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Dynamic Pricing - Smart Optimization

Dynamic Pricing - Smart Optimization

Developed by SpurIT

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  • The app increases your sales by automatically setting up the best product price.
  • It watches how well each product gets sold out, and depending on how well it goes, it can reduce or increase the price.
  • All you need to do is just set up the change rules, i.e. to what amount the price will jump to if the product goes well.

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  • Choose (a) product(s) for which you want the price to be changed by the app (If they get sold out well, then price will go up. If not so good, it will drop to hopefully encourage more purchases).

  • Set up the rule, e.g. "if 8 or more are sold out, increase the price by $2".

  • Choose the date to start.

That’s all!


  • You can choose a date when you want to start checking and changing the price.

  • e.g. it can be done during peak times such as holidays, or on the contrary, during slow times.

  • One or more rules can be applied to one or more products.

  • e.g. you can apply a rule to all your t-shirts for the next 2 months.

  • You can apply a rule to All your products at your store.

  • e.g. Increase all prices by $1 if the total monthly amount for each selected product sold was $600.

  • It works on a Variant level also, i.e. you can watch for and check the price of just one specific variant

No setup or theme modification is required

The app starts working right after the installation.


  • You have a hat at $5

  • You can set up a rule that "if 10 or more are bought next month, increase its price to $6.69".


  • You have a t-shirt at $10.

  • You can set up a rule that "if none are bought next week, change the price to $8.99".


You are selling watches at $200. The rule can be:

  • "If 10 are bought in the next month, increase the price by $10".

  • "If 14 or more are bought, increase the price by $15".

  • "If 2 or less are bought, decrease the price by $8".



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Enjoy the app and email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Dynamic Pricing - Smart Optimization reviews

16 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Very easy to install and set up. Currently using the app to reduce the price of low selling product. Everything is working nicely.



Great apps, it helps me generates more sales in a day!


So far so good! Thanks for a great app.


Thank you, great app. It works well!


Just created the first rule. Hope it'll work good for my store.


Spurit is the BEST app company on the planet. Seriously, they have most shopify apps that you would ever need for your store to make it successful.
Believe me, I have tried them ALL. What I like about SPur-it is that I can have all of my needed add-on, or plug-in Apps under one roof, with only one company instead of having to deal with 10 different customer service people.

they offer most everything and I really love their designs and ease of use.
you can set up any features you want with step by step user friendly creation on all of their apps. Id highly recommend if you wish to succeed long term!


Doesn't work. Tried creating a pricing adjustment for products and it didn't do anything.


useful app a must have for start ups


No se actualiza al momento. Y las campañas tienes que apagarlas tú mismo porque no cumple la fecha de finalización. Si arreglaran eso..les pondría 5 estrellas


Very good App.
you can sse it on my website www.fashioncare.fr


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