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Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty

Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty

Developed by Foursixty

92 reviews
Price: $50.00 – $300.00 / month Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Top global brands like The Kardashians, MVMT Watches, Frankies Bikinis and over 3,000 more trust Foursixty to make their Insta shoppable.
  • Embed Shoppable Instagram Galleries Anywhere → in your Online Store, Email Newsletters, Product Pages, Cart Pages, Collections Pages, Retargeting Ad Campaigns, and your Blog.
  • Finally, allow your shoppers to Add To Cart directly from your Instagram posts (+ we incorporate Colour Variants, Sizes, & Inventory Status)

Foursixty is an Approved Instagram App ★

What is Foursixty?

Foursixty lets you create shoppable Instagram galleries that you can embed anywhere in your Shopify store.

Our shopping functionality allows you to tag products featured in your Instagram posts so your customers can shop right away. Never again will your customers have to search your store for a product they saw in your Instagram feed - Foursixty will get them to those products right away.

Trusted by +3,000 Top Brands, Bloggers, and Agencies

See how Pura Vida Bracelets uses Foursixty

  • Full Page 'Shop Our Instagram' Gallery

  • 'Styled On Insta' Product Page Gallery

  • Homepage Footer miniFeed
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    Embed Shoppable Instagram Galleries Anywhere

    ✔ Product Pages

    ✔ Cart Page

    ✔ Email Newsletters

    ✔ Collections Pages

    ✔ Dedicated Full Page

    ✔ Homepage

    Add to Cart Instantly → with Inventory Sync

    ✔ Turns your shoppable galleries into an actual storefront

    ✔ Add To Cart with one click

    ✔ Allows customers to select color variants and sizes

    ✔ Syncs with Inventory e.g. shows SOLD OUT for sold out products

    Add Shoppable Instagram Galleries to your Email Newsletters

    ✔ Curate Photos

    ✔ Create Product Specific Galleries

    ✔ Control Shoppable Links

    ✔ Select Multiple Gallery Themes

    ✔ Works in most Email Platforms e.g. MailChimp, Klaviyo etc.

    Turn Your Shoppable Instagram Photos into Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Through our partnership with Shoelace , you’ll have the ability to turn your Shoppable Instagram content into Shoppable Instagram and Facebook Retargeting Ads. Read more about how this works by clicking here.

    iPhone App for Mobile Management

    We know you’re not always at your computer, so we created a management tool that makes keeping up with Foursixty ultra simple. With our iPhone App, you can manage your galleries and make your content shoppable on the go.

    Schedule Instagram Posts

    With our scheduling feature, you’ll be able to queue up and push your latest photo to Instagram, schedule as much content as you want, and make it all shoppable before it gets posted to Instagram. How? Queue up your posts in your Foursixty dashboard, make it shoppable, and push it through to Instagram via our iPhone app.

    Feature UGC via #hashtags

    Pull in up to 20 #hashtags to ensure you're able to capture as much user-generated-content as possible. It’s the easiest way to make your customers a huge part of your shop.

    Embed Galleries in Your Product Pages

    Integrate product specific social galleries into your point of sale pages to inspire and support purchase decision. Allow your customers to see how your products are being used by their peers.


    Design has always been the driving factor behind our product development decisions. Why? Because we know how important design is to you. You'll have access to a customization suite, which ensures you have the ability to make your galleries look like a cohesive part of your brand identity - not ours. Control your fonts, colors, embed styles and more.

    Moderate & Curate

    To prevent brand damaging content from ever showing up in your galleries, we've given you full control over the content you display. Content created by your customers via hashtags must be approved by you before it makes its way into your gallery. Content created by you will show up in your gallery either automatically or manually - it's totally up to you.


    Our performance dashboard will provide instant insight with respect to what shop links are being clicked on so that you're able to identify what content drives your customers to the point of sale. In addition, we’ve built Google Analytics tracking events right into your galleries so that you’re able to track everything from clicks to conversion right from your Google Analytics account.

    Shoppable Instagram by Foursixty reviews

    92 reviews
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    5. 1 star (1 review)

    You know, every app will have bugs, and tech-y issues here and there, but what sets a company apart from others is their customer service.
    James has been AMAZING at helping me set the entire thing up. I'm so pleased! I've had a few hiccups (not due to the app, but due to my lack of technical skills) and he's been great and so fast at resolving them all.

    Thank you and so glad I found you!


    THIS !

    Foursixty just keeps getting better and better!! ... I have had the app on my shop nonstop for over 2 years now and every update they have made has made the both the app appearance and user-interaction better and better.

    The best thing for me, though, has got to be the customer support. Each time I installed a new theme on my shop, (which has happened several times over the course of 2 years) Michael over at Foursixty made sure that the app was installed correctly and always made me feel like I was a valuable customer.

    That said, foursixy is STILL my favorite app in the history of e-v-e-r ... it's clean, to the point, and seamlessly integrated with my site. I drive most of my traffic/sales from social media, and foursixty was exactly what i was looking for. Now, instead of a customer having to dive into my webshop all scavenger-hunt-status, they are able to hop from post to point-of-sale on the drop of a dime. (and all for a fraction of the cost of the "other guys") THANKS, foursixty. turbo high fives for you!


    The best shoppable Insta feed app on the market! Would definitely recommend for all online retailers to get onboard Foursixty today! Works perfectly and is really easy to use. Great assistance and support from their help desk has also made the experience even better!


    Totally worth the investment to take your social shopping experience to the next level!

    With our social media fans & followers being a big part of our brand, we love being able to showcase their Instagram photos on all our product pages. Plus, we love how easy it is to access the app on the go to schedule posts and update products in real time -- a must for any business owner or social media marketer on the go!

    The integration into Shopify is by far the best out there in the market.

    Thank you Michael for always providing exceptional service from you + your team! Super great team to work with & happy to be a customer on your platform!


    6/17 Update
    Their service stopped working back in March yet they kept billing

    Multiple attempts at contact via email, messenger, and phone no responses

    We have cancelled service now

    Previous review:
    Good start, but could add more features and pricy...

    Seems to take quite some time to load posts if you have an active social media with many feeds. This should be fixed to sort them by days, then pagenate them by month... that way would not need to load so many at once and would keep you organized when approving posts.

    Feeds, you cant delete them... once created you can only rename them... but allowing multiple feeds is nice to have

    Limited number of services and tags... 10 services, and 5 tags? Really? for $50/mon!? Seems it should be like 50 services and 1000 tags... (Services are links to each social media - facebook, twitter, instagram, that would be 3 etc) and tags, well of course you might want to monitor tons of tags, and see no reason why its so limited... So this might work if you only plan to follow your own tag, not multiple for branding only.

    Adding tags to posts is slow... and no way to go back to the posts without starting over, thus for now I open two tabs, one for posts, one for tags and makes a little better, but still slow going... tags should simply have a X close button added and should bring you right where you left off in posts

    Limited sizes for embedding... I modified the code, but should have more control and scale text accordingly with css to avoid having size limits... if I want the photos 50pixels I should be able to etc...for the minifeed for example.. perhaps i wanted to fill the entire screen with super tiny pics...right now its limited to 16 column and 4 rows

    Perhaps add ability to auto scroll the slider at various speeds with pauses each photo might be nice.

    Hashtags.. Unsure if we should add it in the tags or not, instructions do not specify... Terms or Hashtags? Are they searched differently? They show differently in the stats. Those stats should also be clickable to open them in a new window. When I search by tags via FB/IG/Other I'm finding this app is missing MANY posts that are displaying the tags...??? This needs to show ALL posts that display a tag, especially if we are limited to so few tags.

    Tagging products is very useful and most likely the main reason people will use this... so people know its all done manually so on popular sites you will need to maintain this on a daily basis with new posts. One limitation I noticed is it does not allow seach by SKU or by description, only title...

    Hopefully the developer will work on updating this to make some of these tweaks.


    Great app. Customer service is great! They were able to help me change the colors of my gallery and get it exactly how I wanted it.


    This is by far the best shoppable instagram and the customer service is outstanding! I really appreciate Four Sixty's help with integrating my instagram shop onto the home page of my website (they even customized it too!) Thank you so much!


    The use of Four Sixty on our website has greatly increased conversions. We were able to show customers product specific galleries on our product pages to show that relevant content exactly where they want it.

    The Shoppable Instagram page and the ability to add to cart directly on the posts have proven to boost conversion rates as well. We would certainly recommend Four Sixty to any ecommerce owners who have active social media accounts!


    I can not say enough about how much I love this app!
    As the owner of an emerging accessory brand, it's important for us to showcase our products in a beautiful way. Instagram lets us do that and Foursixty makes it simple for our customers to shop the looks they love right from Instagram with one click.
    The app instantly started driving traffic to our site which is imperative for our growth and success. Once on our website, Foursitxy gives you a few options to displays your feed and match it to your brand. If you know a bit about coding, you can customize the feed even further. It's so simple for customers to scroll through the looks they love and add items to their cart. The app also allows customers to share our products via social media with one click.
    Installing the app and getting our products tagged properly took 15 min. from start to finish.
    I tried another app similar to Foursixty and was so frustrated with it because I could not get it installed properly on my website. It was a nightmare.
    I dropped that app and signed up for Foursixty. I am so glad I did.


    As the Designer and CEO of Bombshell Sportswear, I'm always looking for the next innovative platform to help us sell directly to our consumers. FourSixty has helped us grow tremendously by allowing our customers to directly shop our Instagram. Selling clothing today is about real life unedited photos and videos as consumers want to see how clothing moves, looks and flows. We absolutely love FourSixty. I truly believe if you are not using them you will be left behind as video is the future of retail.

    $50.00 – $300.00 / month
    21 days



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