $18 to make $5 on each bag. That doesn't include the $30/mo membership or shopify fees/taxes. 2. Making custom labels with Dripshipper is not efficient. There is suppose to be a "24 hour turnaround" to get a label approved, however I have had labels in review for over 24 hours. During this period of time, the products on your store are not active. You will need to rebuild each and every one of them if you ever update your labels down the line. I'll ride this train while I source my coffee elsewhere.

Hyzer Drip Coffee
United States
About 1 year using the app
The Doughty Organization replied January 27, 2023

Thank you for your review.

I wish we could've provided you with the experience you were looking for!

Just a quick breakdown on the cost of the coffee:
1) Unlike store-bought coffee, this is specialty grade and roasted the same day it ships
2) The cost includes the cost of shipping, which is roughly $6-$7 to ship the bag of coffee. So really, the cost of the coffee itself is around $7
3) Looking at other specialty grade, fresh roasted coffee available on the internet, you can see that it is all priced at $19-$25/bag. So your pricing is on the low end and you could actually increase your sale price a bit.

For Dripshipper coffee, you want to make sure you target the type of buyer that wants specialty grade coffee. Where fresh roast and quality of beans is important to them.

You will have a hard time selling to people who typically buy bags of coffee from the store that has been roasted months ago and lower quality grade beans.

Hope that helps!

And I hope you find a great source of coffee for what you're looking for!

Edited February 22, 2021

I love the app! But CUSTOMER SUPPORT is NOT GOOD. This hurts as a beginner in this line of business.

Quazaam Coffee
United States
About 1 year using the app
The Doughty Organization replied January 27, 2023

We've made some big changes to our customer support team. Thank you for your feedback.

January 23, 2020

Had big expectations for this app. Unfortunately, it has not lived up to it. I have had a few orders that shipped late. I can't justify the $25/ month for so so service. It would also be nice if they had samples for customers, though they tell me that is coming soon. The free labels suck in terms of design. It is boring and that is no way to build a brand. I have not tried the paid labels due to my experience so far.

The coffee itself is great but there needs to be some fine tuning.

Wake Em' Up Juice
United States
11 months using the app
December 6, 2019

Easy to use app, however my first order was to a UK customer and the shipping was 24 dollars........ Which wasn't clear on their website anywhere I ended up spending 13 dollars out of pocket to send this to my customer. When I contacted them regarding this their response was "We don't control the courier shipping cost" well..... in Drop Shipping the Shipping part.... is pretty important, bad customer service...ridiculous shipping charges. Would not recommend at all.

Drip Pot Shop
5 months using the app
February 22, 2021

Joined recently (Jan2021?) and not the easiest App but easy enough to setup Custom Label and product in store. Cons-- I do not like how the product image posts in Shopify (you will see --very low-end presentation). Cust.Srvc is decent to horrible range -- 3x sent emails, questions, comments and always get short msg's back.. sometimes not even fully addressing my questions. Is this because i am on lowest paid plan? So cust.Srvc increases with price you pay per month? Anyway, tried 4 different coffee blends so far and not thrilled with any -- i am used to Peets or Philz brands (and Starbucks Decaf Medium blend) and they all have so much better flavor/after-tastes than these blends rec'd... i open a bag of Peets or Philz beans and i still see oils glistening on beans/bag.... bags i rec'd (both Sample ones and regular ones) are fairly dry . i want my customers to LOVE products we carry so we are struggling on keeping this or not.... great great idea and love the app will tie into Shopify (for ease) .... but product flavor, cust.srvc and high pricing seem like this will not be well rec'd long term. So probably going to Drop this product so Let me know if anyone knows another Drop Shipper coffee supplier ! Thanks!

United States
2 months using the app
The Doughty Organization replied January 27, 2023

I'm sorry the coffee didn't live up to the quality we strive for.

I hope the best for you and your business.

Thank you for your review.

August 21, 2022

Great business model in theory, just no meat on the bone with the prices. The cost per 12oz. bag is almost $14 landed, which means I need to charge $19 to make $5. That margin is simply not sustainable or scaleable. There's not enough room in their pricing structure for me to offer free shipping to my customers without losing money on every order - let alone room for a reasonable marketing budget. In my experience with dropshipping, you need to leverage every single offer, up-sale, and coupon you can. Unfortunately, their prices simply are too high to make this work.

United States
8 days using the app
The Doughty Organization replied January 27, 2023

I'm sorry our business model isn't what you're looking for and our margins are where you need them.

Our coffees all come with free shipping, so hopefully that was already clear for you.

Thanks for the review!