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May 19, 2024

Doesn't work. I spent 30 minutes customizing the pop-up and it doesn't work. Wasted my time.

Moo Skin
United States
About 16 hours using the app replied May 23, 2024

Dear user,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Upon investigating the issue, we have determined that your website has multiple enabled popups, which may be causing conflicts with each other.

To resolve this issue, we recommend following these steps:

1. Disable all other popups or overlays on your website.
2. Re-enable the Chated Email Popup.

By disabling the other popups, you can ensure that there are no conflicts and allow the Chated Email Popup to function properly.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please inform us so that we can further assist you.

Best Regards,
Support Team

Edited July 23, 2019

It does not compatible with Danish language and does not show danish words. It would be useful if you can resolve this problem.
Update: The problem has resolved.

Over 2 years using the app replied July 11, 2019

Thank you for your review. Our app supports all languages and characters.

We realized that the preview might have rendered non-english character incorrectly. However, those character would be presented correctly on your website after saving the popup configuration.

Edited September 5, 2019

The app is easy to install and customize. Simple basic design and the developer responds quickly to questions. It works well and I'm really glad I came across it.

Black Diamond T-shirt Company
United States
7 months using the app
November 15, 2019

The application is very easy to setup. but how can i send promo code email to the subscriber list after collecting email address? It does seems like it is compatible with Discount on shopify. Please help

Muzo Store
United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited September 30, 2019

Simple. No frills but does the trick. Exactly what we were looking for. Works so well as is - I'd be curious to ask what additional features they will be offering in the future.
United States
6 months using the app
June 17, 2020

This app is very easy to work with, but I can't make the pop-up show on my website. Could you help me?

United Nude España
Almost 3 years using the app
Edited June 26, 2020

This app does what it says! It's very unobtrusive, can be customized, and has worked well for me. It's super easy to use.

However, I really wish it would be able to batch process the signups. Right now, you have to select one email at a time, check the "processed by staff" box, hit save, then go back to the main page, where you move on to the next email.

I suppose I shouldn't knock the developers too much, since it is a free app, after all. But it sure would be a great time saver if I could simply click down the row of emails, and THEN click "save" 1 time.

The other thing that disappoints me (and it may or may not be anything that the developers did), is that I use the Firefox browser for most of my Admin tasks. The "Export Subscribers" button doesn't respond, and I am forced to open Google Chrome in order to export the list. Also, it would be super great if the list only exported those emails that haven't been "processed by staff" yet. Otherwise, I have to go into the .csv file and delete those rows that show as having been processed. It's not a big deal, and the app has been incredibly valuable in helping to convert sales that may have otherwise slipped away. However...

I have received considerable feedback from irate iPhone users who say that they cannot click on the "X" to close/cancel the popup window and continue to browse my website. The tech support replied to my inquiry to suggest that the problem is with my Shopify theme, which I don't believe, since it apparently affects just some mobile device users (iPhone users specifically).

That being said, I would recommend this app to anyone who is new to the concept of Popup ads, even with its shortcomings. I'm sure that there are other popup apps that work better, without these pesky glitches, but they have monthly subscription costs, which I am loathe to do.

United States
Over 2 years using the app
June 7, 2019

Really glad I found this app, very simple and straight forward. Even the support from the developer is super fast. Highly recommended. Among all the other related paid Apps I tried, this gave me so mach reliefs. Thanks so much for the developer.
Requested the developer to add a feature, he responded immediately and added the feature I requested and contacted me to check it. Worked perfectly fine. So happy about this.

3 months using the app
Edited September 7, 2019

Works well and have no complaints thus far for this app. Will absolutely recommend. Simplicity works!!!

United States
24 days using the app
August 9, 2019

I like this app but found an issue. When you collect both email address and first name via this app, it captures all the information however it does not sync the first names in the customers section on Shopify, only the email gets synced. The first names are left in the app's subscriber directory.

She Knows
3 months using the app replied August 9, 2019

Thank you for your review. You have helped out team to spot the issue and we have fixed it. Feel free to contact us again if you spot any other issues.