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GrooveUrgent - Turn More Visitors into Customers

GrooveUrgent - Turn More Visitors into Customers

Developed by GrooveJar

Price: From $24.92 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Collect 3 TIMES MORE LEADS than the market average with our Psychology backed popup
  • Convert your brand new Leads into paying customers with Collect & Convert
  • Set Up GrooveUrgent + Collect & Convert and turn a LOT more Visitors into Customers

GOOD NEWS! You just found the most efficient Lead generation tool on the market, capable of generating 3X MORE LEADS than the average popup. We don’t make promises, we prove it with numbers. Try us and see for yourself. We have everything you need to extract more sales from your current visitors.

❗Why you need GrooveUrgent❗

Imagine your website, let’s say you have 100 visitors every day, normally you would convert 2 or 3 of this visitors into customers, which is the market average. The others 97 visitors will visit a few pages and then leave your site.

This happens every day, and most of these 97 visitors never come back. =(

GrooveUrgent gets to work on your site while your visitors are still browsing. GrooveUrgent appears to the visitor and surprises them with an offer or discount in exchange for their email address.

GrooveUrgent is a beautifully designed popup that shows a time-limited offer. The concept is simple, but powerful, we have been seeing extremely good results (+10% conversion rate).

➕This means: 9 of your 97 visitors who don’t convert will turn into Leads!➕

We know Leads are not purchases. Because of this, we also offer Collect & Convert, which immediately starts an email campaign to convert the Lead into customer.

Collect & Convert requires minimal configuration to setup, but is very effective. Our pre-written templates save your time and contain messages proven to be effective.

In SCREENSHOT #2 you can see one of our clients(WetShaveClub) dashboard with Collect & Convert in action. The green side shows the Recovered Revenue!


Why generate Leads?

Visitors to your site are just numbers until they take action, like make purchase, for example. Lead Generation is the art of trying to get as many emails as possible from your current visitors. When you have their email, you have information to work with. This allows you to put your strategies into action in converting these Leads into customers.

➕GrooveUrgent works to extract the maximum number of Leads from your visitors.➕

Why use GrooveUrgent to generate Leads?

Industry average email capture rates are between about 1.50%~3%. Our client’s capture rates average over 10% and some are well beyond the 20% mark (see screenshot #4). That’s the power of lead generation based on powerful psychological principles.

GrooveUrgent has everything that WORKS in terms of Lead Generation. We worked to make an extremely efficient popup. Everyday we test new techniques to increase our email conversion rate.

➕GrooveUrgent is a very specialized and improved tool for Lead Generation➕

How to convert a Lead into a customer?

Lead Generation is only the first step. After GrooveUrgent collects tons of emails, Collect & Convert works to convert those emails from Leads into paying customers. This embedded system is paired with GrooveUrgent.

➕Collect & Convert will convert your Leads into customers!➕

What is Collect & Convert?

To understand Collect & Convert, you need to understand what a Cart Abandonment Recovery Tool is. There tons of cart abandonment apps in Shopify and they are really efficient. They recover the abandoned shopping carts, generating more money.
- Is Collect & Convert a Cart Abandonment app?

No, Collect & Convert is not a Cart Abandonment Tool, but a Lead Recovery Tool. We turn the collected Leads into customers. This differs from cart abandonment tools, which require a cart to be abandoned.

For example, for 1 Email you get from an abandoned cart, you’ll get 10 Leads into Collect and Convert.

- How much does Collect & Convert cost?

Collect & Convert comes with GrooveUrgent. You get 2 tools for the price of 1.

You’ll be able to turn a countless number of visitors into actual leads with both of these tools. No more aimless traffic that doesn’t create sales. One price, one download, two shop-changing tools.

We offer the complete solution for your store. Capture the lead and convert the lead into a customer using GrooveUrgent and Collect & Convert.

❗Live Example of GrooveUrgent and Collect & Convert❗

To see GrooveUrgent in action, visit www.wetshaveclub.com. After 15 seconds, you’ll see the GrooveUrgent pop-up appear. Wet Shave Club has been using GrooveUrgent and has seen awesome Email Conversion Rates over 10%! Once they activated Collect and Convert, they put an incredible $4,938 in additional revenue in their pockets.

Here’s a recent screenshot of Wet Shave Club’s Collect & Convert dashboard: (SEE FIGURE 2)

How to get started with GrooveUrgent?

Sign Up for a free 14-day trial using Shopify to easily integrate GrooveUrgent and Collect & Convert into your shop.

It’ll only take 5 minutes to setup, and you’ll have the most efficient Lead Generation Tool working for you, plus an exclusive Lead Recovery System. We have everything to you need to make more money from your current visitors.


★ Some Features★

  • Capture Leads with Awesome Conversion Rate

  • Marketing your Leads until they turn into Customers with Collect & Convert

  • Google Analytics is perfect for GrooveUrgent! Measure the impact of GrooveUrgent using Google Analytics

  • Measure the performance of GrooveUrgent and Collect & Convert in our dashboard

  • GrooveUrgent is optimized for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Customize your GrooveUrgent to match your website design: texture, border, fonts, colors etc.

✔ We Guarantee Results ✔

Try GrooveUrgent for 14 days for free,
we guarantee that you will make more money with GrooveUrgent. We show REAL RESULTS in your revenue in 14 days.

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