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Hindsight - Visitor Recording and Heat Mapping

Hindsight - Visitor Recording and Heat Mapping

Developed by Eastside Co

17 reviews
Price: From $19.00 / month More info
  • Record and evaluate every visitor’s journey through your site
  • Analyse User Experience on a macro level by heat mapping clicks, movements, hovers, scrolls and attention
  • No liquid installation: get up and running in minutes

You know that your site’s getting visits, but what do these visits really mean for your business? What causes users to make it through the purchase process and what causes them to drop off?

Hindsight allows you to see exactly how your users interact with every element of your site, both individually, through visitor recordings, and on a macro level with heat mapping.

Hindsight helps you to refine your structure and design, weed out sticking points, implement the most effective cross-sells, put your most important products in the line of site and, most importantly, maximise your conversions.

★ Heat mapping ★

Explore a set of heat maps of every page in your store to gain a range of useful insights into your users’ journeys

  • Toggle between mapping clicks, mouse movements, scrolls and an aggregate of the three. Understand both what your users get to see and the elements to which they are most drawn

  • Analyse every single click: see click totals/rates, hover totals/rates, hover->click rate; hover time and more

  • Map any date range

  • View key statistics including: average visit time for the page, average active engagement time, average scroll distance and total number of clicks across the recordings

  • Customise the look of your heat map with opacity and intensity controls

★ Visitor Recording ★

Record and play back your users’ visits to see exactly how they interact with your site

  • Set what proportion of journeys are recorded

  • See a recorded visitor’s location, referrer, entry page, visit duration and browsing device

  • Filter recordings by any date range

  • Change playback speed; skip between recordings of each page

  • Store recordings for a month

  • ★ Intuitive Dashboard ★

    • View at a glance analytics: latest recording totals and most recent recorded visits

    • Easily update your plan, set your recording rate, exclude IP addresses and switch recording on/off

    • Never leave your Shopify admin panel

    • ★ Instant setup ★

      No liquid setup required. Click install, choose a plan and you’re good to go!




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Hindsight - Visitor Recording and Heat Mapping reviews

17 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

I was able to install the app easily. The visitor recording worked I could see what customers where clicking but the heatmaps did not work. When I first signed up I got an error message that I wasn't signed into something (On their end) I emailed support they said they were fixing it. I finally was able to access the heatmap ONCE for one page now it is just a blank screen. If it worked it would be great unfortunately that has NOT been the case for us.


Works very well. Along with shopify and the theme management you can quickly see what your customers use (or not) and where they focus and how they move about. You can the adjust, review and adjust again. So that your site works in a way that your customers want to use it - as opposed to how you think they should use it - or how you would use it!

Suggestion: I uninstalled it as I had made good gains and changes. I don't want or need a monthly subscription. Would much prefer to be able to buy credits as needed and run it as needed. Please stop with the subscription nonsense - adopt a PAYG or JIT approach like most app developers now please. Then I can resume using your app and giving you money.


Loving the visual aspect of seeing where users are clicking.


A must for every store owner, allows you to understand the why a customer is doing something vs. the what. Help you understand roadblocks, customer pain points, and your mobile experience. Will pay for itself very quickly.


Smashing! Helped conversion rate drastically.


LOVE this app. I finally got to see some of the hangups of my site to make it more user friendly for my customers. I learned that just because something works for me doesn't mean that it works for my customer base.


it wont load and on the od time it does its really slow then times out


A really useful tool for understanding the customer journey.

Highly recommended!


Awful experience. The app doesn't work. It doesn't track visitors properly. The image of their screen doesn't render properly and had extremely slow server response. Contacted support and I know they logged in and had a look because I found them in my referrer logs but no reply and no fix. I gave them chance to make it right but as there was no free trial, looks like I've wasted my money on this. Uninstalling it. Avoid!


The data that our shop has gained from this app in only the first few days is outstanding. Knowing how our customers interact with our site allows us to make appropriate changes to increase the user experience and thus - increase conversions. Great app, highly recommended.

From $19.00 / month

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