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Feefo Ratings & Reviews

Feefo Ratings & Reviews

Developed by Feefo Holdings Limited

8 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Trusted service and product reviews from your genuine customers
  • Increase traffic, sales and insights
  • Includes Google Seller Ratings as standard

Feefo Reviews

Feefo, the world’s most trusted ratings and reviews platform, is proud to offer a free plugin version of its award-winning system. Take advantage of the famous trusted closed-feedback platform and hear the real voice of your customer, today.

Customer reviews from Feefo will not only allow you to better understand your customers, you can also increase traffic, sales and business insights. Here’s how:

Increase Traffic

As an official Google Content Partner, all Feefo reviews are 100% verified and sent directly to Google. These reviews can appear as Google Stars within organic listings and as Seller Ratings within AdWords campaigns.

Google stars, whether displayed organically or as part of paid campaigns can increase inbound traffic to your site, for example Feefo reviews can increase your AdWords Click through Rates (CTR) by an average of 17%. Feefo customer reviews can facilitate SEO and the volume of inbound organic traffic - by improving bounce rates and helping to keep the content of a page fresh (both key ranking factors).

Additionally, Feefo customer reviews are used as part of Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Advertising and PR campaigns – all of which increases visibility and ultimately the volume of traffic to your website.

Increase Sales

As well as increasing, (CTR) by an average of 17%, Feefo actually reduces ad spend thanks to improved Quality Score. Feefo reviews integrated onto a website has improve conversion rates of 6.77%, whilst integration near the ‘Buy Now’ button has increased overall sales by 2.94%.

Additionally, receiving genuine customer feedback and sharing this on social media networks helps to gain social proof – the process of using the behaviours and experiences of others as the basis of influencing a prospect’s actions and decisions.

Increase Insights

Thanks to Feefo’s custom reporting suite and analytics you can better understand your customer’s wants and needs. Receive alerts to feedback and analysis of its tone, giving you the ability to quickly respond and turn around negative comments.

We also offer easy upgrade options to industry standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) benchmarking and Insight tagging to custom-categorise feedback subjects for trend analysis.

Finally, trust what you’re reading. With Feefo there is no threat of fake and / or unsolicited reviews, and underserved negative feedback. We are proud that the reviews we gather are independent and unmoderated. Being completely transparent you can see the good, bad and ugly – allowing you to be responsive in your marketplace and improve both product and service offering, which further builds credibility and trust.

What You Get

A lot! Install our Shopify plugin and you get these features absolutely free:

  • 50 feedback request emails per month

  • Your own Feefo Reviews Page

  • Integrated link from your website to your Feefo Reviews Page

  • Google Seller Ratings

Not enough? Install today and we will also give you 30 days exclusive access to these fantastic premium features:

  • 150 feedback request emails

  • Ability to respond to feedback

  • Product reviews on product pages

  • Service reviews on all pages

  • Full reporting suite

  • Video reviews

Thereafter you can upgrade to our premium packages where you can benefit from unlimited emails and enhanced reporting features including Insight Tags, Net Promoter Score® (NPS®), Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and flexibility to ask custom questions

Start Today!

Feefo is the most trusted ratings and reviews platform in the world. Increase traffic, sales and business insights – plus much more. Install the Feefo plugin and start collecting trusted reviews from your genuine customers, today!

Feefo Ratings & Reviews reviews

8 reviews
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It says: "What You Get: A lot! Install our Shopify plugin and you get these features absolutely free".... AND it says "for no monthly fee"
I just added it and it says I have 31 days left on the trial. LIES and fraudulent.
AND when you click to extend it wont even tell you a price.
For all I know it's only $10 (but doubt it... that's why they hide it)....
Don't say it's ABSOLUTELY FREE.


This is a superb app, it's easy to install, incorporates itself into your website making it effortless to use. Feefo send out emails to capture feedback and then advertises it on our website. What more could you want. Can't fault it!


would have liked this, but it didn't install and all I get is error messages. Tried manual set up, that didnt work either. The sign in was a mess too. Will try another app


It's been a long interesting journey with Feefo, ups and downs, but the app is in much better shape now than it used to be. Still a few issues to overcome, but overall good.


I'm surprised there are not more positive reviews on this app

We are beyond happy with feefo and are looking to sign up to the paid service so that we can make use of all the features

We feel the having the feefo tab on our website offers potential customers peace of mind, as they would have seen the feefo logo while shopping with well known retailers

The customer service team are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable


I love this review app everything about this app clean and im using the free part 50 emails per month i wish it was more and cheaper but beside that grate app


This app just sorts it all out for you, it is brilliant.
Customer reviews now display for each of my products. Easy to install and great customer support from Feefo.


The implementation of the Feefo app onto my Shopify website was absolutely seamless and stress free. With the great support Feefo provided, it's up and running and provides customers with trusted reviews whilst viewing products. We believe it's important to have this information clearly displayed to show the great customer service provided. Thank you Feefo, this app is brilliant!! 10 out of 10!

From $0.00 / month

Install Feefo for free and start getting genuine feedback, giving you Google Seller Ratings and Service Integration for no monthly fee.

You can upgrade your account to access more enhanced review collecting, better integrating and reporting options. Click here for pricing information.

Support & Sales

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