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258 reviews
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  • Get more organic search traffic from Google, without having to fight for better rankings
  • Show your product details directly in the search results to increase the conversion rate from search customers
  • Never worry about microdata or Rich Snippet SEO markup again - we automatically keep your store up to date with changing best practices using JSON-LD and Schema.org

Organic search and SEO traffic is an important traffic channel for all Shopify stores.

Either you're focusing on it to get free traffic or you'll relying on it to build brand awareness around your products, you can't ignore search.

Got traffic?

Getting traffic used to be easy.

Now it's a struggle.

Ranking improvements are a difficult struggle

SEO is a solid traffic channel if you have a strategy around it.

But everyone is chasing rankings.

The desire to be #1 seems to trump everything else in SEO.

Even though everyone else is doing the same thing.

You want to out-rank your competitor, they want to out-rank you. Someone has to lose for someone else to win.

And then all it takes is one algorithm update by Google to wipe the slate clean and force you to start over.

So chasing better rankings isn't a great long term strategy unless you like to constantly be pushing that boulder up the hill and having it get kicked back down every six months.

What if you could get more traffic without fighting for better rankings?

What if there was a way to beat your competitors without having to play dueling SEO?

There is.

And it's completely safe and actively promoted by Google.

It's called Rich Snippets.

Rich Snippets are a search enhancement product by Google (though Bing, Yahoo, and others have their own variants).

Rich Snippets are a way to get your product data directly into the search results.

How can Rich Snippets increase your traffic?

Get your product data in search results with Product Rich Snippets by Google

Instead of just seeing your product pages like normal in the search results, your customers will see enhanced pages.

These enhanced pages might include your product's price, availability, or even the product reviews for it.

Have more space devoted to your store in the search results

Rich Snippets also increase the physical size of your pages in the search results so they take up more room. More pixels, more visibility, more clicks.

Improve your search click through rates, even with lower rankings

It's even possible for your to rank LOWER than a competitor but get MORE traffic than they do.

Amazing right?

Earn more qualified traffic which will boost your conversion rates

All this traffic is nice but what you really want are sales.

Well, Rich Snippets can even increase your conversion rates.

Just think about it.

If you're a shopper and you're looking for a specific t-shirt in Google. You see a list of 10 sites all selling it but one of them has the price listed for $19, says it's in stock, and there are 46 5-star reviews.

That's going to be the site you click on.

And since you came in knowing the price and reviews, you're going to insta-buy it.


The store's conversions went up.

Now play out that scenario hundreds of times across every one of your products.

Help your business stand out and look like an authority with Google's Knowledge Graph

But wait, there's more. (cue cheesy music)

Rich Snippets for products are just one facet of what JSON-LD for SEO supports.

Another major component that most stores don't know about is called Google's Knowledge Graph.

This is the large box of information about a business that appears to the right of some search results.

Search for Shopify or Nike or Apple and you can see what it looks like.

But that's accessible to other businesses too, if you give Google the right data.

It's time to liftoff your store's traffic

If you aren't getting enough organic search traffic to your store, then it's time for you to look into getting Rich Snippets. The best way to do that is with this Shopify app.

Introducing safest and most effective way to get Rich Snippets for your Shopify Store

JSON-LD for SEO is the safest and most effective way to get Rich Snippets for your Shopify Store.

Uses the modern, recommend data format Google prefers

To get Rich Snippets for your store JSON-LD for SEO uses structured data in the JSON-LD format with the Schema.org vocabulary.

Sound like jargon and geek-speak to you?

All that means is that the app formats your store data into the format that Google recommends and prefers.

Safe to install on any Shopify store

First developed in 2015, JSON-LD for SEO has been updated, maintained, and tested to ensure that you get the best structured data for your store to get the results you need in Google.

Automatically install all the code you need to get Rich Snippets

The automatic installer truly is automatic.

After approving the installation it will add the code needed so every one of the pages in your store gets the specific structured data it needs.

You don't have to configure or setup anything, or even enter all of your SEO data into it.

If you can click a few buttons, you can install JSON-LD for SEO.

The main install has been optimized for ease of use and the best results in Google.

(And there are options galore for the advanced stores that want to tweak things)

You don't have to edit your theme or risk screwing it up

You also don't have to add anything to your theme.

The automatic installer will add a single line of code for you so you don't have to know HTML, Liquid, or even speak web-developer.

Integration with 14 product review apps ensures your product reviews get into Google too

One of the highest converting Rich Snippet is the one showing product reviews.

You know, the orange stars.

JSON-LD for SEO has integrations with 14 different product review apps so it will automatically pull in the review data from them.

That means you don't have to worry about importing the reviews or nasty integration problems. It does it for you.

  • Judge.me

  • Kudobuzz

  • Loox

  • Opinew

  • Orankl

  • RatingWidget - professional or business plans

  • Rivio Reviews

  • Ryviu Reviews

  • Shopify Product Reviews

  • Social ShopWave

  • Stamped.io - paid plans

  • Super Reviews

  • Trust Reviews

  • Yotpo - some plans

Best of all, new integrations are added all the time.

If your product reviews app isn't listed here, contact me and I can see about adding it for you. At no extra cost.

Additional Rich Snippets and search enhancements to boost non-product search traffic

JSON-LD for SEO also includes support for other search enhancements provided by Google.

Blog post Rich Snippets and Rich Cards: get similar search enhancements for your articles so they are more prominently promoted by Google in the search results. All automatically without you needing to add any extra steps to your publishing process.

Google Knowledge Graph Cards: the large boxes of business information that appears on branded searches. This includes details about your store like it's location, telephone, opening hours, store reviews, social profiles, and more.

Sitelinks search: what better way to attract traffic than having Google show a search box for your store directly in the search results. This is great for larger catalogs to get customers directly into your store.

Recipe Rich Cards: if you have recipes on your Shopify blog, this advanced feature will let you add the recipe data so Google can detect it and show the details in the search results. In addition you could get a prominent placement along the very top of the search results in a Rich Card carousal.

Automatic updates for the life of your store

When you purchase JSON-LD for SEO your store will get updates for the life of your store.

A new version is released, you get it.

An integration is added, you get it.

If you change your theme and need to re-install, you get it.

If you decide to uninstall and then re-install later.... (guess)... you get it.

You also won't be burdened by yet another monthly fee for an app.

Don't risk losing your structured data and Rich Snippets when you change your theme

Unknown to most store owners I talk to, your existing Rich Snippets may be at risk without an app like JSON-LD for SEO.

If you're relying on your theme for structured data, if you make any change to it you risk losing your structured data and Rich Snippets.

If you've ever experienced a significant decline in traffic after a redesign that you couldn't figure out, this is what probably caused it.

Every Shopify theme uses structured data differently and the majority of the themes actually have errors in their structured data already.

I've seen even premium themes costing $200 and more released with structured data errors.

Even if you take the time to correct your theme, you'll need to do it again every time you redesign or publish a new theme.

JSON-LD for SEO protects you from this. With a standardized set of structured data that can be automatically re-installed into your new theme, changing themes will no longer affect the data that Google sees.

Which means you can keep your Rich Snippets through a redesign.

Don't worry about staying up-to-date on the growing and ever-changing structured data landscape

Since this app is actively updated, it's rapidly updated as the search and structured data landscape changes.

Did you know about the data-vocabulary change of March 2017?


That's the one where about half of all Shopify stores lost their Rich Snippets from Google, including the entire Shopify App Store. Affected sites reported drops of 40-50% in organic search traffic within days of the change.

If you used JSON-LD for SEO you wouldn't have had to deal with it. I noticed it and put measures in place to limit the impact, helping my customers recover their Rich Snippets, traffic, and sales.

Or what about the Product id change of July 2017 where over the weekend Google changed the rules around how Product structured data? Within 2 days of it hitting the first customers, JSON-LD for SEO was updated to the new Google specifications.

You could watch for these updates by testing your store's structured data every day but why bother? You have better things to do.

Tested and working on thousands of stores

JSON-LD for SEO is in active use by over a thousand stores so it's been tested thoroughly in the real world.

You can see just a sample of those stores in the reviews below.

The company behind the app, Little Stream Software has been in business since 2007. Through it I have personally developed software that's in use by millions of people every day, just with a team of one (me). That deep experience is embedded into JSON-LD for SEO to make it a safe and stable product that your store can rely on.


I always welcome questions from my customers so I'd like to share some of the more common ones here.

I strongly believe it's better to educate you on my products so you can make the decision that best suits you.

Q: What if it doesn't install or I need help installing it?

JSON-LD for SEO's automatic installer should work on every store but if there's a problem installing, I'm happy to help and attempt a manual install.

I've only had two customers ever who had problems installing it and one of them was running a very custom theme that went far outside the Shopify site guidelines. Even so, it took me about five minutes to manually install it for him.

Q: What kind of results can I expect and how soon will they show up?

After installing I'll show you how to use the official Google tools to test your structured data so you can be confident it's there.

Google itself can take awhile before they update the search results. Google's gotten scammed in the past by shady SEO-types so they're cautious when they add Rich Snippets for a store.

The unofficial timelines that I've heard about are that it can take 8-11 weeks before you start seeing any results in Google from Rich Snippets...

... but, with the optimizations done in JSON-LD for SEO some customers start to see Rich Snippets and results within the first week.

Many customers see the results within the first month or two.

Q: How can I trust you, with SEO being full of false promises and scams?

That's a great question that I wish more people would ask of anyone who sells anything related to SEO and marketing.

I'm a developer first and foremost.

I've learned advanced SEO as part getting traffic to my own business and to help customers, but I'm not an SEO consultant or play one on TV.

The SEO consultants I talk to and get advice from are 100% above-the-board (called white-hat in SEO jargon). They are people who have gotten the results by staying on the good side of Google and providing value to their website visitors.

Even then, I still double check their advice to make sure it's safe.

But anyone can say this so, I'd recommend taking at a look at the reviews below. All of them are from actual paying customers, no one there has gotten a special deal or discount for providing a review (In fact, it's against Shopify's policies too).

Q: Does my store really need this?

I'll be honest, almost every store who asked this question needed this app.

The structured data built-in to most themes is broken and is missing critical data. There's also the risk of changes to your theme breaking your structured data and losing your Rich Snippets.

So unless you've already reviewed your structured data and compared it to Google's guidelines, you'll probably benefit from the app.

If you still want to check, I'm happy to run my Structured Data Audit on your store. Just use the contact link to the right to contact support and ask for the Structured Data Audit. It's 100% free.

Q: What structured data does it include?

JSON-LD for SEO includes the data needed by Google for Rich Snippets and Google Merchant Center.

The key pieces include:

  • Business data - Organization/LocalBusiness

  • Product data - Product, Offers

  • Product reviews - AggregateRating

  • Site search - Website

  • Blog posts - Article

  • Recipe blog posts - Article/Recipe

  • Videos - VideoObject

There are probably 100+ fields that are included automatically from your Shopify data and I'm always adding more and tweaking the ones used.

If you have a detailed question about which fields are included, feel free to contact me.

Q: What's the Google Merchant Center integration? Can it help me with...?

Google Merchant Center is the system that connects ecommerce products to Google AdWords.

It's a complex beast of a system that is frankly, quite fragile and suffers from complicated and confusing documentation.

But it's absolutely the best way to run Google ads for your products.

JSON-LD for SEO has a minor integration with Google Merchant Center to help with automatic item updates. This system is the part that tells Google when product prices or availability changes so your ads can automatically change too.

While JSON-LD for SEO won't replace the need for a data feed app (e.g. Shopify's Google Shopping app, Google Sheets) it can help you if you've experienced problems getting Automatic Item Updates working.

Feel free to contact me and I can share my guide on integrating the whole system.

Q: How much does it cost?

The JSON-LD for SEO Basic plan is $69, one-time. With it you get everything described here and are on your way to getting Rich Snippets.

The JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ plan is $299, one-time. It adds personal monitoring of your Rich Snippet process to ensure you have the best chance possible to get Rich Snippets, and a money back guarantee if you don't get them in the first 6 months.

Q: Will I be charged every month or only once?

JSON-LD for SEO is a single, one-time charge.

Because it's meant to replace the work needed by an experience web developer, charging you a one-time fee makes the most sense.

That way you pay it once, just like if you hired someone for a several hours to do the same.

Q: Why do you cost more than [OTHER APP]?

Other apps might claim JSON-LD as one of their features but JSON-LD for SEO is exclusively focused on providing the very best structured data for your store.

I've worked one-on-one with at least a hundred different stores, both to help them understand how structured data and Google work together, as well as researching the best data to get actual results in Google (e.g. Rich Snippets). A lot of the structured data themes and apps provide is just ignored by Google.

This is important because one error in your structured data can mean you will lose or never get your Rich Snippets. I've seen many such errors in other apps, some errors have been around for six months at a time.

I would recommend thinking about how many sales you'd need to "make back" the cost.

1? 2? 3?

I wouldn't be surprised to hear about JSON-LD for SEO paying back its investment within the first week or month.

So why does JSON-LD for SEO cost more than the competitors?

Because it's a premium app that has been designed and optimized to get you results in Google, fast.

Q: What if I don't see any results, can I have my money back?

With the JSON-LD for SEO Basic plan, I'm unable to guarantee any results in Google so there is no money back guarantee. The vast majority of customers will get some results given enough time.

JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ on the other hand adds an option to reduce the risk of you not getting Rich Snippets.

With the JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ plan you'll get me monitoring your site closely for any potential problems during the process and your purchase is also protected with the Money Back Guarantee. If I'm unable to find Rich Snippets for your store within 6 months after purchase, I'll happily refund your Plus+ purchase price.

Q: Why can't I do this myself or pay someone else to do it for me?

You could create the JSON-LD structured data by hand for your store.

I estimate if you're an experienced web developer who knows JSON, Liquid, and HTML it would take you about 3-5 hours to learn enough about structured data to have a basic first version created. Maybe another 5-10 hours or so to reproduce all of the data and product review integrations that JSON-LD for SEO provides.

So if you're experienced and have 8-15 hours of free time, you totally could do it all yourself.

Though you'll also want to budget a few hours every month to update and maintain it too. And maybe an hour or so to keep up on the news from Google and the structured data organizations.

If you'd rather pay to have this taken care of and supported, it's probably a better business decision to buy the app.

Q: Will it impact my store's page speed and performance?

There will be no impact on your store's page speed or performance.

There are two main causes of poor performance on Shopify:

  • loading a lot of files like large images

  • running a lot of JavaScript

The size of the data JSON-LD for SEO adds is so small, it's probably smaller than your smallest logo. Right now it weighs in at 2.9KB for all of the code, of which only 20% or so will be used on any given page.

While JSON-LD for SEO uses JSON-LD which looks and sounds like JavaScript, it doesn't run any code in your customer's browser. That means there is 0 speed impact on your store and customers.

In fact, the code for the app runs on Shopify's super fast servers so you don't even notice it.

So unlike other apps that add a bunch of files or JavaScript code to your store slowing it down, JSON-LD for SEO will have no impact on performance at all.

Q: What happens if I need to change my theme later?

If you need to make minor changes to your theme, you can as long as you leave the single line of code for JSON-LD for SEO intact.

If you decide to publish a completely new theme, Shopify will tell JSON-LD for SEO about it and it will automatically re-run the code installer.

Either way, you have full freedom to edit and change your theme.

Q: I have a question that isn't here.

If you have another question or concern about the app, feel free contact me via the support link on the right. I'm around every weekday from 9am-5pm and would be happy to answer your question.

Get started today

In just a few minutes you can get all of the data needed for Google's Rich Snippets using JSON-LD for SEO's structured data installer.

Here's exactly what you'll need to do:

  1. Click the green Get button above to install JSON-LD for SEO.

  2. It'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store and the one-time charge.

  3. JSON-LD for SEO will then run the automatic installer and add the structured data to your store.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started. You can be up and running in under two point five minutes.

Eric Davis

P.S. Getting Google's Rich Snippets is one of the few cases of a "free lunch" in SEO. They are so powerful and improve out your traffic and sales so much that I'm amazed everyone doesn't have them yet. If you don't, you can install JSON-LD for SEO today and start to fix that.

JSON-LD for SEO reviews

258 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

This app is awesome but the support and info are even better. Opt in for the daily email and you will get tons of information everyday in your email. You cant go wrong with this at all unless you hate great info and improving your data structure on your site. This is a no brainer, especially at a one and done price! Started seeing rich snippets just as advertised and emails are always answered quickly.


Thanks a lot, everything is still working great! Check it out in action here!!:


Great app. Works well and easy to use



EXCELLENT support! Eric is fantastic and speaks to you in language I can understand instead of all of the technical terms. They are very quick to address any problems.


Very good app!!!

Check it out on our site https://www.watch.sg


Really good service. But it still takes time to see its result. Will update soon


This application does exactly what it says and it works perfectly. I installed this app 6 month ago and the results are definitely there.

I want to insist on the great support experience I had : very recently I installed one of those very fancy SEO app you can find on the shopify app store. I didn't like it so I uninstalled it. I sent right after an email to JSON-LD support to ask if they could check is JSON-LD was still working well. I had a very fast reply from Eric to let me know JSON-LD was still working fine. 48 hours later, Eric came back to me to alert me on the fact that all my store page titles and meta descriptions were removed probably after the uninstallation of this other SEO app.
I didn't notice it and it could have taken me several more days to notice it.
Thanks to Eric coming back to me, I was able to react fast and fix the issue before it impacts very badly my SEO.

Long story short; the team behind this app is very professional and helpful and I think this should be known


Highly recommended! Definitely worth the investment and the support is faultless.


We measured result prior to installing the app and measured it on the previous month by sales from organic traffic. We experienced an increase of 8.56% increase in sales from organic traffic and 0.34% increase in conversion rate for the 30 days. The result is in the data :)


Awful app. Terrible support.
After 1 day and several emails, I realized that the app cannot work in my store.
Instead of giving me a refund, Eric said it's my problem.
IM IN SHOCK ! 1 day I used the app and I pay for a lifetime.
Shame on you, Eric.


The JSON-LD for SEO Basic plan is $69, one-time. With it you get everything described here and are on your way to getting Rich Snippets.

The JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ plan is $299, one-time. It adds personal monitoring of your Rich Snippet process to ensure you have the best chance possible to get Rich Snippets, a money back guarantee if you don't get them in the first 6 months, and Shopify SEO: Simplified, a 3-hour audio training course that goes over everything you need to know about Shopify, SEO, and getting traffic to your store.

Unlike most apps, I only charge you a one-time, up-front fee - exactly as if you were hiring a developer to implement JSON-LD (but at a fraction of the cost)


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