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  • Create galleries of Instagram pictures in your shop. Generate revenue by directly linking pictures to products in your store.
  • A new way for customers to shop your products. Increase sales. Show user generated content of customers using your products.
  • Easy to set up. Even easier to manage. InstaShop gives you pro features for FREE. InstaShop WONT waste your time. It WILL generate SALES!

★★★A new way for customers to shop your amazing products ★★★

InstaShop unlocks the power of Instagram, putting Instagram generated content into your shop.

More than just a gallery, InstaShop is a new way for customers to browse and buy from you.

InstaShop is easy to setup, effortless to manage and free to use.

With InstaShop, you’re in control:

  • You choose which Instagram pictures to display

  • Control how InstaShop looks.

  • Choose between gallery or slider view.

  • Embed anywhere.

  • Add unlimited 'buy' tags to pictures.

  • Link unlimited Instagram accounts.

  • Link unlimited Instagram #tags.

  • InstaShop looks incredible on mobile, PC and tablet.

InstaShop is THE app for maximising revenue from INSTAGRAM. Get features that cost $$$ from other Shopify Apps for FREE.

Create your Shop Instagram gallery in 3 steps.

  1. Link Instagram accounts and/or Instagram hashtags

  2. Tap to add pictures to your Shop Instagram gallery.

  3. Embed your Shop Instagram gallery in your store.

InstaShop is easy to manage

  • One click fetches pictures from Instagram

  • One click adds shoppable tags to pictures

  • Linking tags to your products is simple - start typing. InstaShop auto-detects the correct product in your inventory.

Need to link to more than one product on an image? You can add as many pins as you want!

Effortless for your customers

InstaShop lets customers browse your products in new and engaging ways. Tags added to pictures take them direct to the products they want. The result - your must have product is super easy to find and purchase.

Why choose InstaShop?

  • If you want to make sales from Instagram, InstaShop is for you.

  • FREE set up support - we promise, InstaShop is easy to use. But we’re here to help if you need us.

  • No limit to the product tags you can add. More tags = more sales opportunities.

  • No limit to the number of Instagram accounts and #tags you can get pictures from.

  • Super easy workflow - InstaShop is designed to make sales. Not take up your time.

★★★ Features ★★★

Supports multiple Instagram accounts - Gather amazing pictures of your products from personal and professional accounts.

Supports multiple Instagram hashtags - No other free app offers so much flexibility!

Tag pictures with ‘click to buy’ product links - Predictive typing connects your products directly to hotspots on your pictures. Supports external linking too.

Unlimited tags - Because no one likes limits.

Gallery layout - Perfect for a full page ‘Shop Instagram’ feature.

Slider layout - Perfect when you want to integrate your Instagram feed on a page.

Carousel - Close up view of your pictures. Follows Instagram’s design. Includes the click to buy feature.

Moderate pictures - It’s easy to choose which pictures appear in your InstaShop feed.

Customisable ‘buy’ button - It’s your shop, you choose the call to action.

Instant update - Your customers will see new Instagram images as soon as you add them to your gallery.

Responsive design - Your InstaShop galleries look amazing on computers, phones and tablets.


If you have any questions about InstaShop, get in touch - InstaShop@wearezipline.com.

If you need help setting up InstaShop, let us know here - instashop.wearezipline.com/support.


InstaShop reviews

6 reviews
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Easy to contact support. They resolved all the issues I was getting in installing the app in less than 24 hours. I would definitely recommend this app.


Great App all around! Excellent layout and extremely easy to use. Setting up takes no time at all and if you're at all confused the staff is extremely friendly and helpful! They will also help with ideas on how to get the most out of this app which I was thankful for! Helped me create a specific look with app on my home page. Updating the content to your webstore is really easy. Customers can click and shop very easily. Great value for the price! Overall recommend!


Very easy to setup and works perfectly with my theme. A beautiful way for customers to shop


Great App. Excellent layout and extremely easy to use. Setting up takes 5 mins and updating the content is really easy and fast as well. Loads instagram pics from multiple accounts and lets you tag your products, and clients can click and shop very easily. Excellent customare service. They fixed a small bug within hours of me reporting it. Really satisfied with this app. Great value for money as well, their pricing is very reasonable.


Everything seems to work perfectly but I'm not quite sure yet if I understand exactly how this is supposed to work. When it searched my hash tags it brought up pics from other instagram accounts and it seems to want me to link their pics to my products via a tag. If that's what this is all about, it seems a little bizarre to me.

I'll give it 5 stars for apparent functionality and hope support can help me see the bigger picture. It's hard to complain about free.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Instashop. So easy to set up, even a complete tech novice like me did it. The team are super helpful if you have questions.

The best bit thought is the features. It has EVERYTHING I need and is affordable, the customers love being able to find the things they've seen on instagram easily and my conversion rate has gone UP!!!

Cant recommend highly enough !


InstaShop, with it’s range of professional features is FREE to use. You can also upgrade to the Essential Plan and unlock additional benefits. Get a 30 day free trial plus 40% off the standard price for life. Learn more



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