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Give & Grow

Give & Grow

Developed by Pledgeling

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  • You select a cause to support through purchases in your store
  • App automatically donates to your cause & shows your shoppers the “impact” of their purchases
  • Donations are automatically sent to nonprofits and tracked in the app for you to see anytime

UPDATE JANUARY 2018: You can now support multiple charities at once (up to 12 at one time) and give your customers the choice of where they want the donation from their purchase to go. Install now and start giving!

UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: Now you can customize and differentiate the donation amount per product, and also add the ability to add a donation at checkout.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2017: We added the ability for you to choose a specific nonprofit to support, so now you have the option between supporting a cause (i.e. literacy) or a nonprofit (i.e. First Book).

Pledgeling is a platform that powers giving back for brands of all sizes to the causes that they care the most about. We’re on a mission to make the world a better place through corporate giving, and we built Give & Grow to enable your store to help change the world by easily allowing every purchase to support a cause and displaying the real-time “impact” on your site for all to see - look good, feel good, do good!

What problem does it solve?

Most people know that they want to give back, but don’t have the time to structure the partnership or figure out the best nonprofit to give to. Plus they don’t want to keep track of the backend accounting. Pledgeling solves all of these problems with a seamless, end-to-end platform that helps you choose your cause, quantifies the impact, and handles all of the backend accounting.

What does it do?

This app allows merchants to choose their cause (either a cause category or a specific nonprofit organization), choose their donation amount, and display the real-time “impact” on their sites using a customizable Impact Calculator.

How does the app work with Shopify?

You will decide how much you want to donate per purchase (either a dollar amount or percentage of the total sale) and the Give & Grow integration will automatically take that amount per order and donate it to your cause of choice. On your dashboard, you will see a report of all of the donations and you can download your tax receipts at anytime.

How will this change the look of my store?

The app itself will not change the look of your store. You will be provided, though, with a customizable impact calculator that you can embed directly onto your store to share the live and real-time impact of the donations you have made.

How do I choose a cause and how much to donate from each purchase?

In the app, you can select how your customers’ purchases will give back - either with a fixed amount (i.e. $1 of every purchase supports a cause) or a percentage (i.e. 5% of every purchase supports a cause). You will also select from a list of causes that your store will support. When a purchase is made on your site, Give & Grow will make a donation to your selected cause.

You can choose to support a cause category, or a specific nonprofit organization. Each cause category has an “impact” associated to it with a cost (i.e. $0.10 can provide a meal to help end hunger). Your donations flow into an “Impact Calculator” that shows how many impacts your store has provided. When you add the Impact Calculator to your site, it will automatically increment every time an impact is funded - so that your customers & visitors see the real-time impact your store is making in the world.

Can the customer add an additional donation at checkout?

Yes! See our FAQs for how to do this.

Analytics, reporting, & tax receipts

This app gives you a detailed report of each donation, a summary of each time period, and easily downloadable tax receipts for the shop owner to use for tax purposes.

Please note: You will see real-time donation reporting in the app. At the end of each month, the credit card on file will be charged for the sum of that month’s donations, which will be processed by our 501c3 foundation and distributed to the nonprofits. Donations are sent directly from Pledgeling to the nonprofits to remove the backend responsibility of merchants. This makes it easy for any shop to start giving to the cause of their choice.

How do I get started?

To get started, install the app into your Shopify account. From there, you will be directed to set up your impact calculator - including choosing your cause, your donation amount, color for the calculator, and icon to be displayed. You will receive the embed code to place anywhere on your site that you want. You are then ready to start changing the world!

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This is a clear sign of a Fraud and exploitation. STAY CLEAR.


After listening to our feedbacks, Give & grow has Added the feature to let us choose specific Charities to donate to...

I can Also embed an impact banner on the product and homepage which shows how much is raised for the charity.

I donating to Greenpeece as they are genuinely fighting to protect the Earth

A few problems with this thats open to abuse

1. You cant choose and display a specific charity you are donating to. only options like "Support the environment" "Save animals" etc and no specific Charities to choose. which will make buyers very suspicious if they dont know who you are donating to and no way to verify you as a "Verified donator/Sponsor" on the charity's website. Most charities list their donors on their website to prevent frauds/fake websites etc advertising their charity and pocketing the donations themselves.

2. Im asked to provide my credit card details to receive Payment. not comfortable with sharing my credit card details in any way. other than by paypal.


Wonderful support. They added my preferred charity in just a few days. Can't wait to put it on my website. Thanks for this great app!


If you are thinking about adding a donation component (you def should have fun) to your website but you're worried about the extra work it will require, worry no more! Give & Grow makes it super easy for you to literally GIVE donations to any organization you want and GROW your business by providing the assets needed to tell the story within your customer's journey to purchase.

Not sure who you want to donate to? With a few clicks, you can browse their database and find the perfect organization for your brand. If you already have a charity partner but they haven't joined Pledgeling, they can get set up in like 5 mins (which Pledgeling does for them).

Our donation program wasn't overly difficult to manage before, but the time required for the little things like tracking the sales/donations and sending the monies regularly starts to add up quickly. Now thanks to Pledgeling, I've got a few extra hours each week that I can devote to my real passion, watching cat videos on Youtube.

O, and their support folk; Melissa and Paul, have been super duper to work with. They have been very quick and patient with all of my nonsense questions during the setup. You can't go wrong with the Give & Grow app from Pledgeling. DO IT!


I've wanted to give back as part of my store since I started it, but have had to do it manually this whole time. It's been time-consuming and more work than it should be. This app is the perfect solution for taking that burden off of me, and letting me show my customers how much I've given!


Give & Grow is free to use, however you will be billed separately for the donations that you commit to making as a part of every purchase made.

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