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Like2HaveIt Shopable Instagram

Like2HaveIt Shopable Instagram

Developed by Rounders

30 reviews
Price: $20.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Drives visitors from your Instagram photos to your product pages
  • Easy to use interface makes tagging your Instagram photos a breeze
  • No complicated price structure - One price includes all the features


What is Like2Have.it?

THE PROBLEM: You post beautiful product photos to your Instagram account but when your loyal followers want to buy those products, they have to search your store to find it...

"Which collection is it in? What was that product name? Did I type that in right? Ugh, too much hassle!"


THE SOLUTION: Like2Have.it creates a gallery of your Instagram photos but with all your products listed as shoppable links. Sounds simple right? It totally is!

How does it work?

  • Create your own Like2Have.it gallery of Instagram photos on our platform.

  • Select which of your Instagram photos appear on your Like2Have.it gallery.

  • Tag each photo with shoppable product URLs using our easy-to-use interface.

  • Embed a feed of your shoppable Like2Have.it gallery into multiple locations on your website using our embeddable widget.

  • Direct Instagram followers to your Like2Have.it gallery by placing a link to it in your Instagram profile.

♛ What's New


✓ Do you have multiple Shopify stores connected to one Instagram account? ✓ Do you want to have unique Shoppable Instagram Galleries without double the work? ► We've got you covered with our simple multi-store solution - email support@like2have.it to find out more.



We provide you with a fully hosted, responsive and customizable version of your Like2Have.it Gallery. Why hosted? Because it's great for SEO back-links which can help with ranking.

Check out these beautiful Shoppable Instagram Galleries:


Embed your Like2Have.it gallery right on your website. We've got you covered no matter your style - scrolling, 2x2 grid, 5x5 grid and the full width shoppable gallery right on your Blog or Store. It's easy to add our embeddable widget to your website by simply including a small snippet of code.

We can't even deal with how awesome Like2Have.it widgets look on these stores:


Want to demonstrate social proof on every product page? Well now you can with Like2Have.it You can easily place any one of our widgets on your product template and show off the Insta Love specific to each product.


Now you can showcase your fans right on your product page providing social proof and influence others to buy.

Or build a customer wall of fame to showcase your #Fans on Instagram right on your site.

The ultimate in user generated content and showcasing the love for you and your fans:


Got stuff to do? No problem, you can queue up your photos and pre-tag them with product links and enjoy your weekend like you are suppose to!


You can customize your Shoppable gallery by modifying the HTML and CSS to match your existing brand. As a starting point you can use one of our pre-built themes.

Want a custom domain? No problem, if you use our hosted gallery solution, we'll help you setup your custom domain as part of our service.


Like2Have.it can integrate with your existing google analytics account so you can track visitor engagement on your Like2Have.it gallery and widgets.


Our app is lightweight and lightening fast. User experience is our #1 priority so we've made sure our app loads almost instantly and works flawlessly on any browser or device.


We're here to help 7 days a week. Our team are Shopify Experts that can help with installing, customizing and getting the most out of our app. Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Zendesk rating - 99.5% better response time than industry standards.

Like2HaveIt Shopable Instagram reviews

30 reviews
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One of the best apps out there, every store needs one of these. All my customers can shop our insta feed directly with this app and makes our site look so cute! Best app.


We need a solution to show instagram pictures at the related product pages.The works very well.Easy to use and manage.

Tried several insta feed apps.This one is the best .

Thank you guys...


Great product and have been very happy with it! We used some of the different widgets on our site and have really noticed a bump in our conversion through these. Great customer service as well! We came across a small issue once and they did not stop until it was resolved, so overall I could not be happier with this app!


We put our Like2HaveIt feed right onto the product page! Customers love seeing their action photos highlighted there, and it is always updated social proof for others, so it builds community and trust in our brand. Really love the ease of use of selecting photos and linking them to our products. Outstanding app. Thank you!


When we first installed the app, we had an issue where the pop up was not showing correctly on mobile devices, and support fixed the issue in less than 10 minutes after emailing them!

Loving this app so far!



We have been using like2haveit for three of our stores. The support of this app has been phenomenal. They are quick to respond and have a great amount of patience for those who are web-challenged.

Marissa is by far the most professional, knowledgable and patient app professional that we've ever had the pleasure to deal with.


We've been using Like2HaveIt for a while now and I cannot speak more highly of this software.
There's a lot of similar programs out there, but none look so great on both desktop and mobile straight out of the box.
None have such great functionality as Like2HaveIt.
Full tracking ability with Google Analytics makes it so easy to follow the customer journey and track how valuable this program is for sales.
The team is super responsive and have just helped roll out a multi-store function for our new websites since moving to Shopify Plus.
Which has saved hundreds of hours in manually tagging old images for the new website's Instagram feeds.
Marissa is always very quick to respond and follow up with custom requests. Like2HaveIt is probably one of the only companies we've worked with who never refuse a custom request or put it to the bottom of their timeline as non-important, instead they will actively look for ways it can be done in a reasonable timeframe.
Highly recommend.


We love this app! It's easy to install, and very seamless. We have found that using this app on our instagram has become a great place to increase conversions in a way that is accessible to our audience and also beautiful. Highly recommend!


This is the best Insta Shop Apps


Out of all the apps I've used and paid for on Shopify, this one officially takes the cake as being the most awesome. We spent an entire day going through each of the different instagram apps in the shopify app store; so just trust us this is the one you want! We struggled to get others customized exactly the way we wanted. This one has so much flexibility and the user interface is so intuitive and easy to navigate, it makes mapping your instagram product a breeze. So happy to have found this app when we did. At the pricepoint they have it listed, it's an absolute must for anyone that does social marketing. Thank you Like2Have.it, we look forward to a long and successful membership with you as our website grows!


As expected, the app continues to amaze us. They've continued to develop new features and they truly listen to the customers. No idea is too big or too small. If they see the value to the customers, they're going to try and make it happen. I expect we will continue with Like2Have.it for a very long time. Still going strong! Thanks Marissa!

$20.00 / month
14 days



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