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Image Manager

by iFyApps

Upload multiple images to products on one easy app!

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ClipArt SVG

App doesnt show more than 7 rows in the seach results....Impossible to edit more than 7 items at a time...I emailed customer support and received no reply...DO NOT RECOMMEND!


I need this app to go through photos of each product, delete duplicates, add additional and update variants. It was awesome, it loaded all products, variants and images in a row. I just needed to use the scroll mouse to get to the next product. easy drag and drop to move and delete pics as needed. I went through 12,500 variants in about 5 hours with ease. I could also easily open the product in shopify if I saw other not image related errors. The only thing that could have been cool would be the option to re-order images but tbh I am just being a little greedy. IF you need to see ALL your images and products I recommend this app.


Kinda useful but lacking features. Needs the following to be much better. 1 X to delete individual images NOT DRAG. 2 UNDO Button 3. Bulk save eg Save ALL button 4. Search by COLLECTION 5. The biggest one that needs to be fixed is CURRENTLY YOU CANT SETTING THE PRIMARY and SECONDARY IMAGE. Fix this and you will get my money!

This app is fantastic and it could be perfect if It had a couple more features.
As mentioned by another user, it desperately needs an X function to delete images rather than drag them.
Another very helpful feature would be an ability to rearrange images, Having images in a certain order is part of the merchandising.
Yes, it saved me a ton of work, would save me even more with the above suggestions.

Exit Nineteen

Doesn't work at all anymore. Continuously just says "Unauthorized" when I try and open the app. Tried deleting and reinstalling, which is what support suggested.

It worked well in the past and saved me a lot of time, but unfortunately now its unusable.

Little Berries Kids Shop

It is good and with potential. However, we should be able to filter photos by listing "last created" and not just by alphabetic order/or search as default.
Most importantly, deleting images by dragging does not help much comparing to having a delete x on each image instead. On the other hand it does help a lot to drag image for replace it.
The claim of the app is to save hours (it does) but to delete images should be better (delete x on image would be more effective). Happy to change it for 4 or 5 stars experience if some improvements.

Nappy Bags

Literally saved me around 17+ hours of work, absolutely incredible app. Great work!!


It has a nice interface and is a step up from the limited Image functions Shopify has built in but the MAIN feature the app is MISSING is the ability to upload/remove images from MULTIPLE products AT ONCE (ie select multiple products and upload the same image to all of them with one click). But I requested the feature so maybe they'll integrate it one day. Also a plus, their Support was very quick to respond to my email.

Stars And Stripes Lighting Com

Image Manager is totally worth the money, it makes changing your photos in and out a breeze. Instead of continually to have to go to each product or page you can simply filter all the product types you want to edit and add the images you want from one location. This truly is one of the best apps!

Jaboomedia 2

Absolutely great and very easy to work with. It has got me excited to go home and work on my store as I change the images a lot, and the drag and drop is very fast compared to the standard Shopify product images upload process. Thank you!

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