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Message Mate

Message Mate

Developed by OwnerListens Inc.

Price: Free – $10.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Text and IM your customers - that's how they want to reach you
  • Sell more by responding immediately to customer's phone
  • Secure and private - don't expose your phone number

How do you increase your sales and minimize abandoned carts? You've probably been told that you need to answer customer questions in real time, which is true. So maybe you add your cell number or a live chat feature. But not everyone likes chat, you can't afford to be connected to it at all hours, and just wait until the telemarketers start calling at 1:00 AM because their bot found your number online.

Let's face it - your customers don't want to call you. And they don't have time for a live chat either. They'd rather text you so they can take the conversation with them anywhere, and continue it at anytime. Message Mate allows shop owners to answer questions, assist with the sales process and address complaints all via text, from their phone.

One of the top reasons for decreased sales and cart abandonment is the inability to communicate effectively. Message Mate encourages potential customers to text you, in free form, and thus results in increased sales conversions. It's as simple as that!

With the Secure Plan, all parties' personal mobile numbers – yours, your employees’, and your customers’ – remain hidden. Up to three users can receive and respond to incoming messages via SMS, email, and a web dashboard. And you can even add automated responses and post-conversation rating requests.

Sell more, with Message Mate. Choose any US area code (subject to availability), and get your first 14 days for free.

Message Mate reviews (2)


Seriously awesome app!! Fantastic developers as well! They worked with me one on one to get everything setup and made sure everything was tweaked to my liking. Since it's a newer app, it had a few bugs. Each time I emailed the developer, I got a reply within minutes and within a few hours the bug was fixed. I've never had better service with an app before.

Pricing is VERY reasonable. I have it setup for my whole customer service team and everyone took to it quickly. It's quite simple really. The app has three methods of communication you can use -

1. Email (Super convenient) - Automatically removes email signatures, it works great!

2. Text Message (Convenient) - I have it turned off for me, but one of my at-home customer service people uses it and lets me know if there's something I or someone else needs to respond to ASAP. Customers love that they can text us, and I love that I don't have to pay for another cell phone plan or use google voice to forward texts to my phone.

3. Through their website - ownerlistens.com. I'm honestly surprised at how good the UI is there. For a new app, it's incredibly polished. I like using the website sometimes when I'm doing other things in my email already, or don't feel like typing on my phone keyboard. Once again, my CS team took to it right away and most prefer using it when they're at their workstations (rather than email/text). It's great to have this alternative, makes it easy to see all the conversations and mark them as resolved.

I've seen a few other txt/sms apps here, but nothing has come close to the functionality that Message Mate provides. Plus, it's quite a bit cheaper than the normal pay per text plans. The app also installs a little button on your website that pops out on first load to let customer's know they can text us if they have questions. Our Customer's have taken to it since day 1, they love that they can get replies quickly via their phone, rather than having to refresh their email until they get a reply. They can go out, get dinner, etc. and as soon as one of us see's it, they get their answer.

Lastly, I like that I as the owner/admin can see everything. All of the conversations my team has are viewable by everyone. This puts me at ease because I can make sure the information they're giving people is correct. For instance, one of my team members gave somebody the wrong information, I was able to jump into the conversation and give them the right information.

Anyhow, thank you David & Eli, without Owner Listen's we would probably have to deal with a LOT more phone calls. Text messaging is cheaper, more convenient, and generally preferred by customers. Great job!


Note: I was not compensated or rewarded for leaving this review. All statements I've made are of my own opinion. I really believe in this app and it's honestly the first app I've been so pleased with that I've left a review.


This app is a great addition to my store. It allows my customers to text me with quick questions and it allows me to reply back to them instantly, via text, on the go, and it doesn't reveal my phone number. I wanted the app to appear only on mobile devices and Message Mate customer service did not stop until they found me a solution. They respond quickly to emails and are very attentive to your needs.

Free – $10.00 / month

  • The Personal Plan: Free. Displays the user's own phone number and does not grant access to the dashboard or any additional features.
  • The Secure Plan: only $10 per month includes a 14 day free trial and provides a virtual number, anonymizes user's and customer's phone numbers and includes access to features such as auto responses, reply from email and multiple users. (Up to 50 conversations per month/location. Higher volume packages available upon request)
  • 14 days

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