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Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment

Developed by Fulfillrite

54 reviews
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  • Global reach: Ship your orders to any destination worldwide.
  • Save with our discounted shipping rates & shipping supplies.
  • Same day 1pm ET shipping on all your orders. All professionally packed!

At Fulfillrite we work with you to make your Shopify e-commerce order fulfillment fast, simple, and easy.

We also have a team dedicated to helping Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding projects turn their success into long term, profitable businesses. Whether it’s help with on time rewards shipping, guidance on navigating the multitude of shipping options available, logistical questions, import /export, or any other challenges businesses may face.

Fast: Same day 1pm ET shipping on all your orders. Same day receiving on all inbound shipments.

Simple: One click integration with your Shopify store. Clear price structure. Hassle free account set up.

Easy: 24/7 Online access to all your order and inventory data.

    What does our app do?
  • It allows Shopify users to seamlessly integrate with our platform with one click.
  • Automatically sends us orders that are paid and ready to be shipped.
  • Post shipping: It will mark the order as shipped and add the tracking number back to your Shopify account
  • Coupons: We can automatically retrieve coupon codes attached to your order.

Free Account - No Commitments – No Long Term Contracts

Fulfillrite E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Lakewood, NJ 08701

E-mail: info@fulfillrite.com
Phone: 855-961-7766
Web: www.Fulfillrite.com

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment reviews

54 reviews
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Starting a business requiring trust and faith in a new partner is no small task - and you can find no better partner than Fulfillrite. Like you, I read the reviews and wondered if it were possible for a company to actually live up to the hype - and I can honestly, wholeheartedly and unreservedly state YES. Joe and his team were instrumental in helping us get hundreds of units shipped - not over time, not in a matter of weeks but literally in a matter of hours.
From the first notification that our pallet of product had arrived to the shipping notifications with tracking going out to our customers was lightning fast. Our customers are thrilled and excited to see this kind of fast turnaround - and our brand has only been strengthened by this relationship. We're looking forward to a continued partnership and encourage you to similarly trust and have faith that you've found the right partner.


Obtaining Fulfillrite's services is really a no-brainer. These guys make my life so easy, never had a complaint, shipments always out promptly, no headache, no hassle. I used a different company for my fulfillment before and they were terrible. After working with Fulfillrite I can't recommend them highly enough. Give them a shot, I promise it will be the best decision you made for your business all year.


It has been wonderful working with Fulfillrite the past three months for our order fulfillment. The customer service we have received is top notch. Joe was so helpful from the very beginning. He walked us through the account setup and has always been on hand when we have any questions about the fulfillment process. The integration with Shopify has been seamless and the pricing is fantastic. We highly recommend Fulfillrite and look forward to a long-term partnership.


I had a bad experience with a small fulfillment company that was incompetent. Then I tried Amazon which was very complicated and hard to get a hold of for customer service. Fulfillrite solved both those problems for me. The customer service is excellent and I have had no complaints on mistakes by any customers. The pricing is very fair. I'm so happy I found them 10/10 would recommend!!


We recently switched over to Fulfillrite and couldn't be happier with their service. Would absolutely recommend!


Our company has decided to switch fulfillment centers and Fulfillrite was our next logical choice based on the features list we identified as a) a must b) nice to have.
Creation of the account was very simple and the web interface is very nice… You can basically drill down to any detail of the order, inventory shipment - a lot of options.
Connecting with shopify was a breeze – install it and ask your account manager on the fulfillrite side to activate it and you are in business.
Customer service is very friendly and has fast response time.
5 Stars – Excellent customer service, great web interface, detail oriented customer service.

David Z
Our company has de


A few months ago, I switched to Fulfillrite from Shipwire and could not be happier. Joe has been amazing to work with, answering all my questions quickly and pretty much holding my hand (figuratively) through the whole process. He even suggested that i recheck the weight of my products to save on shipping costs! How amazing is that? I love working with a company who cares about it's customers! Also, my customers have been very pleased too. They get their orders very quickly and so far there have been absolutely no problems. I should have made the switch a long time ago. Thanks!


I needed a place to handle my shipping as it was consuming too much time and was holding us back from expanding. I did research and only found about 3 fulfillment centers that integrate with eBay, Amazon & Shopify.

I have been working with Joe for the past 3 months and he has been very helpful and accommodating to our needs. I am happy to be using Fulfillrite services.


I'm an ex-Shipwire customer, we used them for 6 months. They started out great, my sales rep lured me in with personal attention and quick responses. Sure their prices were high, but their website was well put together and integrated easily with Shopify. Things ran relatively smoothly till they shipped out our first order. We had shipped them marketing inserts, they didn't include them with any of our first 500 orders. So I contacted customer support to fix the issue and they refused to fix it, they also stopped talking to me. So I emailed my old sales rep, he stopped reading my emails. So I guessed the CEO's email and told him how poorly I was treated. He never responded but someone did get back to me eventually. From there on it was nothing but a fight to fix any issue. Their customer service team is garbage.

All of this to say that Fulfillrite has been a breath of fresh air. Their website feels a little older in the graphic design department, but it works great. Their customer service is great. Joe spent time on the phone explaining the shipping process and even helped us by finding a new freight forwarding partner.

Ok so thats all cool, but what about pricing, compared to Shipwire, Fulfillrites prices are amazing. They work with you to find the best prices, packaging and speed for your product. I'll update this if they start screwing things up, but I really doubt they will. We're looking forward to having a great long term partner.


We were looking at Shipwire for quite some time. I've had a friend use them having a bad experience, and then just reading the reviews really turned me off. So when I was ready to make the jump and get a 3rd party fulfillment going, I sought out other options just to see. I came across Fulfillrite on this Shopify apps center and the reviews looked really good. Although still a little concerned about the technology integration, backend and pricing, we went ahead and started. BTW...Joe is awesome to work with, helped with every step of the way to get started and made me feel very comfortable to actually go through with using them (which frankly is very easy too). Long story short, it's turned out awesome, even exceeding my expectations. Integration is seamless---their backend works great and lets us monitor and edit things on the fly and manage everything accordingly---customer service is superior, Joe is always extremely helpful---they actually cater to small business incredibly well, meaning you don't need a crazy amount of orders for it to work---pricing is very reasonable and it scales with volume---and they have perfect shipping options for lightweight products which we sell---in a lot of orders so far we've had not one problem. If you're on the fence I highly recommend them and encourage to make the jump too. Personally, I had a extensive trip to Mexico that pushed me to get the fulfillment finally started, but in hindsight I should of done it much earlier. I certainly see Fulfillrite as a long term partner for us.


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