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Cart Pencil

Cart Pencil

Developed by MLveda

21 reviews
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  • No more burden of switching from cart to product page for changing the variants.
  • Save your customer's time by providing them capability to change the variant in just few clicks.
  • Easy, one click installation.

Cart Pencil

Cart Pencil allows your customers to change variant of the product directly from their cart page, reducing the cumbersome process of switching to product page and adding the new variant. It provides the "Change" link which will help the customers to edit their cart in the most simple way, thus saving the customer's time and improve their user experience.


Please note that this app will work only on "your store url/cart" page. It will not work on Ajax Cart ( Cart Popups )

Why there is a need to edit the cart?

At times, there are situations when your users are not satisfied with the selected variant of the product and want to change it. In current system, he/she will have to remove the already added variant and switch back to product page, select the correct variant and add that variant to the cart.
This puts off many customers and they simply abandon your website rather than going through this lengthy process.
With 'Cart Pencil', you can improve this user experience which will result in reduction of abandon cart and increase in sales. Cart Pencil lets your customers change variant of the product without leaving their cart in just few clicks. They neither need to remove the product nor switch back to the store to change the variant.

How exactly does the Cart Pencil works?

Cart Pencil works by placing the "Change" link above the Remove button in the cart page for the products with variants. When the customer wants to change the variant, he/she can simply click on the link and the variants of that product will immediately be displayed via select box, from which the customer can choose the desired variant. After choosing it, clicking on "Update" link, the new variant will be updated in the Cart.

What if the customer decide to keep the older variant while editing the cart with Cart Pencil? Simple! Click "Cancel" and his/her cart remains as it was earlier.

Cart Pencil reviews

21 reviews
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Great customer service. With their help, the app does what it says.


Fantastic app, great for customer experience, fantastic customer service. Wish I'd downloaded it sooner :)


Nice Apps, Easy my customers to edit items in cart, thanks :)


I don't understand why some people are having trouble with this app. I hit install, and instantly had the change feature on all items with variants, and even a remove button now, which I was previously missing. And it's free! I love this app. Well done guys.


So happy to have come across this app! it's an amazing app and works smoothly. Installing it was so simple and easy; prevents a lot of hassle so our customers can easily edit their products at checkout. Love the attention to detail on this app and it hasn't given us any problems or glitches. Thanks for providing a simple but yet resourceful app......Not to mention we love that its FREE :-)

Thanks again!


RARE 6 STARS for Unique app and amazing simple feature few has thought of.

The best Feature ever. Where have you been after 5 years?

Made shopping easier for my customers to switch sizes and colors. = FEWER CART ABANDONMENTS.

Now they don't have to cancel the cart... go back and re order the item.

Now we dont have to worry about returns about wrong colors or sudden emails about customers wanting to change color after making an order.


One click installation and no scripts needed.


Seems to work great. Extremely painless installation. Thank you !


Great app. Simple but very effective and useful. No glitches or issues workers on my site like a charm https://astickything.com. One of the best totally free apps in shopify atm in my opinion
Thanks guys.


great app! takes a little time to load, and no options to customize it. but overall very happy!


Makes it easier for customers! Thanks for this app!


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