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Hypervisual Page Builder

Hypervisual Page Builder

Developed by Sunset + Lincoln

45 reviews
Price: From $9.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create beautiful, custom-designed landing and product pages with no coding
  • Improve conversion rates with add to cart forms, embedded product collections, videos and images
  • Keep in touch with your visitors using our built-in email opt-in forms

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Each of your products is unique. So why do all of your product pages look the same?

We've built dozens of online stores for successful ecommerce businesses, and we're store owners ourselves.

But we've always wondered... what if we could break out of the template, and make each of our pages look amazing?

Creating custom HTML code for every product and every landing page just took too long, and was too fiddly. There had to be a better way.

So we built Hypervisual, for creating the world's most beautiful ecommerce pages.

It works for products, collections, blog posts and pages, as well as your homepage, so you can build beautiful landing pages in a snap.

See what a page looks like BEFORE and AFTER the Hypervisual treatment.

  • Use giant images to highlight your product's key features, and embed videos wherever you like. Your images expand to fit the space available, but you can also limit their size when you need to.
  • Write snappy, scannable snippets of text and subheadings.
  • All the page content is indexed by Google, is SEO-friendly and is served instantly along with the rest of your site - your customers don't have to wait for it to load.
  • Every layout you build will work seamlessly on mobiles and tablets as well as large desktop displays.
  • Build a stunning, bespoke page for each of your products, pages, collections, blog posts or homepage in minutes.
  • There's no Hypervisual branding: your competitors won't know what's hit them.
  • Collect email addresses and sign them up to your MailChimp or Klaviyo email list automatically, or just have them sent directly to you.

Support is available by email and in-app chat. Let us know how we can help!

See pages that Hypervisual users have built themselves:

Hypervisual Page Builder reviews

45 reviews
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I can't say enough good things about Hypervisual as an app and company. I've used both Shogun and Page, and I'm confident Hypervisual is THE BEST. Essential app for non-developers. Its plug-and-play is on-point and it offers the most diversity for features and design options. Their team is extremely helpful and constantly working on new features. Works really well on mobile and with your theme. 5 Stars // A+


I haven't tried any other Shopify page builders. I carefully weighed up all the reviews and decided to go with this. I 'm really glad I did. With Shopify you are not going to get something as robust as ClickFunnels (at the moment) to build a landing page, as the software just isn't available yet, so in the meantime this is as good as it gets. Using it to build prettier shop pages and then landing pages for ads traffic, it will serve you well. Having HyperVisual just to improve your homepage is worth it just in itself. Full width - really good. Toby has also been the perfect helping hand if you have any questions or need anything done promptly. It runs really smoothly and efficiently. No glitches or freezing at all. Fantastic app.


AMAZING, this is greatest app I ever install to my store. It's doing an amazing job even if I have the multi-lingo app install.

Best customer service ever, Toby just setup my theme real quick and explain me how to use it with my translator app.

I will recommend this app to every body who want to creat assle free landing page


WOW, amazing, this is exactly what I was looking for, the missing part on Shopify.
Creating landing page is super important, it make the buyer focus on the products and not drift around. great for facebook ads.

The support got was super fast and overdeliver.


The Hypervisual Page Builder app has to be by far the best app we utilized on Shopify since we've started. It gives us way more creative elbow room than what's given to work with for product listings. Customer service was super attentive and knowledgeable. Toby helped us with any questions we had up front and made it work. Highly recommended for the store owner who needs full control of how their store experience is viewed to new & existing customer. Great for a leg up on UX if your creative and want to offer more.



This app is good, it's really good. I'm gonna say it, it's the best app on Shopify purely because of what it can do to transform your store. The tools furnished unto thee make getting your message across to the consumer so much more effectively.

Just about everything can be controlled to an extent such as image width, spacing, images or no images etc and after playing with the app for about 5ish minutes you'll get used to how it works real quick.

Yes, you can make many pages looks a certain way very quickly via copying another page's style and if you're like me in wanting to make special product pages look like perfection then you can let your heart's desire take fold.

Here is one page looking normal shall we say WITHOUT this app's help:

This page looked identical, now look at it since the app was used to style it:

I rest my case :-)


This app is one of the best I have, it's the missing part of Shopify, it will save you time and money contacting coders to change your theme. Support is everything and Toby couldn't give better support. Highly recommended.


WOW!! The best app on the Shopify store and a must have for any store the uses are endless. I have added this to my store www.recurostyling.co.uk to add extra info to the product pages and it's fantastic I love it. The support was the best I have had and the App is perfect with no speed affects to the website it's just a great app and a app you wont remove once added because its as important as Shopify and gives functions that i would have had to pay to have coded before.

Is it worth 5 starts . Nah 10 Stars


This is an amazing app! I have been able to create stunning landing pages and more with this simple to use app. I would suggest anyone to start using it to bring create stunning pages that seem to be lacking in basic shopify. Most importantly the customer service is amazing!!

From $9.95 / month

  • Get started for free: 14 day free trial

  • Up to 12 pages: $9.95/month

  • 13 to 36 pages: $24/month

  • Unlimited pages: $49/month

All plans also include unlimited blog post designs.

Support is available via email and in-app messaging.

14 days

Support & Sales

Sunset + Lincoln
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