Product Descriptions that Sell

Product Descriptions that Sell

by Cart Boosters LLC

Takes your product page to the next level.

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7 reviews

Ladybugfeet Jewelry Designs

I got this ap to help me have a well rounded online shop. It makes the shopping experience more engaging. So far no sales but fingers crossed.

Halliday Diamonds

I'm so glad shopify featured this app in their email, otherwise I'm not sure I would have known this was even possible. Exactly what I needed, easy to use, you can use your own icons if you like, their support team is so friendly and fast to reply - breath of fresh air! Thanks for making my life easier! :D

Paper Hive Studio

This is a great little app to add visually pleasing description icons to your product pages. Their customer service is top notch. I had a few kinks to work out on my end and the support was very responsive and helped me to resolve the issues quickly. Recommend 100%!

Skin Care By Suzie

Very nice app, Looked great Outstanding customer support, Used it on Great feature that allows you to color icons to match your site,

Shop Personalised Gifts

FROM SHOP PERSONALISED GIFTS: What can we say but PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT customer support is second to nun. Jason you are a star and thank you for all you help. This app is a must for all shopify stores. Give it a go it is so versatile and great value for money. Now off to have a play with the app and we can't wait to see what these guys come up with next. Again PERFECT


Please read to the end.
This app is on point, it really adds a beautiful design to your product's page while also maintaining the simplicity of the page and product's description. I installed the app today and contacted the support to install the app for me since my theme is not directly installed from Shopify. They replied immediately with the will to solve any kind of problem I faced. They kept me updated on every step they were doing to install the app successfully to my theme. Now my product's page looks awesome. Now some people just download the app and don't see the features live, but that doesn't mean that the app is not working. That's why there's support, they are willing to grow their app but seeing someone who un-installed the app immediately without even considering contacting support is a bit unprofessional. Best regards to the developers and customer support for the hard work and great service. Keep it up :D

Stamped with Love

Won't be keeping this app due to attitude of developer, I won't have something on my page from someone who is rude, unprofessional and insulting.

Unfortunately mucked up all the layout of my product page which is a shame as it looked like a good idea for an app - even after I uninstalled the app the layout was still mucked up. Luckily I saved a copy of my store before installing the app so I've managed to put it back the way it was.

UPDATE: Having contacted support they have installed the code in the correct place now and the details are appearing on my product page. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback from my customers to see what they think of it.

UPDATE 2: Apparently I messed with my code on my product page... I've only ever hired professional developers to edit code on my product page to add a tabs section but amending my review to 5 stars and editing my review to confirm I was happy with the service received was not good enough and I deserve a snarky comment from the developer.

I am only trying to leave a genuine review of my experience using this App, the developer did sort my problem eventually after uninstalling and re-installing the app several time (access issues apparently, although no other developer whose worked on my site has had a problem).

Developer reply

May 10, 2019

For those who are reading this review, the app did not muck the customer's product page or theme. It was the customer herself who messed her theme's code trying to add the app's tag by herself. I fixed her mess and added the app's tag correctly. (but apparently the customer is still not satisfied just because I informed her that it was not the app, but it was she who messed her product page trying to add the app's tag herself. After she messed the liquid file, she gave store access to me and I fixed her product page and added the app's tag correctly).

I am sorry Emma, if telling you the truth that you messed up your code by yourself, sounds snarky, rude, or insulting to you.