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Easy Wishlist

Easy Wishlist

Developed by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

15 reviews
Price: Free – $2.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Free Installation and lifetime support
  • Shoppers create the wishlist without Registration or Login
  • Add your favorite items to the list both from Collection & Product pages

Easy Wishlist is the modern age wishlist for the ecommerce platform Shopify which empowers your customers to create the collection of desired products on your ecommerce platform that too without login or registration. With the help of this plugin you can diminish shopping cart abandonment and carry out sales from customers who desired for a product and didn’t end up purchasing. Not only you but even the customers can gain benefit from the wishlist plugin as it can remind them of a product and help merchants measure product interest beyond a clear-cut sale. Moreover, the plugin is quite easy to use and the wishlist can be created just in a blink of eye. It is super simple to set up and any non-developer can easily do this.

Features -

  • Shoppers create the wishlist without Registration or Login

  • Create Wishlist in just a click

  • Add your favorite items to the list both from Collection & Product pages

  • Customers can share their Wishlist via Social Networks & Email

  • Ecommerce owners now get the analytics and know which products are most liked and more.

  • Functions well on computers & mobile devices (smartphones, tablets/iPad)

  • Seamless integration with your store

The Easy Wishlist Is Simple & Convenient For Shoppers – Functions On Mobile Too

Just with a click you can begin saving your favorites. The list will be saved in browser cookie by default for 90 days.

  • No Customer Login/Registration required - However our plugin fortunately helps you to create the list and retain those customers without any login or signup process.

  • Edit Wishlist As Desired – Any customer can create unlimited number of wish list across multiple stores and add, remove or move products to any of their lists.

  • Wishlist On Collection Pages – Easy Wishlist helps you to add the product to Wishlist list straight away from collection/catlog pages along with individual product pages.

  • Sharing Is Easy – We understand sharing is caring and hence the plugin allows you to share the product directly on various social networks and list the address to copy & paste anywhere.

  • Price Checking – Most of the customer drop their favorite product as it’s not in their budget. Fortunately Easy Wishlist plugin helps us to display which of your favorite products have dropped in price.

See The Results With Help Of Few Stats

Do you have questions like – What number of wishlists my shop have? Or What number of items are added to them? Either Which product is added maximum times? No matter what, our plugin helps you to get answer for each of them.

The Robust Plugin With Quick Installation

  • Install and start the app with a few clicks.

  • You can auto-install the snippet into the theme just with one lick.

  • Next, paste the snippet tag where you desire to see the Wishlist button.

The installation process was quite easy, isn’t it? Moreover, it supports User account integration.

Yes the plugin can be integrated with the user accounts on your stores. All you need to do is login and access the wishlist from any device. This robust scalable platform is developed with help of powerful servers and can be cater high amount of traffic without affecting the store’s performance.

Customize Button Text and Icon

Are you picky and love creative texts? We mean do you want to change the text from Add to favorites instead of add to wishlist? The app allows you to customize the text, size, icon and much more to match your theme style.

Easy Wishlist reviews

15 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

This is the easiest way to install wishlist in your shopify.
Customer support is almost perfect, they can do more than you expect!!


Very easy and simple to use and setup. No criticism as such, but would be nice to see things like stats(how many have added what) and maybe the option to tweak the icon(increase size/add text) to make it a bit more obvious as to where it is and what it is.

Edit: And yes my Add to cart button still works!


VERY disappointed. Difficult to install NO tech support NEVER showed up. It is very UNuser or Unstore friendly.


Extremely prompt and satisfactory service. The Easy Wishlist team set up everything for me as per my requirement and the experience of dealing with them was seamless and easy. I would definitely recommend this app to any one who wants a wish-list set up on their online store!


I installed the free wishlist little heart and it works very well.


The functionality of the app is nice and it's fairly easy to install, although I do wish it was easier to change the "add to wishlist" button. It's default is a subtle heart that doesn't really explain what it does, so I'm not seeing a lot of use, unfortunately. I do like how it saves each customer's carts individually, but it would be nice to see "share to social media" buttons for easier use.

UPDATE: I've boosted my grade after discussing with the developers. They were extremely helpful in getting the button exactly how I wanted it. Solid customer service team.


Great Help from the support team to integrate with my shop.


Guys, it was all working good at the beginning, i was actually surprised because everything was so easy, but then after a few days the add to cart button stopped working and you couldn't change variants...


I had this app for some days. It was easy to install and worked very nicely. BUT I would strongly advice you not to get this app. After some days my "add to card" button stopped working. I got an email from someone trying to order a product of mine. I searched the web and found that others have experienced this and that it would solve the problem to uninstall the Wishlist app and get all the code out of the theme again. It did so for me too. I was panicking since I was loosing customers and my shop is my living. This app simply charges you for breaking your shop and destroy your income possibilities. Sorry to tell you (developers) Hope you will fix this! since it is a great app if it worked as intended. I also just checked the shops behind the other reviews giving 5 stars. None of them have a working "add to card" button. Weird that they haven't discovered this!


Finally a free wishlist app that works as expected! It took a decent amount of customization to get it to work the way I wanted (my own text instead of an icon, etc.), but worth it!

Free – $2.99 / month
7 days

Support & Sales

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+91 9377449881
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