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Image Sitemap

Image Sitemap

Developed by William Belk

11 reviews
Price: From $4.00 / month More info
  • Submit 100% of Your Product Images For Indexing
  • 100% Automated
  • Image Sitemap Monitored & Re-Submitted In Real-Time

How much money are you losing on image search?

Many Shopify stores are missing large parts of their catalog imagery in Google Images.

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Image Sitemap is the first Shopify App that automatically builds, submits, verifies, monitors and updates a fully compliant .xml Google Image Sitemap for every product and blog image and in your Shopify store — all in real-time.

Image Sitemap is also the first app to provide full reporting for your indexed images.

Plans starting at $4/month.

  • 1-Click Install — No Coding Required

  • Submit 100% of Your Product and Blog Images For Indexing

  • 100% Automated

  • Sitemap Updated & Re-Submitted In Real-Time*

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Google Index Performance

*If you update any product content or attributes in your catalog (like images, image ALT tags, product descriptions, variants, colors, sizes, SKUs, etc), we rebuild and resubmit your Image Sitemap to Google immediately in real-time. We declare EVERY image, regardless of how many variants you have per product. So if you have 500 products, with 20 images per product. We submit 10,000 images to Google for you.

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Important Concepts

  1. What is an image sitemap?

    An image sitemap is similar in format to a normal sitemap.xml, except that it specifies images only. Most people don't know that search engines need an additional sitemap to help find images. The internet is just too big to find everything all the time.

  2. Do I need one?

    Yes. While Shopify provides an abbreviated image sitemap with only a single image per product, you need a much more comprehensive document. Our image sitemap includes EVERY product and is packed with additional metadata. For example, where Shopify might generate 1,000 lines of XML for you, our image sitemap will be something like 10,000 lines.

  3. Metadata

    We load your image captions with all available product variant metadata, like sku, weight, color, size, description, etc. It is essential to provide this contextual information to Google to enable more powerful and relevant searches.

  4. Reporting

    Image Sitemap is the first Shopify App to provide full reporting for your indexed images. We also identify potential 'Blackout' products — or products that seem to have no indexed images at all.

  5. How big is an image sitemap?

    Image sitemap files can be huge. To give an example, if your site has 3,000 product images, your .xml image sitemap could be more than 20,000 lines of code and more than 2.5MB in file size. Can you imagine editing that file manually, multiple times per day, and re-submitting it to Google by hand? You don't have to imagine. We gladly handle all of the complexity for you.

  6. Do I have to submit it myself?

    No, you do not have to submit your image sitemap. Our system is 100% automated. We handle real-time submissions to Google on your behalf, and index performance monitoring therefrom.

  7. Do I need a developer?

    No. Image Sitemap for Shopify is a 1-click install and that's it. No lie.

Contact us any time for help: admin@belkapp.com

Image Sitemap reviews

11 reviews
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I highly recommend this app. I wasn't sure where to start with developing an image sitemap, and this app made it super easy. Not only that, my images were indexed by Google VERY quickly. My site went from 0% to 93% images mapped in less than a month.


Easy set up. So far so good. I'll keep you posted!


Easy to use app with tangible results and good customer support.


This app is worth every penny. William is super helpful and I've seen a tremendous jump in my images being indexed. As everyone knows or should, all images are stored by Shopify on the CDN domain so it's hard to tell what's actually being indexed or not since Google webmaster will show images being submitted but with zero indexing of them. This app will fix that issue and have all of your images indexed with the ability to keep track in the dashboard. An app I will definitely not live without for my store.


Great app that solves a real problem simply and affordably. Excited for continued feature enhancements.


Great app, really easy, and unbelievably awesome support. Get it!


This helped us identify some massive gaps in our indexing that we didn't know about. We had some big issues with duplicate images from our US catalog


Super easy install and use goes along way. We never realize how much we were missing out until now. Great app and a must for every Shopify business!


This is the first time we've been able to get real data for our image indexing. It's really helpful because we have over 3k images in our catalog. There were also some gaps in indexing that we didn't realize


Love it and totally needed an app like this for awhile. My SEO guy is pumped.

From $4.00 / month


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