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  • Leverage Australia's largest online marketplace with over 8M unique visits to the site each month
  • List and sell easily on ebay.com.au
  • Tools to tailor your product information including price to the eBay marketplace


eBay.com.au has over 8 million unique visits to the site each month which you can leverage by installing the eBay LINK app for Shopify merchants.

eBay LINK is a listing tool that uses all your existing product and inventory information in Shopify to automatically list and sell on ebay.com.au. The app also enables you to track orders, manage inventory and offer eBay specific promotions.

Features that make life easy

  • Orders from eBay synch back into your Shopify store - manage all your orders the same way you do now

  • eBay LINK synchs orders back to your Shopify store within minutes of the sale on eBay so your inventory is always up to date

  • We automatically synch your product information and inventory or if you need to you can trigger a synch yourself

  • The Promotions feature enables you to offer promotions and discounts on eBay that are different to your Shopify store for example, offer free shipping, discount the price by a dollar or percent amount

  • Map your products to categories on eBay to maximise your sales

How to get set up

  • Install the eBay LINK App and follow the prompts

  • Link your existing eBay store front or set up a new store

eBay LINK reviews

20 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

It gets two stars because the staff were helpful and responsive, otherwise it would get one.

It's a clunky, awkward app, it takes absolutely forever to correctly map your products, when it syncs it does it well but more often I found it was unable to sync for one reason or another. Over 400 products in my store, and it quickly found the upper limit after 3 because of individual quantities. Then, after hours of reworking the products so a selected few would show, instead of syncing it simply failed. A quick search on Ebay found that it only recognised one item out of the three it had put on.

I can see what this program wants to do, and I wish it could. It seems to work for some, but fail for others. It failed for me. Hopefully, after some more attempts, I will be able to write a different review.


absolute rubbish. App is not free. You will get whacked a big bill when you start importing products. Uninstalled the app now i get spammed daily. Support no help.


UNABLE TO STOP THEIR EMAILS. I keep getting emails from this app to reconnect it to my ebay account (which I'm no longer using). I emailed them back saying I have already uninstalled the app so PLEASE STOP EMAILING ME. But guess what, no response from their support. Their emails have no unsubscribe option either.


Great App and service. Does what it says it does. Some improvements to some of the help articles will be welcomed but overall, very self explanatory to use.


love this app thanks to the guys at ebay link my ebay store has 100s of items on there within mins thanks team : )


really great app ! saved me hours of uploading an editing


Love this app thanks so much for this app and its free also the great help from MGS : )


Painfully slow, laggy and buggy. Trying to map categories took me about 2 hours for 10 products because I kept needing to refresh and try again. Incredibly clunky app


Same here
Unable to install :(


This app is not worth the work. I does not show what it will cost to have your items put up on ebay and then ebay sends a bill for over $700. Not cool man. fix it now.



www.ebay.com.au account

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