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Developed by The Fort Co. Technology, Ltd.

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  • Focus on what makes your business unique. Automate everything else.
  • Save money by replacing all your other automation apps with Mechanic.
  • Gain an edge with tasks that are tailor-made, yet completely configurable.

Hey, I'm Isaac. :)

I believe that we're all here to do something powerful.

No matter how you're using Shopify to make that happen, I made Mechanic to help.

You might recognize me from Locksmith. :) Locksmith does something special with security: it gives you two simple tools (locks and keys), and lets you combine them however you want. The result: the freedom to do incredibly creative things with security in your Shopify store.

I wanted to give you something equally special for automation.

So I took the usual if-this-happens-then-do-that model, and combined it with Liquid, Shopify's template language.

Imagine being able to make a custom, made-for-you Shopify automation app, whenever you wanted.

Now you can.

So. Have big plans for your shop? I'm glad you're here: you're about to save a lot of time and money along the way. :)

  • Email customers product-specific instructions after a purchase.

  • Add tags to orders based on the products purchased.

  • Instantly disable customer accounts that aren't from your company domain.

  • Send yourself a reminder to follow up with a customer the instant an order hits their doorstep.

  • … and literally infinitely more possibilities.

My goal with Mechanic is to empower your creativity, so you can really do anything you imagine.

Hit that green install button to get started. Mechanic was made for you. :)

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From $9.00 / month

Mechanic's fee is based on your Shopify plan: we aim to charge about a third of what you pay for Shopify itself.

15 days

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