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Retargeting on Facebook & Instagram by Flightplan - FREE!

Retargeting on Facebook & Instagram by Flightplan - FREE!

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12 reviews
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  • Retarget your Shopify visitors with product ads on Facebook & Instagram inviting them to come back to make the purchase.
  • Removes the friction of getting the program set up as Flightplan automates the process, putting the full power of Facebook to work. You don’t have to be a developer or use an agency to experience a boost to your sales!
  • Turn it on and let your sales fly! Automatic Optimization allows you to enjoy sales without any effort.

Flightplan automates the creation and management of your Shopify store product ads to be retargeted to your site's visitors on Facebook and Instagram.

Flightplan technology was awarded Facebook Innovator of the Year in 2015.

★ Now Announcing ★ Boost your sales today with Flightplan for free. You will only pay your advertising budget directly through Facebook.

Have you noticed after viewing a product online, or adding it to your shopping cart, you see ads for it everywhere? Flightplan's technology gives your Shopify store the power to amplify sales hassle free by retargeting your site visitors with product ads on Facebook and Instagram. You can set it and forget it while watching your sales fly.

Highlight of the features:

  • No Technical Set Up

  • Facebook Syncing and Feed Generation

  • Pixel Tracking Placement

  • Audience Creation

  • Product and Category Set Up

  • Ad Automatic Optimization

  • Real-time Performance Dashboard

  • No App Fees

NOTE: Retargeting ads require ongoing site traffic. If your site doesn't receive many visitors, it can take time for your audiences to build. Don’t worry, if it’s not serving, it’s not spending.

Common Questions

Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

Nope, there is no code update required! You won’t have to touch your store's backend code to install and use this app.

Q - Does Flightplan use my Facebook ad account?

Yes! Flightplan operates entirely in your ad account. You have full visibility into all the ads that are running. The Facebook pixel is tied directly to your ad account. That means if you ever need to cancel Flightplan (but why would you?), you retain all of your data. Because Flightplan does not charge campaign fees, all of your advertising dollars funnel directly through Facebook with full transparency over your spend. Make sure you have Facebook Business Manager admin privileges for the account you are looking to add.

Retargeting on Facebook & Instagram by Flightplan - FREE! reviews

12 reviews
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WARNING!!!! This app will claim an ad account for you in business manager that you will never be able to remove. DO NOT use this app if you do not want to manage ads through BM. You will never be able to get your account back!!!!


I love this app! It's been great for my business in showing positive ROI each month. It's free and I only pay for my ads. Highly recommended to fashion companies looking to recapture sales from visitors who didn't purchase.


Hello, is the Flightplan application working or not?


If you are a complete and total noob and can't set up a Facebook Ad to save your life, then Flightplan will be good for you because it can do that for you.

If you know how to set up a Facebook Ad and want to use Flightplan for your retargeting ads, STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM THIS APP.

After using it for almost two months, I realized that my FB Ad stats were all whacked up. Way more purchases and add to carts and it didn't match up with what Shopify was reporting. Wasn't even close!

Turns out the Flightplan app was double and triple triggering my Facebook pixel, so my stats were all messed up. As soon as I deleted the app, everything was back to normal. Not happy at all with the messed up stats, and Flightplan is to blame. Stay far away if you use Facebook Ad Analytics at all!!


Took less than 10-minutes to get setup and I began seeing sales within a few hours. Love the dynamic product ads on Facebook, and we've been seeing solid results from Instagram too.


Flightplan is the best. We tried 3-4 different apps before setting on this one. Easy install and the support is excellent. Our initial campaigns are returning about $100 for every $15 we invest in retargeting. We're thrilled.


Incredible app. Best Facebook/Instagram retargeting app we've used in our 8 years on Shopify. Support is phenomenal. We've been using it for over a year and we're seeing a 8x-9x return on average.


While easy to set up and use, it lacked several important features. We were unable to pick and choose specific products to show or not show. For instance, we did not want to show summer related items in the Fall or Winter, however, the only solution they offered was to make those items unavailable in our store. Obviously, this is unacceptable.

Additionally, the dashboard crashed frequently and half of the analytics did not show up. On the note of analytics, their "click through" and ROI numbers never matched what Facebook's own pixel indicated. While we use Flightplan for almost a year, we just decided to look elsewhere for our retargeting business.


Flightplan has proven to be an efficient and effective marketing tool for Birdwell. With an easy setup and very little ongoing overhead, Flightplan drives massive impact. The ROI has been exponential and decision to continue funding a no-brainer.


This is an AMAZING product. I have yet to see another plugin that can have your catalog setup in 5 MINUTES!!!. Zach and the staff at Flightplan are extremely responsive to customer service issues and proactive in adding new features. I would definitely recommend if you are serious about converting sales via Facebook.


Absolutely free to use the Flightplan service! You will only pay your advertising budget directly through Facebook!



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