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GrooveJar - Turn More Visitors into Customers

GrooveJar - Turn More Visitors into Customers

Developed by GrooveJar

59 reviews
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  • Transform visitors into leads. Collect 3 times more leads than market average with our psychology backed popups.
  • Convert leads into paying customers with triggered, automated emails.
  • Brilliantly simple to install and use with a beautiful UI. Supported by a team passionate about helping you sell more.

Great news! You just found the most efficient lead generation and conversion tool on the market, capable of generating 3 times more leads than market average.

We don’t make promises, we prove it with numbers. Try us and see for yourself. We have everything you need to extract more sales from your visitors.

Entrepreneur Magazine voted us a top 3 Conversion Rate Optimization App

The Problem

Most online stores have a conversion rate less than 3%. This means just 3 out of 100 visitors will make a purchase. And the other 97 will likely never come back. All your effort and ad spend is worthless if you lose 97% of your traffic!

The Solution

The solution is not to spend your money generating more traffic, but to focus on the 97% of your visitors to turn them into leads and to convert those leads into paying customers.

How it Works

GrooveJar is a set of popup and triggered email apps. Most of the popups use behavioral psychology (e.g., urgency, crowd influence, social proof) to encourage site visitors to take action, mainly to provide you with their email address or to purchase products outright.

GrooveUrgent is our flagship, highest converting popups. The concept is simple but powerful. Beautifully, designed, the popup makes visitors feel like they need to enter their email while browsing in exchange for a limited time offer on a timer.

Typical conversions with GrooveUrgent are over 10%, but some of our clients have seen conversion rates of over 20%.

However, leads are not purchases. That's where our triggered email app - Collect & Convert - takes charge.

Collect & Convert is an automated, smart lead conversion tool. Every email you collect with GrooveUrgent or other popups will be put into Collect & Convert, and an email campaign will start immediately or based on times of your choosing. The tool works on your behalf to compel your lead to make a purchase and turning them into a customer.

Collect & Convert's only takes a few minutes to set up and configure. Our pre-written templates save your time and contain messages proven to be effective.

In screenshot #2 you can see one of our clients (WetShaveClub) dashboard with Collect & Convert in action. The green side shows the Recovered Revenue!

But wait, there are even more popups!

We include even more popups in your tool collection, and we continue to test, tweak, and add more features on an ongoing basis. Here are the other popups in the jar:

  • GrooveKudos: A conversion rate optimization widget that shows happy customer reviews from Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack and Angies List directly on your website to increase sales.

  • GroovePop: A pop up for collecting emails and then displaying a coupon code and button to send users to the page you want them to go next.

  • GrooveHype: Show sales or new users signing up to your site that displays on random time intervals.

  • GrooveExit: An exit intent pop up that can be used to collect emails before users leave, or ask them a question that links to a page you want to send those users too.

  • GrooveOverlay: A full screen pop up where you can ask questions make a statement, and allow users to click a button to send them to a special landing page.

  • GrooveSkin: Full page pop up that allows you to upload any background.

  • GrooveSurvey: Find out why people are not converting before they leave your site or during their visit with a simple survey. Learn more about your website visitors, by asking them any type of question. Ask one, or many questions, and you can even collect their email at the end.

  • GrooveCall: Shows up only on mobile devices allowing visitors to easily call, or order with you in one click. Choose between one, or two call to action buttons that are always at the top, or bottom of their mobile screens.

Getting Started

Sign Up for a free 14-day trial using Shopify to easily integrate GrooveJar into your shop.

It only take 5 minutes to setup, and you’ll have the most efficient lead generation tool working for you, plus an exclusive lead recovery system. We have everything to you need to make more money from your current visitors.


Key Features

  • Customizable popups to match your store design

  • Collect unlimited emails

  • Maintenance Free. Configure once, run forever.

  • Pre-populated email templates

  • Customizable triggered email campaigns

  • Individual URL targeting

  • Beautiful, easy to use editor

  • Detailed analytics

  • Individual URL targeting

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile optimized

  • Easy integration with MailChimp, Zapier, and other 3rd party services.


  • MailChimp

  • SendGrid

  • Intercom

  • HubSpot

  • Drip

  • Constant Contact

  • Klaviyo

  • AWeber

  • Google Analytics

  • Zapier

We Guarantee Results

Try GrooveJar for 14 days for free. We guarantee that you will make more money.

Plans and Pricing List

Starter - $0.00/mo

Up to 1,000 Impressions

All Apps and Features

Basic -$19.00/mo

Up to 5,000 Impressions

All Apps and Features

Plus - $39.00/mo

Up to 10,000 Impressions

All Apps and Features

Pro - $79.00/mo

Unlimited Impressions

All Apps and Features

GrooveJar - Turn More Visitors into Customers reviews

59 reviews
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  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

Great app, helps me convert more customers. Easey to use and implement and the staff is quick to help.


Great app. I’ve just started using it but see great potential for this to help drive more activity on my site. Two thumbs up!


Everything is seamless and easy to implement. Just one click and the pop up is implemented on the site.


As a small business owner, you need to find every avenue to convert online visitors into customers. GrooveJar is one smart way to do that. When visitors come to your shop, GrooveJar can prevent them from wandering off, never to return again. Try the 14-day trial and see for yourself. It's easy to install and easy to set up. Excited to see how this continues to help over the long term!


This app packs so much value into one place, it is just mind blowing! I have uninstalled several apps that I had installed beforehand, because this app does the job all in one package. And the ironic thing is, it actually does a BETTER JOB!

I absolutely love the fact that I can have an email form pop up with a timer on it! These sort of things are psychologically going to help achieve better conversions.

Also looking forward to obtaining huge benefits out of the click and collect function to get more customers back and generate more revenue. Great job groovejar team!


GrooveJar is for sure Groovy! I received 1k in additional sales through abandon cart recoveries in just 3 weeks. It was super easy to install, set up and customize. My customers LOved it, as a matter of fact, after deactivating the first trial pop up, they were emailing me, looking for it! I hope to create a second campaign this month. You get a detailed summery at the end of the month which makes it easy to run comparisons. The customer support is very responsive, and they Love to hear from us, a welcomed, refreshing attitude! 5***** A +++ for this team and their innovative ideas!


We are gearing up to launch our shop and it was really fun testing GrooveJar before launch. We have tried other competitors and we decided to go with GrooveJar as it was super easy to get going for testing. We recommend this if you are looking for an easy pop up and conversion app. We are excited for launching with this.


I love how this app is set-and-forget; it's fully customizable to meet my needs, and once it's set up, I just let it do it's magic.

Not only does it collect more leads, it actually follows up and helps to push for more sales. Love it!


Very easy to use and contains almost everything you need for e-commerce. Also, i liked designs a lot.


One of the best Shopify Apps I have. Already generate over 200 emails in just a week time since I implemented. What I like about this app is it has multiple apps into one (incentive function, abandonment cart, and many others).

I had similar urgent, incentive type of app before but it worked well but it only has that ONE feature. I like Groovejar for its multi features, super easy to use and set up. When I first installed it, it took me less than 10 minutes to set up everything. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome app. Hope to have other updates and cool features added later as well.

Great job gusy


From $0.00 / month

Free Plan with all features available up to 1,000 app impressions. Get unlimited traffic during a 14 day free trial. Plans for additional traffic start at $19/month.

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