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July 18, 2023

Great app. Nice customer support, respond quickly. I didn't find until now a better and free app than this for my debutify theme. I think this would be the best.

About 1 month using the app
October 6, 2021

I used this to add drop down menus to my product. Works really well! only thing i would change is that you cannot move the drop downs into the description, only above. I contacted them for assistance and they got back to me in seconds. Very Happy

Your Mindful Treasures
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
October 4, 2021

Allows you to place chosen amount of tabs in a location of your choice. Definitely worth the value. Used the free plan for a week, then upgraded. The tab functionality is smooth, and easy. The design options are well thought out. Support have responded within less than 24hrs and have been helpful with questions.

United Kingdom
9 months using the app
January 12, 2022

This app is soooo easy to use and it actually does what it says it will without having to embed code or make a bunch of modifications to fit my page. I ended up buying the full version because I needed many different tabs on many different products because we don't drop ship, our items are handmade and each unique with unique ingredients. But because I can customize each tab, I can have a neatly laid out product pages on Shopify now instead of a bunch of necessary information that customers have to sift though about our skincare products that they might not care about or want to read but that I think is good info for them to know. Now, they can choose what information they want to know, and it's up to them to decide if they want to read it but for my peace of mind, it's there but not junking up the page now. This product is PERFECT for beginners or people who have an online business but don't know all the ins and outs of embedded code or page placements or app size modifications and want to see their changes in real time when they're doing it so that they can make sure that they're doing it correctly and not making a bunch of mistakes that they'll have to change once they publish the page. The tabs are straightforward without a bunch of time consuming choices to have to make. If you're like me, you want a product that doesn't have million things to choose from because either you get overwhelmed at the amount of choices or you waste a lot of time trying to tweak the look of your page that could be spent on more important things for your business or you make a bunch of mistakes because you don't know what you're doing! This app makes the process easy because it is limited. So, if you're looking for a fancy app that's going to suck up all your time trying to build a few tabs on your pages with a million choices for font, color, design, etc, then this app isn't for you. Or if you know what you're doing or you have a degree in website design or html code or something, then this app isn't for you, but if you have better things to do with your business besides create tabs or don't really know how to use tabs on your website pages or any fancy stuff because you are a beginner or are just not website or computer savvy, then get this app! You'll be soooo glad that you did! Oh and the customer service is awesome too!

Barefoot Artisan Soap Co
United States
7 months using the app
July 14, 2022

I have downnloaded this App, because i tlloked just like what we needed. I wasn't able to set the tabs where I wanted, but then I wrote to support and Adam Čvikota helped me and messaged me back. He was really helpfull and helped us moree then one times in a really short time. I can just recomend this App!

United Kingdom
15 days using the app
Edited January 27, 2022

The app is simple to use, but does not allow the user to do very basic tasks without the intervention of the support team. Font cannot be changed, the position of H2 in the body of the tabs cannot be adjusted and the default position is completely inappropriate, closer to the paragraph above and much too great a distance from the paragraph to which the title relates. The support team is helpful and attentive, but it should be not be necessary to get them involved in very basic activities of using the app. The app is underdeveloped and should not have been released

Big Dog Bed Company
United Kingdom
10 days using the app
Singleton software replied May 26, 2022


we are so sorry about this issues. Its no problem for us to fit html or custom design to your theme. You can contact us by chat, located inside app configuration, or email us to support@singleton-software.com.
We will do the best to make all fine like you need :)

Best regards,
Adam from singleton software

July 27, 2022

The perfect app for custom tabs. Everything works correctly. Support team is very helpful if you need to change something.

About 13 hours using the app