Location Based Fulfillment

Location Based Fulfillment

by GhostApps

Fulfill orders based on country or state automatically

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Intelligent Order Routing

Route orders intelligently, create a rule that sends orders to a location based on the shipping address country or state

Go global

Instantly increase your reach to potential customers by offering intelligent shipping, reducing time and cost for them and you

Save time and money

No more manually redirecting orders or running multiple stores, freeing you to spend more time on your business

About Location Based Fulfillment

Tired of losing time, money and customers due to orders that aren't fulfilled by the right warehouse or service?

Location Based Fulfillment lets you create simple rules that routes an order to a location such as a warehouse based on the shipping address country. It takes moments to set up and then you can use the app to fulfil orders, safe in the knowledge they are going to the right place

Stop running multiple stores and losing money

Are you

  • Losing money due to high shipping charges?
  • Wasting time manually routing orders to the correct warehouse?
  • Not shipping to countries because you can't fulfil your product in time? Fix these problems and boost sales with Location Based Fulfillments today with a risk-free 7 day trial.

Go global and increase sales

Customer's number one complaint is the time shipping takes, with Location Based Fulfilment, you can get your orders where they need to be keeping your customers happy and saving you money on shipping costs

How it works

Currently, the rule to fulfill an order is matched on the type of rule as follows:

  1. US State
  2. Country
  3. Default Rule

For example, if you have 3 rules

  1. Fulfill orders with shipping address state California at West Coast Warehouse
  2. Fulfill orders with shipping address country United States at East Coast Warehouse
  3. Default Rule fulfill orders at Canada Warehouse

And 3 orders

  1. Order #1001 ship to California, United States
  2. Order #1002 ship to New York, United States
  3. Order #1003 ship to Quebec, Canada

They will be fulfilled at the following warehouses

  1. Order #1001 fulfill from West Coast Warehouse
  2. Order #1002 fulfill from East Coast Warehouse
  3. Order #1003 fulfill from Canada Warehouse

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Pricing 7-day free trial

Standard Plan


  • Route orders based on location

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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