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Edit Order by Cleverific

Edit Order by Cleverific

Developed by Cleverific, Inc

131 reviews
Price: Free – $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Edit orders, exchange products and change shipping directly in Shopify
  • Easily create custom, promotional and wholesale orders
  • The only edit order app to be featured by Shopify. Edit Order is the #1 rated and most popular order editing app!

★★★★★ “We have dozens of orders every day where the customer entered the wrong size, color, quantity, or even want to switch products… There is no built-in functionality to edit orders in Shopify. The Edit Order app is the best solution available” -
Screaming Owl

Featured in FORBES as one of the "first 10 Shopify Apps You Must Install."

You chose Shopify for your business because it’s so easy to use, fast to set up, and it’s the best ecommerce platform out there (we get it, we’ve worked with just about all of them!). While Shopify helps you get the sale, you still need to be able to respond to your customers’ requests quickly and flexibly. You know that every minute and every dollar counts when customers ask you questions like:

  • Can I change the size, color, or quantity in my order?

  • Can I add another product to my order?

  • Can I exchange this product for a different product?

  • Can I change the shipping speed or shipping address I chose earlier?

  • Can I change the embroidering, monogram, or customization on my order?

  • Can I place a custom order with special pricing?

With Edit Order, you can answer “Yes! No problem!” to every one of these requests and move on to developing more repeat customers without breaking a sweat.

★★★★★ “Blackpants Workwear sells hairdressing and beauty uniforms and without Edit Order we would not have been able to choose Shopify as an e-commerce platform.” - Blackpants Workwear

Simple, Yet Powerful Editing

Edit Order is more powerful than just the standard product, sizing and color options. You can also:

  • Upgrade shipping options

  • Add products that are not available online

  • Change tax or line item properties on a single product

  • Uncancel or create a new customer order

  • Accept and generate pre-orders

  • Create wholesale orders

  • Send payment requests payable directly through your online store (ROLLING OUT NOW!)

  • And much more…

Charge Customers for an Additional Amount Owed

Our Payment Requests feature lets you request an additional payment from your customers directly through your secure online store with just two clicks! No setup required. Accept payment right away when you add to an order, upgrade shipping, or exchange for a more expensive item.

Exact Sales Tax Calculations

Our tax tables and tax calculations exactly match Shopify’s. When you create a new order or change a shipping address, we ensure that
your order’s sales taxes are updated in real time and are 100% accurate.

Responsive Customer Service

Don’t put your business at risk! With Edit Order, customer support is handled directly by the co-founders and lead developer so you can rest assured that your customers’ orders are in the best hands.

How Does Edit Order Work?

When you edit an order, Edit Order does a “save as” with your edits by canceling the original order and applying the original payment to the newly edited version of the order. This ensures that there’s a clear papertrail of what has happened with the order at all times.

Also Use Edit Order to:

  • Return items to inventory

  • Send promotional items to customers

  • Add information to pre-sale orders

  • Remove one variation and replace with another

  • Change the price of a product after an order has been received

  • Correct an incorrectly ordered item by the customer

  • Correct SKU numbers

  • Accept payment from customer and be able to mark the payment as complete

  • Change an order address and calculate new tax totals

  • Split product quantities for partial fulfillment

  • Add backorder information to an order

  • Plus much more…

What Merchants are Saying About Edit Order

★★★★★ “This app... what can I say besides we wouldn't be able to run our store without it! It's hard to believe Shopify doesn't have this functionality, but thank whatever god you pray to that this app exists. You won't be disappointed!” - My Hairprint

★★★★★ “Love this app. Love the folks behind it. We use it to edit orders and are starting to use their latest feature, the ability to create orders. We have lots of phone orders and the Shopify experience does not let us add any properties, which is vital to our business.” - Pike Place Fish

★★★★★ “Simply, it allows us to provide a great customer services especially if they have to exchange, refund, edit, special discount, new order, add products that are not available online,” - Creative Lami

★★★★★ “Phenomenal piece of software - they will even add a feature I requested "just for me"; extremely strong recommend" - Philipp, Co-Founder at www.FYF.io

Try Edit Order today, FREE for 14 days. With zero setup required, you can install Edit Order and be done servicing your customer’s order in less than 3 minutes.

About Us

Edit Order is made by Cleverific, Inc. We are a small team located in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Our apps and expertise help merchants launch and grow on Shopify.

Edit Order by Cleverific reviews

131 reviews
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  5. 1 star (18 reviews)

Relatively early days for us using this app but it's working beautifully for our needs thus far (with really no change to default settings) and I REALLY appreciate it. We have a very maintenance-intensive customer base, with frequent phone calls for order modifications, so having something like this was quite necessary. I was surprised and pleased to find how seamlessly it works with ShipStation! First order I edited, I checked to see and yes, the original disappeared and the new order appeared in ShipStation pretty much immediately. - From the spot checking I have done, it's doing great with inventory adjustments. That's crucial for us as we have very closely managed stock due to chronic industry shortages. - I have not used their support much at all but when I first downloaded it and was looking for a feature that was in beta if I remember right, they were very kind about immediately activating it for me so that I could get started. I will probably post more when we've used it for awhile and have done more staff training on it.


The customer support for this app has been quick, responsive, and friendly.

We've learned a few things the hard way in regards to how the app impacts our accounting and shipping:

- Even though it's nice to have order numbers preserved with a suffix, we had to turn that function OFF because the order number with suffix was not getting passed to our fulfillment program or our data reporting app. It was sending a different order number that was not showing up in the Shopify admin. This was creating a confusing mess that was time consuming to parse out. SOLUTION = Uncheck that setting. The canceled and new order won't be related by order number, but now we just write a note in the new order note to link the new order number back to the old order number.

- The default setting in the app is to preserve the timestamp of the original order on the new order so the canceled and new order will show up together in the order feed. Again, this seemed like a great feature, but we also had to turn that function OFF because Shopify was using the timestamp date for monthly financial reports, while our data reporting app was using the actual date of creation for the new order. This created problems on the accounting side if an order was created in one month, but edited in a different month. SOLUTION = uncheck that setting as well.

I'm still giving 5 stars because if you have the settings right for your needs, the app works really well and helps provide flexibility that we wouldn't have otherwise. Plus, the support has been amazing and they've even made some changes based on our requests.


Really helpful app. Reliable and saves a lot of time.


Great customer service and support! Thank you! :)


I have a relatively new store and have been using Edit Order for about a month now. I love it! It really does make the process of editing an order much easier. I especially like the notes it automatically adds to the order fulfillment screens in Shopify which make it great for keeping track of what edits were done to an order.

Also, support by the developer has been terrific so far. They quickly responded and clearly explained several points that this Shopify newbie didn't quite understand, even offering advice on how to get accurate sales data reports from Shopify.

I highly recommend this app!


Really amazing and speedy support and a great app for anyone with a Shopify store. So annoying how most of these functions aren't native to Shopify, but these guys make life a lot easier. Thank you!!


Great app, saves us a lot of manual inventory adjusting, and it looks professional - rather then pen and paper method of editing invoices!


Great service and super helpful


Found it pretty useful the one time I needed it. It "uncancelled" an order and created a new one with a similar order number and captured payment. Couldn't bring myself to pay monthly for it though as that use case was a one-off for me.

Really should be built into shopify, but if you need the functionality, I wouldn't hesitate to grab it.


Excellente App.
I was having issues with a few of my orders and with this app it was resolved within 5 minutes.
Customer service replied very quickly and went the extra mile to help me resolve this rapidly.

I definitely would recommend this to people who have Shopify stores.

Free – $19.00 / month
14 days

Support & Sales

Cleverific, Inc
1-805-749-2162 Mon-Fri
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