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The customer service at Fulfillrite is outstanding, Joe and his team are able to respond to queries in less than 24 hours!

The web portal is extremely easy to use, easy to navigate and the process to ship your inventory to shipping to customers is second to none.

I am due to start my journey with Fulfillrite very soon and I cant wait! Anybody that is looking for fulfilment services, I can honestly recommend Fulfillrite - they truly are a breath of fresh air and you will not get this service anywhere else.



FulfillRite web portal is easy to use and everything is working great. We are a Canadian company and this service allows us to ship USA orders in 2 or 3 business days for half the price of Canada Post. It's faster, cheaper, and everything is tracked. It also allows us to ship Canadian orders by ourselves using another fulfillment company. It is a very flexible solution and service is great too, thanks to Charlie and Joe. Web portal is not fully mobile optimized but it's working ok on my iphone. I installed Shopify app and a bookmark to Fulfillrite web portal on my iphone and business is fully portable and automated. It's definitely a great addition to our business.

The only downside is that they don't have a warehouse in Canada. For Canadian and UK fulfillment we use Shipwire. We clearly see the difference between the 2 services.

Communication: Fulfillrite will answer any question same day. With Shipwire you often have to wait 3 days, it's never the same person who answers, you constantly have to re-explain the issue.

Time to process incoming inventory: With Fulfillrite my stock is ready to ship same day. Sometimes I even receive the notice before my transporter mark the shipment as delivered. It is fast! and you can start selling right away. With Shipwire I always have to wait as long as 6 to 7 days after delivery for my inventory to be available to ship. It's way too long, how don't even understand how they can be so slow.

Shipping price: Fulfillrite pass on their great rates, it's cheaper to ship with them. Shipwire markup on shipping price. For the same shipment to California USA using USPS Priority Fulfillrite will rate shipping at 6.51 USD, while Shipwire will cost you $9.97 + 1.50 (expended carrier). For the same box, Fulfillrite will cost 0.30 and Shipwire 0.46. All those fees add up quickly. Shipwire will even charge you for a recycled box from another company where they don't even remove labels... it looks so unprofessional.

Warehousing care:
Fulfillrite will make sure they never ship a damage product. You can talk to them about any issue and they will quickly adapt. At Shipwire they open boxes and leave them open, you have dust all over your product. They clearly damage our products but ship them anyway.

Managing lots simply:
Fulfillrite simply manage lot, first in first out. For a cosmetics company it's a must and they do this without any fuss. At Shipwire they say they manage lots but actually they don't. I discover this when I tried to ship myself some inventory. They shipped newest products first and the old one were left on the shelf. I got left with expired products and thousands of dollars of loss.

It's just too bad Fulfillrite is not available in Canada and UK. I would be your first client!

Nexar Dashcam

Everything you need in one place. These guys are doing it all, always providing great service and competitive prices. We went from shipping 40/mo to 2000/mo and they are really helping us grow


Amazing app! Makes running an ecom business so easy! Packaging and shipping is almost instant and my customers are always happy at how quickly their products arrive. Seamless shopify integration that makes setting up your store so easy. The support team is always quick to respond and fix any issues you have. This is a must for every ecom business to help take your business to the next level!!! Thanks guys!

Tapplock The Smart Padlock

Great customer support! Quick with all the response to my question and very efficient with order fulfillment.


I am totally satisfied with Fulfillrite! I'm a very detail oriented person so I tend to ask many many questions. Luckily Joe was able to alleviate all of my concerns and helped me from start to finish to get my inventory prepped and ready to go to Fulfillrite. I am coming from Amazon FBA and let me tell you that the customer service at Fulfillrite is top-notch! It's a breath of fresh air to talk to someone that isn't outsourced. I had a terrible time with Amazon Seller support as a seller. I really love the personalized customer service that Fulfillrite provides compared to its competitors. Totally recommend them!

Edmarys L

My experience with Fulfillrite has been nothing but amazing!

I switched over from Shipwire which was a complete nightmare to working with Joe at Fulfillrite and have things actually run smoothly, Its honestly been a breath of fresh air, my orders ship out like clock work on time every time leaving me and my customers happy. I would absolutely recommend Fulfillrite to others without a doubt.

Rib Magazine

Starting a business requiring trust and faith in a new partner is no small task - and you can find no better partner than Fulfillrite. Like you, I read the reviews and wondered if it were possible for a company to actually live up to the hype - and I can honestly, wholeheartedly and unreservedly state YES. Joe and his team were instrumental in helping us get hundreds of units shipped - not over time, not in a matter of weeks but literally in a matter of hours.
From the first notification that our pallet of product had arrived to the shipping notifications with tracking going out to our customers was lightning fast. Our customers are thrilled and excited to see this kind of fast turnaround - and our brand has only been strengthened by this relationship. We're looking forward to a continued partnership and encourage you to similarly trust and have faith that you've found the right partner.

Clear Lights Tech

Obtaining Fulfillrite's services is really a no-brainer. These guys make my life so easy, never had a complaint, shipments always out promptly, no headache, no hassle. I used a different company for my fulfillment before and they were terrible. After working with Fulfillrite I can't recommend them highly enough. Give them a shot, I promise it will be the best decision you made for your business all year.

Super Doodle

It has been wonderful working with Fulfillrite the past three months for our order fulfillment. The customer service we have received is top notch. Joe was so helpful from the very beginning. He walked us through the account setup and has always been on hand when we have any questions about the fulfillment process. The integration with Shopify has been seamless and the pricing is fantastic. We highly recommend Fulfillrite and look forward to a long-term partnership.

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