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Inventory by erplain

Inventory by erplain

Developed by erplain

4 reviews
Price: $59.00 – $99.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Sync your Shopify inventory with your offline sales channels in real time
  • Manage your Sales and Purchases in one central system
  • Support for Shopify POS and multiple sales locations

Centralize your Shopify and Offline Orders and Inventory

Like many Small Businesses, you are using spreadsheets to manage your orders and inventory from multiple sales channels such as Online, Wholesale, Distribution and Retail. We created erplain to help you replace inefficient spreadsheets with a modern cloud application that will manage your sales orders, purchase orders and inventory in one central system. erplain will sync your Shopify inventory with your offline sales.

Support for Shopify POS and multiple sales locations

erplain supports multiple sales/stock locations so you can select which location will be synchronized with Shopify. You can synchronize your Shopify inventory one dedicated location or with the total inventory in all your erplain sales locations. For example: you can name a location 'Shopify online', another one 'Warehouse', another one 'Retail 1', another one 'Retail 2',...

You can also assign Shopify POS devices to stock locations to manage your inventory in multiple separate locations.

Here's what erplain delivers:

Create Purchase Orders, estimates, sales orders, shipping orders and invoices in seconds. Inventory gets updated in real time.

Create Purchase orders based on your re-Order points

Assign re-order points to your products and automatically create purchase orders when you are running low.

Create Sales Orders in seconds

Creating a new estimate, sales order or invoice only takes a few seconds: simply select the client, insert products, edit shipping information and save.

Streamline your Sales Process

  • Easily split deliveries according to stock

  • Automatically create invoices

  • Track unpaid invoices

Professional looking documents

  • Generate and send your PDF documents: estimates, sales orders, shipping orders and invoices

  • Customize these documents with your company logo, address, payment information and more

Manage and Optimize your Inventory

  • Sales and Purchases will automatically update your stock level

  • Create Stock adjustments: entry, removal or movement

  • Manage inventory from different locations

  • Get accurate and real-time data on your stock levels

Why choose erplain?

After experiencing the struggle to manage orders and inventory ourselves, my brother and I created erplain to solve a simple problem: help small businesses that have fewer than 10 employees spend more time selling and less time managing orders and inventory.

In working with small businesses, we recognize that managing and expanding your business is challenging and you're wasting valuable time and resources on unreliable or unaffordable systems.

Inventory by erplain reviews

4 reviews
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We have worked with Erplain for almost 3 years, starting out with their beta as an early adopter. Erplain is great to work with in combination with Shopify for us due to the value you get for the price. Our store is used for internal use, primarily selling paints and supplies that we will mix ourselves. Erplain is able to track all of our products from creation to mixing/labelling and selling out the door. The only feature that erplain lacks that we would find useful is CSV imports, but we use Shopify for that for the most part. The support team is fantastic and has worked with us for dozens of emergency fixes when something goes wrong on our end and taking our feature requests seriously. I'd seriously recommend erplain as a viable option for 99% of stores.


I had been looking for an app that will allow me to track product/inventory costs and; manage suppliers, purchase orders and inventory at multiple locations for over a year and half. The apps I found were way too expensive, didn't fit my needs, way too complicated or had poor reviews. I finally discovered erplain. I'm extremely pleased using erplain. The pricing is very fair that scales to your monthly orders and number of users. The ability to link Shopify quantities to one inventory location or total inventory was a must which erplain does very well. The question and answer session I had with Arnaud really sold me. His philosophy is that the program should be flexible enough to meet the needs of the customer. The customer shouldn't have to conform their business processes to meet the needs of program. I'm an old computer programmer from the DOS era 80's and always believed in this philosophy. I've had other potential apps tech people tell me that I really should do business their way so I can use their app since that is "best practice." Crazy. The support with erplain is very good as they are very responsive and timely. I had one issue with exporting certain data and erplain was able to add that feature within the same day. While the app certainly doesn't have everything that everyone would want its simplicity is a big plus. I think that with time that the app will continue to improve as I've seen some significant upgrades coming soon. One area that is lacking for me is the ability to track supplier credits. But I hear that the erplain team is looking at possibly adding that feature. erplain really does listen to their clients so I imagine that if other users ask for this feature they likely will add it. While many may want to link this app to both Shopify and Quickbooks Online, QBO, at the same time that feature may come later. I don't see the link to QBO as a priority as I get info from erplain to post monthly summary transactions. Some apps I've seen linked to QBO will bog down QBO with way too many daily transactions when only summary transactions are necessary depending on your business. I usually don't spend this much time writing such a long review, but I'd like others to join this app as it makes it a stronger long-term company that will continue to grow and enhance the app. If you are a small company like ours you really should be excited about this app.


Where do I start? This has been a lifesaver! Arnaud and his team have this locked up! Looking for a great multiple location inventory system with most of the bells and whistles of the $$$ ones but for $? I looked into all the other, I gave them a test run and when it came down to it I was unwilling to pay $500+ a month for an app when I really only needed 5% of what they were capable of. Erplain does what you need, simple as that. I even requested an extra filter to make ordering easier for multiple locations..and they delivered it in 4 days! The team has the patience to walk you through (more than once for some of us slow learners)
It takes time to get comfortable with it like any app, but you'll be happy you did. I came into this app quite backwards and had my work cut out for me, but if you are smart, you'll download this and get it installed BEFORE you open up more locations. Customer service has been the best I have ever received. Timely answers to questions and concerns to get you back to focusing on your business.


If I could give a 6 star I would. I have an online store along with 5 physical store fronts in multiple cities. Like many of you I require individual inventory per store. Shopify has promise to implement this feature couple years ago, but as of the time of this review it still doesn't exist.

I've tried 3rd parties such as StichLabs, but they are all very cumbersome in terms of syncing with Shopify, and they are all much more expensive than Erplain. Erplain lets me create as many inventory stash as I require. Then a simple POS ID determines which inventory stash to remove the inventory from.

I could not be more happier and it only costs $20 a month vs $300 for other apps (because I have a lot of inventory). If I didn't find Erplain, there was no way for me to expand to a different city, I would have to abandon Shopify altogether which is very costly both time and money.

The development team is remarkable, Arnaud replies back to my email promptly. They walk through and resolve all of my issues. Thank you Erplain!

$59.00 – $99.00 / month

Our plan First is limited to 500 orders / month.
Our plan Premium is limited to 1,000 orders / month.

Please visit our pricing page for more details:

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