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Automate anything! 52+ tasks, or make your own with Liquid. :)

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Graston Technique

We used Mechanic to receive notifications of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) failure to fulfill (otherwise you have to notice this failure by chance observation). Mechanic had this functionality for other fulfillment services but when I reached out with the request for FBA, Isaac was able to help build us a task in just a few hours and it is now working great. Exactly what we were looking for! Super responsive team - I recommend at least reaching out if you think this app might work for you.

Mood Collection

I use it to automate product modification and it works exactly how I wanted it. I could easily manage to make my own code from template.

I plan to use it for many more things in the future.

I definitely recommend it! Great app!

Rebel Bod

Exceptional app that helps in extending shopify functionalities. Issac is diligent and very helpful in support. Issac is responsive and very open to feedback. It's obvious that a lot of thoughts went into the development of this app. This app will have a loyal following of serious ecommerce retailers.


super powerful app that we use for various repetitive tasks to keep our backend organized, e.g. we used a preorder app before and it was a nightmare going back and forth adding/removing tags in shopify + toggling products on/off within the app itself! thanks to mechanic's flexibility in creating tasks we could cancel various other apps and safe money. highly recommended!


Amazing app, amazing support, highly recommended! At first I was a little overwhelmed when confronted with the task to get exactly the automation I need - but then I saw the option to request custom tasks. I did that, and a day or so later, Isaac sent me a note that the job was done and exactly what I needed was in the openly available task list, now. Really cool! Works like a charm.


I've been using Mechanic to push our inventory quantities to a shared Google Sheet. From there I use those numbers to calculate reorder levels and monitor all of our inventory without having to be in Shopify.

Isaac was very helpful in setting it up; I'm excited to see what else Mechanic can do for our store.

If you are looking to automate nearly anything in your store, Mechanic is your app.

Computer Overhauls

Mechanic is amazing and very powerful. Isaac provides amazing support and is always there to help. He's written quite a few tasks to start off with, and he's offered to write one specifically for my use case but if you have any sort of experience in programming writing your own tasks is a breeze and has amazing potential. I can't recommend this enough if you're looking to automate anything and it seems like none of the apps on the market were made for what you're trying to do.

Bam Fit Nyc

This app is pretty awesome. I'm a new Shopify user, so as I was developing my first site, I kept running into problems where I could anticipate little things taking forever to do.

I reached out to the developer, Isaac, and he was beyond helpful! As I came up with different things I thought could be beneficial, he custom-coded them and added them to the Mechanic template library for me and others to be able to use.

The subscription price that's based on your Shopify plan is unique in the sense that the number of 'actions' allowed in a month is unlimited for the one flat-rate whereas a lot of other similar apps charge per-action (which becomes SUPER expensive very quickly). As I was exploring other apps, some seemed a little more user-friendly, but much more expensive. And with the support I've gotten from Isaac, this is a no-brainer.

The only thing that I could hope for in the future would be an option for a bit more basic-user-friendliness. While I can completely understand the abilities of Mechanic being awesome for advanced users, those of us who don't know Liquid well enough to hand-code it could benefit from a WYSIWYG interface (where I could select from a dropdown menu 'If <this condition> is met, do <this action>'). This would be more similar to what I understand to be Mechanic's predecessor, ifShop.

Overall, 5 stars on functionality and service!

Shop Remarkit

Amazing Automation, Auto Tag my Customers by Domain on creation with their Discount tag, so they automatically see the appropriate Pricing. Isaac is amazing, nothing too hard, and very responsive. Set it up exactly how I needed it, so my staff can use it, simple as. Nothing else can do this. Totally Amazing.

Csep Path

This app might as well be called 'sonic screwdriver', it is so versatile and helps us do what we want.

Without this app, we'd have to use a lot of other different apps that don't interact well with each other and have lots of manual steps and workarounds.

With the Mechanic app, we can set up a rule that when X happens we need data Y to be moved to location Z while adding A, B, and C. This lets us fine-tune our workflows on the admin end (saving staff time) and reduce unnecessary delays/steps for our customers (making it easier for them to shop).

For example, we require our customers to create an account to make a purchase, but the name that they enter in the account creation process doesn't automatically populate into the order form, so they have to enter it again. Isaac set up a task for us that lets us have the customer enter their name once and Mechanic auto-populates the name in the other locations.

We also use Isaac's app Locksmith, which has a feature where the customer can enter a unique, single-use passcode (which they get from elsewhere). A Mechanic task allows us to store the passcode in the customer's file in case they lose it.

And we have some reports that need to be in very specific formats for other services we use. Rather than downloading the raw data from Shopify and manipulating it in Excel before uploading to the other service, Isaac was able to work with us to not only get our store to spit out the report already in the correct format, but to upload it to the service as well!

The value we've gotten out of this app will allow our staff to focus on improving the customer experience instead of performing repeated time-consuming tasks. Whenever I reach a roadblock trying to figure out how to get our store to do something, I reach out to Isaac and he's always got a solution!

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