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Edit Order - Edit Orders Quickly

Edit Order - Edit Orders Quickly

Developed by Cleverific, Inc

84 reviews
Price: Free – $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Edit orders easily and directly in Shopify.
  • Quickly create custom orders and wholesale orders.
  • FREE for trial and development stores.

Used by over 2500 stores to edit orders, create new wholesale orders, create custom orders and take phone orders. With Edit Order you can greatly enhance your customer service!

Easy and quick order updating directly in Shopify.

Save time by editing an order directly in Shopify and enhance your customer service.

How does Edit Order work?

Edit Order simply adds a new option inside the order page which allows you to edit or update products and/or pricing of an existing order. You can edit quantities, exchange one color for another or even add additional items to update a customer’s order.

Create wholesale orders, custom orders and more!

Edit Order can also create new orders within the Shopify admin as well. It allows you to create wholesale and custom orders, assign existing customers, enter new customer details and much more.

With Edit Order you can:

  • Return an item for your customer and have inventory returned without issue.
  • Change the shipping provider and shipping price when a customer requests a shipping upgrade.

  • Enter wholesale orders directly into Shopify.

  • Remove one variation and replace with another.

  • Change the price of a product after the order has been received.

  • Correct an incorrectly ordered item by the customer.

  • Add a new item to an order, accept payment from customer and be able to mark the payment as complete.

  • Uncancel a customers order.

  • Create a new customer order.

  • Edit an order's billing address.

  • Change an order address and calculate new tax totals.

  • Split product quantities for partial fulfillment.

  • Add backorder information to an order.

  • Edit an order so that all further order notifications have the correct order details.

  • Plus many more use cases...

Want to learn more? Please view the following.

  1. Check out the tutorial videos

FREE for all development stores. Try Edit Order Today!

Please Note : Edit Order does not provide the ability to capture additional funds for an order. As payment details are not stored by Shopify and many other ecommerce platforms, an additional payment request from the customer is required.

Edit Order - Edit Orders Quickly reviews (84)


This makes exchanging products a lot easier.


Useful app! I was hesitant to install because of some of the reviews I read so I gave them a call. Customer service was quick to respond and very thorough in answering my questions and even walked me through settings recommended for my store. Great! Would recommend!


This app is great. It allows us to edit the orders, create orders, refund to credit card or paypal immedietly, shows the remain available inventory.

Simply, it allows us to provide a great customer services especially if they have to exchange, refund, edit, special discount, new order, add products that are not available online,

The only one thing that need to be fixed is the discount. We prefare to chose either (amount) or (percentsge) so it make the calculation pased on.

Keep on the good work.


This app has totally screwed up our daily numbers. Duplication of edited orders, payments and fulfilment that can't be edited to reflect the date of transaction. Customer support is terrible.


Did not work well for us. Every time we edited an order, it screwed up our Shopify sales numbers. Started noticing inventory issues created after editing orders with those specific items (inventory would be wrong). Not sure what was going on. Don't have time to mess with it. It is making more work for us than it is worth.

Support said there is no way to get around the sales numbers being wrong after editing an order. I use those numbers for lots of things, and hate that this app screwed them up.


We had 2 small issues after there was an upgrade to the Edit Order App. Drew assisted us efficiently and was extremely friendly. Great customer service!


This app... what can I say besides we wouldn't be able to run our store without it! It's hard to believe Shopify doesn't have this functionality, but thank whatever god you pray to that this app exists. You won't be disappointed!


Support isnt quick and when customers placed orders, we needed to be able to adjust the shipping. Well it doesn't tell you if you have to charge shipping costs separate or if it does thru the system because no credit card info was given to us to run the remaining balance. It really has hiccups in the system, it wasn't was for us at all.


nice app


Easy to use! Adds some much needed functionality!

Free – $19.00 / month
14 days

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