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February 6, 2021

DO NOT USE THIS APP. We used it and because of an admitted software glitch (see email admitting to such below), we incurred close to $1,000 in charges from Fedex. When we asked the developer for help on the monetary damages, they were only willing to refund us $20 for the app subscription cost. Very shady company with unethical business practices. I would worry about any of their other apps whether its in the functionality of their app or how they handle customer service. BUYER BEWARE! From: Eniture Technology Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2020 12:52 PM
To: Jon Snyder
Subject: Re: support question - Shopify/ShipStation/Eniture Hi Jon, We identified an issue with our App, it is quoting for a one rate service even though there are products that do not qualify for that packaging. The App has been updated and is currently in QA, we expect it to be put on your store tomorrow. I will keep you posted. Sincerely,

Contenders Clothing
United States
About 2 years using the app
Eniture Technology replied February 9, 2021

Thousands of e-commerce merchants use our products. We began emailing customer support surveys to our customers at the conclusion of every support ticket in September 2019. More than 3100 surveys have been sent. Of the respondents, 86.3% gave a favorable rating, 10.3% gave a neutral rating, and 3.4% gave us a poor rating. While there’s always room for improvement, these statistics will give you a more complete view of our relationship with our customers. The merchant leaving this review installed the app on November 7, 2018. Soon afterward he contacted our support team because the app wasn’t performing an operation he wanted. We informed him that the app wasn’t designed to perform that operation and we recommended that he look for another solution. At his insistence, we eventually agreed to add some code to the app that was specific to his store but warned that the quotes generated by the added code wouldn’t be reliably accurate. For more than two years the merchant chose to use the app. Over this period we did our best to help the merchant but continued to point out that he was using the app in a way that it wasn’t designed for and encourage him to find another solution. Recently the merchant became very aggressive with the support staff and we asked Shopify to force the removal of the app from his store and prevent him from installing it again. He also threatened to leave a negative review (which he’s now done) if we didn’t pay him off. Our handling of this merchant was consistent with our Terms Of Use which the merchant accepted when he installed the app. Our Terms Of Use are nearly identical to those of other software companies, including Shopify.

May 26, 2020

Horrible experience.

I downloaded their UPS and FedEx APPs to calculate my checkouts.

1) I put in all of the information and it is still showing bad rates so we contact them and they say that if we want it to calculate the right weights, we need to upgrade to the highest plan and checkoff the calculate box size which costs an additional 3 cents per calculation.

2) we do that and we still get some bad rates so we contact them and they say that there is a tiny box at the top of the product page that needs to be checked off if we want it to be included

3) we do that and still have issues. I checked that the product weights and dims where correct, that the boxes where checked off, and that we had money to spare for calculations and when we contacted them they said that we didn't have any money left for calculations.

4) I uninstalled the APPs after finding Advanced Shipping Manager and called shopify to confirm that I was paid up with Eniture and wont receive any more bills. They confirmed it. So you can imagine my shock when I got a $400 bill from them on the next bill. I called shopify and they said that all they can do is ask eniture to give it back. Eniture claims that these calculations where used before I uninstalled it, but that cant be right as part of the bill said it was NOT for calculations but for subscription.


Bakers Authority
United States
About 2 months using the app
Eniture Technology replied May 26, 2020

The documentation for the app is comprehensive and clearly written. Bakers Authority tried to figure out how to set up the app without referring to the documentation. As a result, Bakers Authority relied heavily on our support staff to incrementally "fix" things that were a problem only because settings weren't populated, or not populated correctly.

If you follow the documentation you'll:
1) Not have any issues;
2) Find that Bakers Authority's review is factually incorrect;
3) Join hundreds of Shopify merchants who enjoy using the app.

We're delighted that Bakers Authority found another app to use and wish that company's support staff the best of luck.