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EZ Exporter by Highview Apps

EZ Exporter by Highview Apps

Developed by Highview Apps LLC

27 reviews
Price: $19.95 – $99.95 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Multiple export profiles - automatically generate and send custom CSV reports to multiple vendors, fulfillment partners, or team members
  • Customize your CSV exports - create your own custom fields, calculated fields, metafields, advanced custom filters, re-order your columns the way you want, choose your own field names, and more!
  • Scheduled or manual download - schedule your reports to be sent via email, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply download them directly from our app


EZ Exporter allows you to easily export your Shopify data such as orders, customers, and products (including variants and inventory quantity) to CSV. Customize your report the way you want, including as many or as little data as you need. It's easy to use, yet very flexible!

Save time from manually editing your CSV files to fit your desired format. You can even schedule to have them delivered via email, FTP/FTPS, SFTP (SSH), or send them to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly at a specified time!

Oh, and you can also create multiple different export profiles and scheduled tasks! This means you can have a specific configuration for your accounting software, your supplier, your dropshipper, your colleague, or whoever else needs a copy of your order data and have them run on different schedules.

What data can I export?

  • Orders (including additional product fields such as the barcode, product handle, variant options, image URLs, and inventory quantity)

  • Order Risks (joined with the Order data, allows you to select fields such as the risk score and Shopify's recommended action)

  • Fulfillment Events (joined with the Order data, allows you to select fields such as the delivery date and status)

  • Transactions (joined with the Order data, allows you to select fields such as the authorization code, refunds, and payment details)

  • Customers

  • Products

  • Product Variants

  • Inventory

  • Smart Collections (joined with the Product and Order data)

  • Custom Collections (joined with the Product and Order data)

  • Order Metafields

  • Customer Metafields

  • Product Metafields

  • Product Variant Metafields
  • Can I put individual line item properties and cart attributes into their own separate columns in the CSV file?

    Yes, you can! We support advanced functions where you can use a formula to pull a specific property and assign it to a column/field of your choice.

    Can I include data such as tracking numbers, barcode, authorization code, risk score, etc. as part of my order data export?

    Yes! We support many fields in the Order export that's not available in Shopify's default export.

    How frequent can I schedule my CSV exports?

    You can schedule your CSV exports to run automatically as frequent as every 15 minutes.


    • New! Re-download exported files. We'll keep temporary backups of your exported files so you can re-download them within the app at any time (Professional and Premium plans only).

    • New! More custom filter conditions. You can now use the filters "is equal to any" and "is not equal to any". This essentially provides a way to combine AND and OR filters.

    • New! Collections export. You can now include collections fields (both smart and custom collections) as part of you product or order export. Very useful for generating reports by collection (you can filter your data based on specific collections)!

    • New! Functions for handling special characters. We've added new functions for different ways of handling special characters (like Greek or accented characters) in case your suppliers' systems don't support them.

    • New! Backup and Restore option. Are you managing multiple Shopify stores? You can now easily migrate your Export Profiles and Data Settings from one store to another.

    • New! Additional CSV file options. You can now select what type of "Quoting" and "Line Terminator" to use when generating the CSV file.

    • New! Fulfillment Events export. You can now retrieve additional data such as the delivery dates and messages as part of your order export.

    • New! Export selected orders, products, or customers from the Shopify Admin. In the action drop down of Orders, Products, or Customers admin pages, you will now see a new option: "Export selected with EZ Exporter". You will then be able to select an Export Profile/Template to use for exporting these selected items.

    • New! Advanced date and time filters. You can now filter by multiple date fields and specific time range.

    • New! Additional product data in the Order export. You can now select additional product fields such as the variant barcode, product handle, image URLs, inventory quantity, etc. to be included in your Order report.

    • New! Customer export. You can now create custom exports of your customer data and automate them.

    • New! Google Drive integration. You can now send your CSV files directly to Google Drive. Supports connecting multiple Google Drive accounts.

    • New! Order Risk export.. You can now include risk assessments in your order exports. This allows you to see additional risk analysis data such as the risk score and Shopify's recommended action to take to help you flag orders that may be fraudulent.

    • New! Transaction export. You can now include transactions data in your order exports. Retrieve useful transaction information such as the authorization key and payment details.

    • New! Product export. Export your product, variants, and inventory data.

    • New! Dropbox integration. Connect multiple Dropbox accounts to EZ Exporter and choose a folder to upload your reports to. You can then share this folder with your team, vendors, fulfillment partners, etc. and specify whether to give them read-only or write permission.

    • Export Orders, Order Risks, Transactions,
      Customers, and Products (including variants and inventory data).

    • Include data in your report which are not available with Shopify's default exporter, such as tracking numbers, line item properties, HS tariff code, and metafields.

    • Create your own custom filters based on values of one or more fields.

    • Create your own custom fields based on static values you specify or combine them with values from other fields.

    • Create dynamic calculated fields based on a formula you specify. You can use arithmetic operations, text operations, and even conditional expressions. Very flexible!

    • Use custom field names in your report and re-order them the way you want from our app.

    • Create multiple export profiles/presets, each with their own settings (such as different fields and filters, filenames, data separator/delimiter, email/FTP/SFTP/Dropbox/Google Drive, schedule, etc).

    • Schedule your reports to be sent via email, FTP/FTPS (with TLS support), SFTP (SSH), Google Drive, or Dropbox every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly, daily (you pick the time), weekly (you pick the day of week and time), or monthly (you pick the day of the month and time) basis.

    • Supports multiple data separators/delimiters: comma, tab, semicolon, and pipe/vertical bar.

    • Custom filenames with timestamp option.

    • Custom date and time formats.

    • Run on demand.

    • Download from web on demand.

    • Option to repeat a row for each ordered quantity. Very useful if you need to ship each item separately.

    Advanced Custom Filters

    Filter your data further based on the values of one or more fields.

    For example, to create a report of orders placed by VIP customers that are shipping outside of Canada where the total amount is over 1000, you can set something like the below in the app.

    Data matching all of the following conditions:

    • Shipping Country is not Canada

    • Customer Tags contains vip

    • Total is greater than 1000

    This allows you to create very customized reports to fit your reporting needs.

    Custom Fields

    Create your own custom fields by specifying your own static data or combining it with data from other fields.

    For example, say you want a Custom Field called "Product Admin URL", you can set something like this from our app:

    https://mystore.myshopify.com/admin/products/{{ line_items.product_id }}

    Other use cases could involve leaving comments in your report such as "Please ship before 11/31/2017" or creating a field for an alternate product title containing more information like "{{ line_items.title }} / SKU: {{ line_items.sku }} - Shipping to {{ shipping_address.country }}"

    Calculated Fields

    Do you find yourself having to manually edit your order report in Excel after exporting it?

    With Calculated Fields, we give you even more flexibility that could potentially save you hours of manual editing.

    We support arithmetic operations, text operations, functions, and conditional expressions.

    Some examples:

    I want an extra field called "Total Weight (lbs)".

    {{ total_weight }} * 0.0022046

    I want an extra field called "Shipping Phone Number Without Dashes".

    {{ shipping_address.phone }}.replace("-", "")

    I want an extra field called "Order Amount Category" where I can categorize the orders based on the total price.

    "High" if {{ total_price }} >= 1000 else "Medium" if {{ total_price }} >= 100 else "Low"

    I want an extra field called "Engraving", in which the value will come from one of my Line Item Properties that has the key/name of "engraving". If that property doesn't exist, just use the value "N/A".

    search_attributes({{ line_items.properties }}, "engraving", default="N/A")

    These are just a few simple examples, you can do much more!


    EZ Exporter allows you to include your custom Order Metafields, Customer Metafields, Product Metafields, and Product Variant Metafields in the exported CSV report. Very useful when working with third-parties who need that additional data!

    Multiple Presets

    EZ Exporter allows you to create multiple 'export profiles' which you can run at any time.

    Each export profile can be configured to use a different data delimiter, email address, schedule, FTP or SFTP server, Dropbox account, Google Drive account, filename, and data set.

    Create one for yourself, your fulfillment center, your vendors, your accountant, your dropshipper, your marketing team, and whoever else may need a custom CSV report generated!

    Automate Your Reporting

    Create multiple export profiles/presets and schedule them to be delivered via email, FTP, SFTP (SSH), Dropbox, or Google Drive.

    You can choose from Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly schedule at your specified time.

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    EZ Exporter by Highview Apps reviews

    27 reviews
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    Does the trick with loads of features!


    Excellent, exactly waht we needed to service our Dropshippers, thanks!


    Johnathan and Ralph have been absolutely brilliant and EZ Exporter has been an invaluable app to help 'plug the gap' between Shopify and our back office systems.

    To be perfectly honest, the whole experience was that good, we'd have no issues whatsoever purchasing EZ Importer too.

    Keep up the great work guys!



    Great support - super helpful and quick response!


    Excellent app and support. Very full-featured vs other order export apps. Customize column headings, add calculated or blank fields easily to match existing mapping. Super-responsive with questions and support.


    I use this app to export orders to an international distributor for e-commerce sales. The people at Highview Apps were responsive to my questions and even created a feature that would enable me to do what I needed to do the way I needed to do it. I don't usually give reviews for products but this one deserved it.


    After looking around for an easy way to extract and email inventory data out of Shopify we decided on EZ Exporter. The name says it all. It is easy, and works. Simple to setup, works as they say it would, and runs in the background. Perfect for what we wanted! Thank you for delivering, and we would recommend this to other stores.


    This app is great! It is reliable, easy to use, and has saved us a ton of time. This took out hours of manual work for us...thank you!


    Simply the best.
    the amount of time this saves our staff is incredible. You have access to every bit of information you need, and it's very easy to use. Perfect app for data reconciliation and review.


    Amazing app! Helped us streamline a lot of manual tasks that now just deliver all the right datasets to our FTP.

    $19.95 – $99.95 / month

    Create multiple export presets, advanced filtering, email/FTP/SFTP/Dropbox/Google Drive support, custom fields, calculated fields, metafields, scheduling, and more!

    Export as many times as you need and schedule to run them automatically as frequent as every 15 minutes (works great for syncing with third-party systems!).

    All plans include most features, the only differences are:

    • Standard Plan ($19.95): Up to 10 custom templates and schedules. Large datasets.

    • Professional Plan ($49.95): Up to 25 custom templates and schedules. Large datasets. Re-download exported files from the last 30 days.

    • Premium Plan ($99.95): Up to 50 custom templates and schedules. Very large datasets. Re-download exported files from the last 90 days.

    15-Day Free Trial. Your account won't be charged if you uninstall the app before the trial period ends.

    15 days

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