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Message Mate - Convert visitors via text

Message Mate - Convert visitors via text

Developed by OwnerListens Inc

9 reviews
Price: $25.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Immediately solve problems for shoppers that are ready to buy
  • Conveniently support customers from your cellphone, email, web, or helpdesk
  • Create a memorable, personal customer experience. Customers LOVE texting

Make The Most Of Your Existing Traffic

  1. Put our widget on your website

  2. Customers click the widget to text you

  3. You reply from your email, cellphone, helpdesk or our web dashboard -whatever is easy for you

  4. 98% open rates for your replies

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Do You Spend Time & Money Driving Traffic To Your Store?

99% of traffic never converts, 67.45% of carts are abandoned. Texting changes that

When you use texting to make it painless for customers to reach out, “almost conversions” you never even knew about can turn into revenue generating transactions. This is ‘low hanging fruit” revenue and you can capture it using our Message Mate app.

We guarantee you there are ready-to-buy, easy-to-convert shoppers lost in their customer journey. Are you doing everything you can to capture them?


Why Texting Works:

  • Simple and accessible. At the tip of everyone’s fingertips

  • Frictionless. Widget follows shoppers as they browse, ready to spring into action when needed
  • Better than email. 30% of emails are opened. 98% of texts are opened

  • Better than live chat. When customers leave the live chat window, you lose them. With texting, they are always reachable

  • Better than calls. Do you like calling businesses? Probably not. Pretty much everyone hates it.


Message Mate is an elegant widget that makes it easy for customers to text you with one click so you can save the sale!

What You Get

  • A virtual number customers can text. Your private number remains private

  • Texts are forwarded to your email, cellphone, and a web dashboard

  • Ultimate convenience. Reply from anywhere by simply texting back. Waste less time on long emails or chats

  • Incoming texts can be sent to multiple people

  • Auto replies for off hours

  • Templates for common questions
  • There's More

  • Follow on review and follow requests. Ask happy customers for reviews or to follow you on social media

  • IMPORTANT! Optional IMAGE Support. Outbound images are supported (you send customer images). To keep pricing low, inbound images (customers sending your images) are NOT supported in the basic plan. If you need to support inbound image texting, contact us and we'll set you up with an appropriate number

  • Integration with Facebook Messenger (optional). Reply to IMs without having to be in FB Messenger/Pages

  • Widget’s colors and text are customizable to match your site

  • Support from developers who love customer service

  • One click integration. Set up your widget in 27 seconds



Let customers opt in to receiving marketing texts from you

  • At the end of your conversations, we ask customers if they would like to opt in
  • Can ask all customers (recommended) or just those who rate you highly (we take care of ratings too)

  • Once a week you can send an offer to opted in customers

  • Enjoy 98% open rates for your offers

  • We take care of compliance, opt ins, opt outs

  • US only for now. Seller can be anywhere, customers must be in the US

  • while in Beta, texting lists is available at no extra charge

  • To get into the beta program, install the app and message usText 650-825-1166 or email support@ownerlistens.com

  • Tactics for accelerating list building:

  • Social media posts

  • Hold "Ask Me Anything" via text events

  • Email announcements

  • Ask all shoppers, not just those who rated you

  • Put the texting number in your product packaging and ask for product feedback


58% Mobile traffic - the main reason to add Message Mate to your site now!

  • In April 2017, Shopify's CEO announced that 58% of sales originate from mobile traffic

  • On mobile, shoppers have even less patience to look for your store's contact info and reach out. Can you blame them? They might have just been notified about an awesome cat video on Facebook that they must watch

  • Message Mate works better than any other contact channel on mobile because it's right there with the shopper as they browse. One click and they send a text

  • Live chat? On mobile? Come on. No one enjoys that. It's awful.
    Shoppers jet out from live chat and you never hear from them again. With Message Mate, you get their cellphone and they read your text (98% open rate). Go the extra mile and text them after their purchase to request a review

  • ______________________________________________________________________

    What Else Does Texting With Message Mate Do For you?

  • Reduce the number of customer service calls - spend that time growing your business

  • Handle service faster with less hassle - text responses are shorter and take less time for you to write than emails. Use our templates for even faster results

  • Insanely higher customer satisfaction - Over 75% of customers rate their texting experience with Message Mate an 8 or higher. Over 50% rate it a perfect 10. Customers absolutely rave about stores that text with them (“Love that y'all added the text help option” “Awesome service. This is going on Reddit”)

  • Get more great reviews - Use our automated workflow feature to ask happy customers (rating of +8) to write a review or follow you on social media

  • Texting makes you cool! - No one thinks email, calls, live chat, or lord help us, contact forms, are cool. Texts and Messenger are cool and will make your brand cooler

  • ______________________________________________________________________

    Why Texting Is So Much Better Than Live Chat

    1. More engagement, less bounces. When a visitor is on live chat with you, the internet’s many distractions can lure them away in an instant. Once they close the browser window, you’ve forever lost them.

    2. You don’t have to be online all the time yet you never miss a customer. Lower burden on you and your employees. You can respond immediately to text messages but you don’t have to. Even if you respond 15 minutes or 15 hours later, your customer will get the message. And, they will open it. Texts have 98% open rates.

    3. Get real contact info. It’s extremely easy for customers to provide a fake email to a live chat window pop up. Even when they provide a real email, emails only have a 30% open rate. With texting, customers provide their real number and are virtually guaranteed to see your message.

    4. More personal. Texts feel more personal because they are the exact same interface people use with their friends, family, and colleagues, and it’s ont he device they love most, their cell phone.

    5. Follow up. The customer’s cell phone is the most direct and effective way to (gently and politely) follow up on a purchase and ask for a review or feedback.

    6. Significantly better mobile experience. More than 58% of sales are now from mobile (Shopify CEO, April 2017). You need a seamless mobile experience. Texting is seamless and natural on a mobile device. It works even with one bar of reception. Live chat ic clunky, slow, and requires a data connection or wifi.

    7. Higher customer satisfaction. When someone is on live chat they are annoyed and anxious until your reply because they have to stay in browser to continue the conversation. With texting they are relaxed and comfortable as they go about their day. When your reply comes, there’s a moment of delight as the notification arrives on their phone. That’s why over 50% of customers rate their texting experience through Message Mate a perfect 10!


    Shopify Plus Only: Automate Customer Service With Chatbots

  • As customers text you we collect data in the background

  • Once there's enough data, our system flags opportunities for automation

  • The system continues to learn and more is automated over time

  • Fully or semi-automate customer support with a custom bot that will not embarrass you like out of the box solutions

  • We have helped save up to 25% of support resources for nationally recognized leading brands without compromising support. We can do the same for your brand
  • ______________________________________________________________________

    1-800 Numbers, Image Support, and International Numbers

  • Numbers are available in most countries but pricing varies. Contact us for numbers outside US/Canada

  • 1-800 numbers are available in the US, Canada, and some other countries

  • Texting numbers that support images (MMS) are available upon request in most countries. Pricing varies

  • Ask us about using your existing number inside Message Mate. Existing landlines and virtual numbers can be text enabled for a one time fee (we pay to your telcom provider), without effecting your voice setup. Personal cellphone numbers cannot be used in Message Mate

  • ______________________________________________________________________

    Sell Global, Feel Local

  • If your main market is the US, you can get a US texting number for your store

  • Messages will forward to your email or you can use our dashboard. No need to pay for international texting

  • Customers will text your US number just like they would any local US business

  • This helps increase trust in your store and your service

  • ______________________________________________________________________


    you answered yes to one or more of these:

  • You drive traffic to your store and want to extract as much revenue as possible from that traffic. If you don't have traffic to your store yet,
    perhaps wait until you do before installing your app

  • You want to reduce the amount of time you or your staff spend on customer support via phone calls or emails. We promise texting will be faster.

  • You and your staff know your product well and can provide support to shoppers in pre-cart stages that need advice.

  • You are looking for a better solution than live chat for your mobile website. Live chat on mobile is a poor customer experience.

  • You know what you will do when 50% of customers rate your service a 10 - ask them for a review or to follow you on social media (that's a Message Mate feature you can use)

  • You don't have a lot of traffic to your store yet but you're looking for product or store feedback

  • ______________________________________________________________________

    Still not sure? Need convincing? Check out a case study or try out the product demo

    Questions? You can read our FAQ or better yet, just text us: 650-825-1166

Message Mate - Convert visitors via text reviews

9 reviews
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The best way to communicate with customers. It's faster than email or chat and is the preferred method of communication with millennials. I don't hesitate to recommend this app to anyone who is looking for ways to communicate with current and potential customers.


Great app with excellent support! Message Mate has provided a big improvement in the way we interact with our customers. The ability to text back and forth easily allows us to provide immediate responses and continue a running conversation until their inquiry is resolved. Much quicker than regular email and without the hassle. The dashboard layout is clean and easy to use and provides a history of your conversations for future reference if required.Support is superb! Prompt responses to inquiries and a desire to make the app a success for your business.

All in all, this might just be the best website communication app available for Shopify. Definitely worth your consideration.


Message Mate is a great app with an easy interface for customers to ask quick questions or engage in longer conversations - usually about product advice or recommendations. A very high percentage of our inquiries result in an immediate online sale or direct order through the Shopify draft order system. Selling specialized products to a wide variety of ages, we find our customers enjoy the informal, personal, timely and non-threatening nature of dialog via text.


One of my favorite Shopify apps! It's super easy to set up and use. My customers love having the option to text us. It's faster then email, chat or voice. I never miss an opportunity to connect with my customers. This app is a must for any ecommerce business.


makes dealing with small issues the customer is having fast and easy! Deff gets me more sales!!


An extremely helpful app for any e-commerce! I love having this service as an option for our customers to contact us, rather than email or voice. Text messages can be routed to your cell, or we can respond to to the text via email. This way I never miss an opportunity to connect with my customers. A must for any online business on the go!


Absolutely the best app I have downloaded for my shop! Can't tell you how many sales we've gotten from speaking to customers on Message Mate. The convenience of having answer questions from your phone is a life saver. Downloading this app is a no brainer :)


Seriously awesome app!! Fantastic developers as well! They worked with me one on one to get everything setup and made sure everything was tweaked to my liking. Since it's a newer app, it had a few bugs. Each time I emailed the developer, I got a reply within minutes and within a few hours the bug was fixed. I've never had better service with an app before.

Pricing is VERY reasonable. I have it setup for my whole customer service team and everyone took to it quickly. It's quite simple really. The app has three methods of communication you can use -

1. Email (Super convenient) - Automatically removes email signatures, it works great!

2. Text Message (Convenient) - I have it turned off for me, but one of my at-home customer service people uses it and lets me know if there's something I or someone else needs to respond to ASAP. Customers love that they can text us, and I love that I don't have to pay for another cell phone plan or use google voice to forward texts to my phone.

3. Through their website - ownerlistens.com. I'm honestly surprised at how good the UI is there. For a new app, it's incredibly polished. I like using the website sometimes when I'm doing other things in my email already, or don't feel like typing on my phone keyboard. Once again, my CS team took to it right away and most prefer using it when they're at their workstations (rather than email/text). It's great to have this alternative, makes it easy to see all the conversations and mark them as resolved.

I've seen a few other txt/sms apps here, but nothing has come close to the functionality that Message Mate provides. Plus, it's quite a bit cheaper than the normal pay per text plans. The app also installs a little button on your website that pops out on first load to let customer's know they can text us if they have questions. Our Customer's have taken to it since day 1, they love that they can get replies quickly via their phone, rather than having to refresh their email until they get a reply. They can go out, get dinner, etc. and as soon as one of us see's it, they get their answer.

Lastly, I like that I as the owner/admin can see everything. All of the conversations my team has are viewable by everyone. This puts me at ease because I can make sure the information they're giving people is correct. For instance, one of my team members gave somebody the wrong information, I was able to jump into the conversation and give them the right information.

Anyhow, thank you David & Eli, without Owner Listen's we would probably have to deal with a LOT more phone calls. Text messaging is cheaper, more convenient, and generally preferred by customers. Great job!


Note: I was not compensated or rewarded for leaving this review. All statements I've made are of my own opinion. I really believe in this app and it's honestly the first app I've been so pleased with that I've left a review.


This app is a great addition to my store. It allows my customers to text me with quick questions and it allows me to reply back to them instantly, via text, on the go, and it doesn't reveal my phone number. I wanted the app to appear only on mobile devices and Message Mate customer service did not stop until they found me a solution. They respond quickly to emails and are very attentive to your needs.

$25.00 / month

Provides a virtual number, anonymization or responder's phone numbers and includes access to features such as auto responses, reply from email and multiple users. (Up to 200 conversations per month/location. Higher volume packages available upon request)

14 days

Support & Sales

OwnerListens Inc
1 (650) 825 1166
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