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Increase organic SEO traffic through Google's Rich Results

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More organic search traffic

Get more organic search traffic from Google, without having to fight for better rankings by using Rich Results and Rich Snippets.

Increased conversions from SEO

Show your product details directly in the search results to increase the conversion rate from search customers.

Safe, effective, and fast

We've helped thousands of stores acquire Rich Results since 2015, often faster than the industry averages (37 days vs 240-390 days).

About JSON‑LD for SEO

Organic search and SEO traffic is an important traffic channel for all Shopify stores.

Unfortunately it's also extremely competitive.

In order to win in the SEO game you need to either:

  1. beat your competitors ranking or
  2. stand out in the search results by getting more clicks

Google's Rich Results and Rich Snippets is the best way to stand out. Instead of the bland, vanilla-looking results you can get your product's photos, prices, availability, and reviews into the search results.

These really pop and attract your customers attention (and wallets).

In order to get Rich Results, you have to give Google a bunch of your data in a specific technical format called structured data.

We're talking hundreds of fields added at precise locations in your HTML as microdata or massive code blocks of JSON-LD data.

And that data has to be perfect or you won't get anything at all. One error or misplaced field... no Rich Snippets for you.

JSON-LD for SEO is the safest, easiest, and most effective way to get Rich Results for your Shopify store.

Trusted by thousands of stores and in constant development since 2015, it's been updated, maintained, and tested to ensure that you get the best structured data for your store to get the results you need in Google, Bing, Pinterest, and other search engines.

The automatic installer truly is automatic.

After approving the installation it will add the code needed so every one of the pages in your store gets the specific structured data it needs.

You don't have to configure or setup anything, or even enter all of your SEO data into it.

If you can click a few buttons, you can install JSON-LD for SEO.

With integrations with 17 review apps, Google Merchant Center, and various other apps, JSON-LD for SEO will automatically assemble everything Google needs from your structured data.

With your one-time purchase, you'll get updates for the life of your store.

I keep up with the ever-changing Google algorithms and guidelines to ensure that your Rich Results stay safe.

Here's exactly what you'll need to do:

  1. Click the Add App button above to install JSON-LD for SEO.
  2. It'll ask you to confirm your Shopify store and the one-time charge.
  3. JSON-LD for SEO will then run the automatic installer and add the structured data to your store.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started. You can be up and running in under two point five minutes.

More details about what's included in JSON-LD for SEO can be found in the FAQ link on this page. I also welcome any question you have.

Integrates with

  • Shopify product reviews,
  • Judge.me,
  • YotPo,
  • Google Merchant Center,
  • Stamped.io,
  • 17 product review apps

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$299 one time charge

* All charges are billed in USD.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 345 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Sweat industry

Jason was very helpful and provided results within the first month. He is always available if I have any questions. Would definitely recommend.

Roano Collection

The worst app ever i didnt see any improvement.
I didnt see any rich results...
we paid for nothing... and when i ask eric for refund he said he dont do it.
i install it for 3 months now nothing shows....
always giving me reasons for not working.... the people who write they see results in 3 days lLOOOLLL that is so funny
dont purchase it and make our mistakes.
NB: the other app your saying that i install it after your app was before dear.
Again you didnt say anything until i asked you after 1 month when i will see results?? and you suggest to remove the first one.

Developer reply

August 12, 2019

1. You installed JSON-LD for SEO on June 9th, it is now August 12th. That's 2 months and 3 days, not 3 months.

2. One month in (July 8th) you installed another app that tampered with and damaged your structured data. When I detected that, I recommended removing it because it would block your Rich Results and reset Google's analysis timeline.

3. After the offending app was removed, your structured data started working again on July 10th. By installing that other app you lost a month of progress and were starting over from day 1 with Google.

4. Over the last 2 months I've told you that the speed at which Google awards Rich Results can vary. I recommended multiple times that you should use this time to be working on other parts of your SEO and to be patient with your structured data, as changes to it can reset the analysis (point #2).

To sum it up: a month into the process your store installed another app whose bugs broke all of your structured data. When that app was removed 32 days ago Google has since restarted your analysis.

My advice to you then and still is to be patient, stop changing the structured data in your store, and give Google time to run their analysis. If you do this, you still might receive Rich Results since you have JSON-LD for SEO installed.

Additionally there is no need to accuse other customers of lying just because they received results faster. They followed my advice with the structured data, put in hard work on their SEO, and thus were rewarded by Google.


Super easy to install and already seeing some rich results after just one week. Best of all, the support is absolutely top notch! The app developer went above and beyond to answer a few questions I had. Really happy to have found this app!