Easy Tagging by DevCloud

Easy Tagging by DevCloud

Built for Shopify

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July 22, 2020

Great tagging app ! You can tag almost everything you need in Orders, Customers and Products. With cross-channel rules (if X in Orders, then Y in Customers for example). You can add as much levels as needed in your rules.
And when stucked in creating a rule, the support is super efficient and quick.
All this for a very low price.
I tried and used several other apps to tag, and none was able to tag in so many different ways with full adaptive model to my needs.
Totally recommended!

Floratropia Paris
About 1 month using the app
DevCloud LLC replied July 22, 2020

Thank you so much for your review! A pleasure working with you :-) Let me know if you need anything else.

January 18, 2023

The app is pretty simple to use and would be quite intuitive for most people. I was able to set up a couple of rules without needing to read too much documentation. It allowed us to clean up a messy database in minutes.

What really stood out for me though and the only reason I am leaving a review is the exemplary customer service. I needed something that was outside the app's functionality and the app developers worked with me to make it happen. Their response time was reasonable, and at the end, their work solved a lot of problems for us internally. Would recommend.

Penny Kelly - Consciousness On Fire
United States
About 1 month using the app
March 18, 2021

Awesome app and even better support. It is easily customizable and the user interface is very intuitive.
Highly recommend

Layla's Delicacies
United States
27 days using the app
March 13, 2020

I tried many apps before I used this one, I can tell you that this is the best app for tagging, it works great fast and easy to use I am very satisfied !!

United States
25 days using the app
DevCloud LLC replied March 13, 2020

Thank you so much for the feedback! Hope you have a great day :-) Remember we are here to serve you so please let us know anything!

Edited July 13, 2020

Really love this app! Easy to use and does a very good job with automatically applying the necessary tags to specific orders and customers. Makes filtering orders MUCH easier, and highly recommended if you're looking for ways to automate your store as much as possible. Also, great customer service. 10/10.

Veil Garments
United States
15 days using the app
DevCloud LLC replied July 13, 2020

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working with you. Your feedback actually helped us to improve the app :-)

Edited November 1, 2019

This. Is. An Awesome. App. First of all - I wanted an app that would tag all products that had a Sale Price (i.e. Price less than Compare At Price). This app does that. So then I can have Automatic Collections based on the tags - On Sale, On Sale - Scarves. Whatever.

Then, by accident, I came up with another idea. It can look at all orders - and tag ones that had discounts applied - so I can run a report of any items (including POS - I run a bricks and mortar shop) sold at a discount - staff discount, marked down damaged goods, etc.. Great stuff.

And now.....I've come across another great feature. You know when you want to "Select" a range of products, based on different criteria, in Shopify? How do you do it? I'd more than likely run an Excel spreadsheet on all products. Time consuming and faffy.

But - wait! Use this app - select whatever you like, based on a large range of criteria - and put a tag on them. Temporary or permanent. Then use Shopify to select all products tagged as "that tag" - and do whatever you want with them. I'm currently making 748 items NOT tagged as POS (my shop only items, until I write descriptions, etc.) and WITH STOCK available on ALL channels. Quick tag - then select on that tag with Shopify and make live. Exactly what the doctor ordered. And I'm sure I've onlyjust scratched the surface. Tags are great. This app more so. Other apps may do the same (although not many) - but the developer's friendly and helpful and it just does the job. Recommended. :-)

(It also removes tags.....so those temporary ones you just made? Quickly take them off again) (and it can create metafields, although I don't have a use for that. Yet....)

And one more thing - don't forget that, unlike other tagging apps...this one has NO limits on quantity of tags/times you run it. So it's a straight cost per month with no worry. For an app that will be run multiple times per month - you can hardly get better value than this.

Simply The Best Toys and Gifts
United Kingdom
15 days using the app
December 21, 2019

I inquired about some extra tagging feature that would really help make my store my efficient. The feature quickly became available for me to use, which helps so much!! Lastly, thanks for the great customer service and quick response times.

United States
12 days using the app
February 25, 2020

Excellent app. It does exactly what it promises. And far cheaper than any of the alternatives. Great customer service, the developer was super responsive.

Mail Order Mystery
8 days using the app
Edited March 11, 2021

I have tried a couple of tag applications. This is the one end up using.
1. easy to use (not the easiest out there, but it's quite easy to figure out)
2. the most powerful. This is the main reason I end up using it. For me, I have a lot of orders already in my store, and I want to do a lot of tags for both the orders and customers. But this is the only application that can get it done. The other ones, just don't have the ability to process all that much data. Or they can process, but it's off the menu and requires extra money. For example, one application asking me to pay extra 2USD for every 1000 tags so he will release the power from his server to get it done. But this application can get it done without any extra cost. 3. fast reply time
1. the UI is not the best, you can feel that they don't have a designer behind this team.

Keychron | Wireless Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows and Android
Hong Kong SAR
7 days using the app
September 28, 2021

Well, if you need an app to tag anything and everything you require, this is it! I tried A LOT of other apps and this one is by far the most lightweight, intuitive and has by far the most tagging options. The developers have incorporated literally every variable. The preview option is awesome. Thanks for such a great app!

6 days using the app